Regidron: what helps and how to take it

Rehydron is powder, which includes dextrose, potassium, sodium chloride, citrate. The manufacturer of the drug is the company "Orion Corporation" from Finland. Basically regidron is used for poisoning. Packing – bags of about 19 grams. This package contains twenty units of the drug. What helps regidron? It is used to restore the water-salt balance in the human body and electrolytes in gag reflex and diarrhea.

Characteristics of the drug

Release form – tablets or powder for the manufacture of the treatment solution. Regidron solution contains glucose. It absorbs the citrate and salt, it balances metabolic acidosis. The drug regidron refers to the Hypo solution, the results of the studies, the effectiveness of these drugs. Reduced the composition of the sodium in them can prevent the occurrence of hypernatremia, the increased rate of potassium contributes to the rapid accumulation and recovery of his body.

When to take regidron

Abstract to the drug says that the drug is effective in human conditions, which are accompanied by violation of the VEB (water and electrolyte balance), that is, regidron is used to restore the web, as well as from dehydration. Its application shows adults and kids in the following cases:

  • carrying out remedial measures related to acidosis associated with diarrhea, followed by dehydration in a moderate form;
  • demineralization of the body;
  • heat stroke and related disorders the web.
  • when constipation.

Regidron powder used as a preventive course during exercise, solar loads, which leads to intense loss of fluids. What you might call intensive and a large fluid loss? This is when a man loses 750 grams of body weight for 60 minutes, except when the person loses weight during the working day on more than 4 kg. How much to drink a day of preparation, you should determine with your doctor.

Instructions for use children

In the description of the drug says that it can take toddlers and preschoolers, if there is a threat of big losses of liquid with vomiting and diarrhea. These negative effects arise due to gastrointestinal and infectious diseases, such as rotavirus. In addition, for children there are often situations when dehydration may occur due to the resulting thermal shock. To use regidron need the instructions. The dose for children is different from adult. When taking the drug it should be borne in mind that, if the baby chair has a very liquid consistency, it is visually visible the presence of blood, the body temperature exceeded 39 degrees, the baby is listless, apathetic, sleepy, he was interrupted urination, you should immediately call an ambulance!

In the case of treatment of children regidron, as well as other drugs such actions and composition, must assign a pediatrician.

Self-treatment during diseases that require regidrona, unacceptable! It can lead to irreparable consequences.

In addition, the presence of multiple, recurrent vomiting, liquid stool, even without the signs of fever should consult a doctor. Outdated response to the child's condition may lead to dehydration: in this case, the baby will lie under a dropper.

The contents of the sachet, according to the instructions for medicinal product stirred into one liter of water at room temperature. When diarrhea in preschool-age children powder to dissolve in large quantity of water. This is done in order to prevent the development of hypernatremia.

The solution can be used only during the day, he needs to stand in a cold place.

Regidron recommended that children drink in small SIPS, slowly and carefully, in between the urge to vomit. Drink big gulps banned. This can lead to even worse condition of the sick child and to strengthen the gag reflex. Not regidron to combine with other drugs. Especially to mix with products and also stir in juice, syrup, lemonade, etc. That is to stir the powder in the water.

Before using the medicine the baby needs to be weighed. This is required to assess the degree of dehydration and weight loss. Use of the drug lactation and nutrition kids not to interrupt. During treatment in the diet should not be of carbohydrates and fats. Use of the drug begins immediately when the child has had diarrhea. Course – about 3-4 days, until then, until the chair gets back to normal. Within 10 days from the onset of the disease regidron begin to apply in certain doctor doses, depending on the degree of dehydration. When gag reflex medication cool. Infants and children of preschool age should receive the medication in 5-10 ml every 20 minutes from the beginning of the disease, in poisoning infectious nature.

Regidron: the correct time for adult

How to take the drug? It doesn't matter when to take the medicine – before or after eating. It is allowed to drink in any time period. For making mortar, which has medicinal properties, it is necessary to stir the powder in warm water just above room temperature. Dosage: 2.39 grams of powder dilute in 0.5 glass of water, 11.95 gramspowder water 0.5 liter. Water and powder are thoroughly mixed. If the drug is used to prevent poisoning, to absorb the powder with liquid it is necessary to use 2 times more water than indicated above.

How many days you can drink the medicine at the temperature? The presence of heat does not forbid the use of regidron, since the majority of poisonings and infections accompanied by fever. The doctor usually 3-4 days. This course of treatment. Regidron stop to drink, when being of the patient improves: ends diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms associated with gastrointestinal diseases of infectious nature. In the first 6 hours from the onset of the disease the patient should take the drug in a volume that is twice the loss of body weight.

If diarrhea continues after taking the drug, the patient within 24 hours to get from 8 to 27 liters of fluid, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism (height, weight). To replenish lost moisture and liquids is water, and other liquids. Their use is chosen exclusively by the attending physician. While nausea, vomiting, regidron need to be taken carefully in small doses in the periods between emetic impulses. In convulsive symptom, which was triggered by heat shock, also shows the use regidrona.

Regidron and poisoning

Indications regidrona is poisoning, rotavirus and other gastrointestinal infections, drug taking small SIPS, regardless of the meal, in between emetic impulses. You can't take regidron in large chunks, otherwise the patient's condition may deteriorate, since there may be new attack of vomiting. The dose of the drug received is calculated individually: it all depends on weight, age of the person.

For example: adult having a weight of 80 kg should be taken within 1 hour of onset and the strong, repeated vomiting 0.8 l of solution. Once improve the condition of the patient, dose adjustments in the direction of its reduction. If symptoms after reduction again begin to increase again, the patient feels ill, the dose is again increased.


Does the drug negative effect? Absolute contraindications to the use of medicines include:

  • intestinal obstruction;
  • fainting or close to this phenomenon the state;
  • the kidney disease;
  • cholera and related diarrhea;
  • individual intolerance to the active substances of the drug.

Relative contraindications:

  • diabetes (1-St and 2-nd type).

In compliance with the dosages specified in the instructions to the drug for adults and children, as well as the method of application regidrona and regidrona neo, the occurrence of undesirable reactions of the organism were observed very rarely. Probably the emergence and development of individual hypersensitivity to substances of the drug. In normal functioning kidneys, the risk of hyperhydration and natraemia almost reduced to zero.

Overdose and interactions with other medications

Overdose can occur due to the use of an excessively concentrated solutionand also in the use of larger than necessary amounts of medication. In this case, the risk of development of hypernatremia. When the kidneys are likely to development of metabolic alkalosis.

Full reception regidrona and other drugs have not been studied. The solution has a slightly alkaline environment: based on this, it can affect the performance of the other drugs the absorption of which depends on an alkaline environment of the stomach. Diarrhea as a negative response of the body can change the effect of the use of most drugs, which are absorbed slim, colon.

The mandatory intervention of a doctor at the use of regidrona necessary in situations when the patient:

  • slow speech;
  • instant fatigue;
  • lethargy;
  • apathy;
  • strong chills;
  • cessation of urination;
  • detection of blood in the stool;
  • vomiting;
  • prolonged diarrhea (more than 5 days);
  • the emergence of a strong pain.

Counterparts regidrona


Hydrovit Forte and gidrovit. Gidrovit is powder, having a weight of 6.03 grams. Used in:

  • dyspepsia;
  • recovery of fluid by vomiting, diarrhea;
  • preventing electrolyte shifts during intense sweating during exercise or when the temperature of the body.

Regulators of water-elektrolitnogo balance

Acesol. Indicated for intoxication and dehydration.

Disol. Shown in:

  • isotonic dehydration;
  • hypertonic dehydration;
  • dehydration and septic shock.

Trisol. Shown in:

  • the strong loss of moisture in the body;
  • intoxication;
  • food toxiinfectio;
  • dysentery in the acute form;
  • cholera.

Sorbilakt. Shown in:

  • intoxication;
  • violation of microcirculation;
  • the risk of the development of paresis;
  • chronic gastritis;
  • chronic pyelonephritis.

The rehydron has a simple composition, but it can be very useful and effective in different situations, such as foodpoisoning, sunstroke, high temperature. Composition regidrona can be repeated, if there is not a pharmaceutical drug. But, as with any pharmaceutical product, it must be applied correctly to avoid unwanted reactions.