Regidron while breastfeeding

The period of breast-feeding (GW) is a very important period for the mother. She must carefully monitor their diet, health status, because the milk in the baby's body can penetrate the infection or toxins. Rehydron is one of the few medicines allowed when feeding the child. It has no negative impact on the state of the baby and mother. In this article we looked at how to take regidron with breastfeeding, in which cases he is assigned who are strictly contraindicated.

The description of the drug

Rehydron is a drug used for the treatment of various States of intoxication, accompanied by water and electrolyte failure and dehydration. It is designed for oral administration. This medicine is available a La carte, in pre-measured packs in the form of a white powder, easily soluble in water.

Regidron sold in pharmacies without a prescription. This drug is considered to be analogous fluids that are introduced intravenously to patients with massive loss of body fluids and in cases of severe poisoning.

Make regidron only after consultation with your doctor. The doctor calculates the individual dose of the drug for the patient, taking into account the gravity of its condition, age and weight, presence of concomitant pathological conditions.

Indications for admission

Regidron used in the treatment of substance-induced States of mild severity in which the patient does not need to be admitted to the hospital. It replaces the dropper and helps one to normalize the acidity of the blood.

The main indications for use of this drug include the following States:

  • Increased physical load at which there is a risk of electrolyte failure and dehydration in the body.
  • Various poisoning and intoxication, accompanied by water and electrolyte disorders in the body, acidosis and dehydration, for example due to repeated vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Dehydration mild, in which dehydration does not exceed 10% of the weight of the patient.


The drug regidron has a number of contraindications. In these conditions the use of this drug can lead to serious disruption in the functioning of the whole organism. Listed below are the main contraindications to regidrona:

  • Insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
  • Acute and chronic renal failure.
  • The development of complete or partial intestinal obstruction.
  • Impaired consciousness in a patient, for example, narcotic sleep, stupor, stupor, coma. In these cases, the solutions to correct dehydration and intoxication are injected intravenously.
  • Individual intolerance or Allergy to components of the drug.
  • Hyperkalemia – high content of potassium in the body.

Features of use during lactation

All medications women residing in lactation period, are assigned in case of emergency. Some medicines can get into breast milk and affect the child's body. After several clinical trials proved the possibility of use of the drug regidron for breastfeeding.

Rehydron is used during pregnancy after consultation with your doctor. The doctor, describing the dosage, duration of treatment takes into account the individual needs of the mother fluids and electrolytes.

Remember that Regidron in HS is safe for newborn children and their mothers only in case of correct reception, and dosing. In case of overdose, it can lead to serious conditions.

Yourself to take this drug when can the first signs of acute toxicity, during the first aid. But its further use is discussed with the doctor.

How to dilute drug

Before using regidrona you need to carefully read the instructions and rules for the preparation of the solution. To deviate from these recommendations is impossible.

Before taking the drug it is necessary to check its date of manufacture, shelf life. Expired medicines can be not only effective, but toxic and dangerous to health.

One packet regidrona diluted with one liter of simple hot water. The resulting solution should be thoroughly mixed. You can take it only after cooling. Warm and hot liquid, adopted on the background of poisoning, can cause nausea and vomiting, deterioration of the patient.

In a ready solution is not to add anything, even sugar or salt. Any flavoring or any drugs can change the effect regidrona and make it dangerous for intoxicated people.

Drink rehydron you should gradually and slowly, evenly distributing on the day of the drug. The drug does not depend on the use of food or other drugs.

Before each use regidrona you need to carefully stir the solution, getting rid of sediment. It's best to drink from the wellclosed bottles that can easily be shaken before acceptance of the solution.

Overdose regidron

Overdose regidron can be more dangerous and severe than the disease that was treated with this drug. This drug has a direct effect on acid-base and electrolyte balance. When taking in a large dosage can cause serious disturbances in the whole organism. First and foremost, they are caused by changes in blood pH.

In acute overdose regidron can develop symptoms of:

  • a feeling of weakness and numbness in the extremities. In rare cases may develop paralysis and paresis;
  • convulsions, which may cover individual muscle groups. Also in severe cases manifest convulsive seizures, as in epilepsy;
  • the impairment of consciousness up to deep coma;
  • in the case of alkalization of the blood (alkalosis), the patient is disturbed breathing, hypoxia;
  • stop breathing.

In case of suspected overdose regidron immediately call an ambulance. This condition is treated under conditions of intensive care.

What if the house was not regidrona

Food poisoning often develops suddenly. And medicines are not always in the home medicine Cabinet. Alone in the house to cook regidron does not work, but you can make a solution similar to it in composition. It can be used when providing first aid poisoned person.

For preparation of solution for oral rehydration in 500 ml of plain water add half teaspoon of baking soda and salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar, mix thoroughly the resulting composition. Liquid different from the pharmaceutical drug lack of potassium.

Rehydron is a drug which is approved for the treatment of acute intoxications and poisonings in women nursing babies breast milk. He has to take it only after consultation with your doctor. Throughout the period of treatment should follow the prescription dosage and to observe the rules of preparation and administration of the drug. Overdose regidron is a dangerous condition that can lead to death, to prevent its development is impossible.