How to build a regidron children and adults

Dehydration and electrolyte disturbances are the major problems faced by the human body during food poisoning. The liquid coming out along with the vomit and stool, displays, along with important micronutrients. How to restore the body and get rid of dehydration without the use of droppers? In such situations, helps the drug regidron, or its analogs. In this article, we discussed how to breed regidron, can it be used at the stage of first aid to the poisoned person, and whether or not to self-medicate this drug.

The description of the drug

Rehydron is the drug used for rehydration and for removing the intoxication syndrome. It is taken only orally.

Available regidron in the form of a white powder which is fine and dissolves quickly in water. Sold this drug without medical prescription.

Remember that treated with rehydron poisoning or intoxication children or adults only after consultation with the doctor. It will help to select the dose and duration of treatment. Independently taking this medicine possible at the stage of rendering the poisoned person first aid.

The drug

The medicine composition comprises the following active ingredients:

  • dextrose;
  • sodium chloride;
  • potassium chloride;
  • sodium citrate.

In essence, regidron is analogous solutions for droppers that treat dehydration and intoxication. Unlike intravenous solutions, rehydron can be used for treatment of patients at home, whose condition does not require admission to the hospital.

Indications for use

The drug can be assigned under the following conditions:

  • when disturbed acid-alkaline balance in the body, dehydration;
  • abundant and repeated diarrhea;
  • increased heat or physical activity, leading to dehydration.

The drug regidron can be used during pregnancy and feeding of the child breast milk.


The drug regidron cannot be used when:

  • diabetes of the 1st or 2nd type;
  • acute or chronic renal failure;
  • hypertension;
  • allergies to the drug;
  • complete or partial intestinal obstruction;
  • the absence or impaired consciousness in a patient.

The drug is also not indicated for the treatment of severe conditions involving severe dehydration, loss of fluid in excess of 10% of the weight of the patient, and uncontrollable vomiting. In these cases, fluid and electrolyte balance is corrected with the intravenous drip-feed of special solutions, for example, Trisol, desola, saline.

Similar drugs

Range of products for oral rehydration is very wide. In the sale in pharmacies you can find a great number of analogues regidrona, for example:

  • trihedron;
  • hydrovit Forte;
  • tsitraglyukosolan.

Rules of preparation of the solution, dosage analogues regidrona may vary. At their reception, you need to carefully read the instructions and consult with your doctor.

How to prepare a solution

To dissolve the drug regidron easy, it can be done at home. First, you need to carefully read the instructions to him. In this paper, we present the rules of breeding and the preparation of the drug solution regidron in a standard form of release. In pharmacies you can find its variations, for example, special bags for children smaller volume. Their breeding may be different.

Available regidron portion. The contents of one sachet regidrona diluted with one liter of hot boiled water, carefully stir with a spoon.

Make the resulting solution after its complete cooling. Use it in warm or hot can cause repeated nausea and vomiting.

Remember that dilute regidron for a child with vomiting should in the same way as for an adult. The drug is diluted are the same for all age categories. It differs only in the dosage which should be discussed with the doctor.

How to take the prepared solution

When using regidrona for the treatment of poisoning and dehydration need to adhere to medical recommendations. Need not exceed the amount of consumed drug prescribed by a doctor. For example, if the doctor prescribed 2 liters of solution a day, you need to take exactly the amount of the drug. At a lower dosage it will be ineffective, and more – can lead to electrolyte failure and kidney failure.

Below are the recommendations for taking this drug that should be followed:

  • Do not add drug solution obtained nothing, neither drugs nor food additives. Even sugar, salt, or some spices can harm and change the action of the drug in the body.
  • Drink the solution slowly and frequently. For example, a few SIPS every 5-10 minutes. Such drinkingthe mode will help you to avoid vomiting.
  • Take product without paying attention to the meals. Food does not prevent it to be absorbed and act in the body.
  • Before each appointment regidrona carefully stir or shake. Its easy to pour in half-liter plastic bottle with a well fitting neck. Before each use of the solution you can just shake the bottle and see if there's sediment.


Uncontrolled use regidrona can develop his overdose. This state is dangerous to humans, it is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • feeling muscle weakness, can occur numbness and paresis of the upper and lower extremities;
  • a violation of consciousness. In severe overdose can occur deep coma;
  • alkalosis (alkalinity of the blood) leads to convulsions, respiratory failure;
  • stopping of breathing and heart rate. Clinical death can occur due to the high content of potassium in the blood.

This condition requires immediate medical intervention. In its development it is necessary to call the ambulance.

Rehydron is a drug which is intended for the treatment of intoxication and dehydration at home. It's very easy to breed, it needs to follow the rules described in the instructions. Take this medicine after consultation with your doctor. When excessive it may develop an overdose requiring emergency medical care. Do not self-medicate and appreciate your health.