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Regidron bio: instruction for use for children with vomiting and diarrhea

Often many have to face such unpleasant problem as diarrhea, which often leads to dehydration. The risk of poisoning is always there, even in the observance of absolute cleanliness and meticulous hygiene. It is important in periods of loss of large amounts of fluid make a special tool that will ensure complete restoration of fluid balance in the body. One of the best and effective means of this kind applies regidron. This tool is one of the best when uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhea and heat exhaustion and other problems that can lead to dehydration.

The composition of the drug and release form

In pharmacy markets can be found not only all the usual regidron, but his counterparts – regidron bio and regidron A and B, regidron-Optim. All these varieties have some differences in composition, but they have one purpose and the same.

Regidron consists of:

  • chloride of sodium or common salt;
  • potassium chloride;
  • sodium citrate;
  • glucose.

Available in the form of powder in sachets. The volume of the bag is approximately 18.9 grams. One sachet is sufficient for preparation of a solution volume of 1 liter.

Shape features regidron-Optim

This form has some differences from the traditional drug. It is also available in powder form that is placed in bags, but the volume of one bag of slightly less – only 10.7 grams.

The composition of one packet is composed of the following components:

  • 1.3 grams of sodium chlorine;
  • 0.75 gram of potassium chlorine;
  • 1.45 grams of the citrate;
  • 6.75 grams of glucose.

One sachet is diluted in half a liter of water, so it is much easier to give to children. Diluted powder can be taken directly, don't need to do with the stock. Allowed storing in the refrigerator, but the cold drink is not recommended.

Also included are additional components Acesulfame potassium, and lemon flavoring. These constituent elements provide the improvement in palatability of the final solution.

Features regidrona bio

You can see another view of this drug regidron A and B. But the form regidrona bio A and B is opposed to the traditional regidrona and regidrona-Optim.

Form bio has one important feature – it does not apply to medicinal products is a biological additive to food.

What is different form traditional regidrona from regidrona bio? If a regular comes in the form of one packet, the biological additive is found in the form of two sachets A and B.

Two packets have a certain structure. In the composition of the sachets are freeze-dried bacteria, which provide a normalization of the intestinal flora.

In the composition of the bag And has all the same components that are contained in conventional regidrona, but additionally includes a few elements:

  • Sucralose;
  • strawberry flavoring;
  • silicon dioxide (food additive E551).

Preparation of the solution of this form is simple. Before use it must be diluted in a small amount of water – 200 ml.

When assigned

Regidron and its analogues are recommended for use in the following indications:

  1. If there are disorders of electrolyte and water metabolism in the body, for example, hyperthermia.
  2. In the presence of diarrhea of any etiology.
  3. In the presence of food and other types of poisoning.
  4. During disorders of acid-base balance in the body.
  5. For preventive therapy during increased stress, which can lead to a condition of hyperhidrosis is a strong separation of sweat.

You should pay attention when excessive diarrhoea, which is accompanied by prolonged and uncontrollable vomiting, one regidron not do. In these cases, you may need urgent hospitalization of the patient, otherwise you may experience heightened degree of dehydration. Most often this condition occurs in young children during intestinal infections.

When the testimony is not being used

The composition of this tool include safe items, but before you use this tool, you should pay attention to the important contraindications listed in the instructions.

Contraindications of this tool include the following States:

  • the presence of diabetes;
  • various problems with the liver and kidneys;
  • if you have suspected bowel obstruction;
  • if there is a sharp decrease of blood pressure;
  • if the patient is unconscious.

Side effects

Usually in adults during application of this tool seldom have unpleasant symptoms. But sometimes may manifest an allergic reaction to some supplements. Allergies can manifest as redness and irritation of skin. In these cases it is better to discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Should immediately consult a doctor if the child had the following status in the application regidrona:

  1. If the stool blood.
  2. If it is exhaustion, the child weakens the eyes.
  3. In the presence of diarrhea during the day, which suddenly stopped. There isthe occurrence of acute abdominal pain.
  4. Observed temperature increase up to 38.5-39 degrees.

Features use for children

Due to the fact that in regidrona elevated levels of sodium, many doctors do not recommend its use for children and adult dosages. But many parents continue to use this tool not paying attention to the warnings of doctors. But it should not do.

If the home is not detected by special means against dehydration, intended for children, and time to go to the pharmacy there, it is possible to use conventional regidron. But its application should take into account important features:

  1. How to breed for a child? This remedy is diluted with the weight of the child, it is not necessary to add water to the eye.
  2. If the son or daughter during the day for a short period several times went to the toilet, it is best to give them to drink the solution.
  3. It is necessary to use for children with vomiting and diarrhea. In these situations, the drug will be able to maintain the necessary level of water-salt balance.
  4. If a child has had persistent vomiting, diarrhea, when this state lasts for several hours, it is best to call an ambulance. Even a small delay could be a serious threat, especially for children up to three years.

Rules for the use of

Before using this tool, it is better to study all the recommendations in the instructions. It shows the dosage and duration of usage. But the scheme of applying this means is quite simple.

Instruction manual has some features:

  1. Regidrona one sachet dissolved in 1 liter of water. Form bio dissolves in a glass of water.
  2. To prepare the solution must use boiled water, but it needs to be at room temperature.
  3. If used too cold or hot water, the solution will decrease, and it can run unwanted processes in the body.
  4. Once the solution is prepared, it is necessary to immediately drink or take in 24 hours, but no more. After days storage, the effect of the drug is reduced, it loses all its properties.
  5. Do not mix with other drugs. Otherwise you may experience unwanted reactions, instead of affirmative action may be reverse the negative process.
  6. It should be used within 3-4 days. After this time, the application solution should be postponed, even if there is no improvement.

Before using this tool, you should consult with your doctor. Usually its dosage is calculated according to body weight. But to self-appoint yourself the dosage should not be better to have them calculated by a doctor.

Features use with vomiting

During use of the drug if vomiting occurs is taken into account important features:

  • The solution should be to drink every 10-15 minutes after the next attack.
  • The duration of therapy should be determined depending on the status of the development or attenuation of seizures.
  • If there is prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, the person loses weight much, then you should immediately call an ambulance, it may not be easy poisoning, and severe intestinal infection.

Application features diarrhea

During diarrhea should observe the following guidelines for using regidrona:

  • The first time you need to give the solution in an amount twice lost body mass.
  • Necessarily diarrhea need to weigh the patient, it will help to calculate the correct dosage of the solution. If the patient has a decrease in weight at 200 grams, it should drink 400 ml, 300 gram, it is necessary to drink 600 ml.
  • Additional use of other types of liquid do not need.
  • If you have a weak diarrhea, maximum dose of regidrona solution up to 50 ml per 1 kilogram of body weight if you are experiencing severe diarrhea, maximum dose is 100 ml per kilogram of body weight.

Special instructions, overdose

Many doctors are not recommended to exceed the dosage, and should not regidron to use a longer than necessary period. Not added to the solution sugar and other components and means to improve the taste.

Regidron can have an impact on the reaction, it can be slow. So after use do not immediately get behind the wheel of a car and perform work that requires increased attention.


Sometimes pharmacies can not find this tool, so you need to know what drugs to replace it. The analogs include the following:

  • gidrovit;
  • hydrovit Forte;
  • trihedron;
  • tsitraglyukosolan.

But before you use them, should carefully study the user manual. It is advisable to consult with your doctor.

But it is worth remembering that regidron not able to get rid of diarrhea or vomiting, it only helps with the dehydration and restores the water-salt balance. Do not hope that this tool will be able to help with a long never-ending diarrhea that is accompanied by severe vomiting. If you experience these conditions you should immediately consult a doctor.