As remove toxins from the body after drinking alcohol

Sometimes important dates, meetings with friends and simple spiritual feast did not end quite as I would like. According to tradition during feasts consume alcoholic beverages, not quite controlling the amount of alcohol drunk. In the end of the coming morning is not good, and all the next day. In this case, the main question is how you can quickly remove toxins from the body after alcohol. And it's interested in and people with alcohol dependence and healthy drinking for people. Greatly speed up the removal of toxins from the body cannot, but you can reduce the harmful effect of alcohol on the organs and relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

What dose of alcohol can cause intoxication

In different countries dose of alcohol can lead to poisoning, is different. It depends on the climatic characteristics of the region and ethnicity of the population. In our country, a fatal dose is considered to be 300 ml of pure alcohol, which took at one time. But this dose can cause death only the person who is unaccustomed to alcohol. The body of an alcoholic are tolerant to such large doses.

You need to consider that intoxication in hot weather is much faster than in the winter. This is due to the good absorption of ethanol into the bloodstream under these conditions.

The mechanism of action of alcohol on the body

The effects of alcoholic beverages on the human body can be divided into two stages:

  1. Suction.
  2. Selection.

In the first stage there is an accumulation of ethanol and derivatives of its decomposition in the body, therefore toxic symptoms are very pronounced. The second stage is characterized by the toxins in a natural way, begins a natural cleansing of the body.

It's amazing, but the absorption of light alcoholic beverages, strength about 30%, which is faster than whiskey, vodka or cognac.

Slows the absorption of alcohol by a simultaneous intake of food, especially fatty. People with chronic diseases of the digestive tract absorption of toxins, on the contrary, strongly due to the thinning of the gastric mucosa.

Symptoms of intoxication

All alcoholic intoxication are divided into stages, depending on the severity of the condition:

  1. Easy degree – is characterized by dizziness, nausea and vomiting. The person is not oriented in space, there is a little confusion.
  2. Average degree – the person reacts badly to the others, breathing heavy, can be unconscious.
  3. Severe – the victim cannot speak, eyes almost no reaction to light, greatly reduced pain and impaired breathing. This condition is alcoholic coma.

Mild intoxication with alcohol-containing drinks to assist are allowed in the home. At moderate and severe stages of poisoning shown urgent hospitalization.

Emergency assistance in case of alcohol intoxication

Algorithm of emergency help that you can provide in normal home looks like this:

  • Gastric lavage is performed to the victim – the person offering to drink about a liter of boiled water, with a small addition of manganese, and then cause vomiting. Continue the procedure until until the washing water will not be clean and would not smell of alcohol.

During the wash procedure the victim must hold in the vertical position – this is to prevent vomiting secretions in the respiratory organs.

  • After the stomach is thoroughly washed, give the patient a sorbent drug, it binds the particles of ethanol and prevents their absorption in the shell of the stomach. For this purpose, suitable APSCO, POLYSORB, smectite or with a conventional activated carbon. All sorbents before use diluted with a small volume of water.
  • Start soldering the patient in small portions so as not to provoke an attack of vomiting. You can give water with added salt and sugar or a solution regidrona. For otpevanie also suitable decoctions of dried fruit – raisins or apricots.

The use of diuretics and laxatives medicines to speed up the removal of toxins can only be started under supervision of a doctor!

Ways detoksikatsiya in the hospital

How to properly remove toxins from the body after alcohol can determine only an experienced health professional. Most often, the patient is placed in the intensive care unit, where he was shown a number of procedures:

  • gastric lavage through the probe;
  • enema;
  • intravenous introduction of solutions that help restore electrolyte balance;
  • according to the testimony of hemodialysis, aimed at cleansing the blood from toxic substances.

When after the release of alcoholic coma are diagnosed psychoses, shows the purpose of psychotropic agents and medications that promote muscle relaxation.

Features detoksikatsiya with alcohol dependence

Chronic alcoholism can occur in two stages, each of which has its own characteristics:

  1. Acute stage.
  2. Chronic stage.

Therapeutic measures that are affected when simultaneous use of a large amount of alcohol, conducted according to the same Protocol that every otheracute poisoning. But do not forget that the affected with the harmful addiction is possible renal failure that is due to years of alcohol consumption and its toxic effect on the body. It is necessary to carefully monitor the amount of urine departing. If the volume of discharge decreased or absent urination for more than 4 hours, it is reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

During chronic stage, the therapeutic measures directed on normalization of functions of liver and kidneys. Prompt removal of ethanol and products of its decomposition relegated to the background.

Popular methods for rapid removal of alcohol from the body

Since ancient times, people knew how you can quickly remove toxins from the blood after excess alcohol consumption. This used traditional recipes based on herbs and handy tools, which are in every house:

  • Green tea – helps purify the blood from alcohol toxins. It is required to drink large amounts immediately after the deterioration of health status. To enhance the effect of the tea add a little cinnamon.
  • Rich chicken broth with addition of spices will allow to clean the blood from traces of ethanol. The patient is given two cups of this broth and a few hours still the same amount, the person starts to ”come alive” with my order.
  • The brine from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes – a proven method to quickly relieve the symptoms of a hangover. Drink pickle juice every hour for 1 glass until the condition gets better.
  • Honey has diuretic characteristics, promotes rapid withdrawal of ethanol from the body. A teaspoon of honey diluted in a glass of lukewarm water and drink many times a day. A delicious drink acts invigorating and adds vitality.
  • Milk has excellent properties to remove toxins from the body. If it is drunk every hour, you can achieve significant relief of the condition. If a glass of milk, add the crushed clove of garlic, remove toxins will be quick.
  • Bath – helps to withdraw toxic substances. This is due to the excessive sweating. Couples regulates metabolic processes in the human body and improves blood circulation. It must be remembered that bath is very hard on the heart and blood vessels, so the steam is only allowed when the hangover mild.
  • Contrast shower – helps in fast relief from hangover symptoms. The alternation of hot and cold water is irritating to the nerve cells of the skin. The man quickly recovers.

In addition, after drinking alcohol in excessive amounts is recommended to include in the diet foods with a high content of vitamins. It can be a vitamin a vegetable or fruit salads and dried fruits and nuts of different varieties.

As at home to quickly relieve hangovers

There are several proven ways, to make it easier to remove the symptoms of a hangover:

  • brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with a minty mouthwash;
  • carefully wipe the body with a towel, dipped in cool water;
  • drinking large volumes of strong sweet tea or coffee;
  • ventilate the room;
  • drink ascorbic acid or eat citrus fruits. Askorbinka quickly neutralize the effects of alcohol;
  • massage thoroughly the feet and ears;
  • some time to chew on a Bay leaf;
  • to smell the cotton wool moistened in liquid ammonia. To wipe ammonia whisky and wrists.

Quickly bring alcoholic toxins from the body will help the aspirin in combination with vitamin C, but to appoint such a treatment needs a doctor.

Whether to use the advertised hangover cure

Intoxication after drinking alcohol in excessive amounts can get very ill. People often do not know how to relieve the unpleasant symptoms and hoped for the funds, which are actively advertised on TV and the Internet. It must be remembered that a specific antidote for ethanol, and no advertising that says that people will sober up instantly – that's not true.

A variety of drugs, which are sold under the guise of antidotes are in fact a combination of funds from headache, vitamins and different flavors. Maybe receiving such funds a bit and reduce the hangover, but the hope is that the toxins are excreted from the body very quickly, not worth it. In this regard, even traditional remedies are more effective.

Alcohol is better not to abuse. But if such unpleasant situation happened, then you need to try to quickly remove toxins from the body. In mild stage of poisoning is sufficient to provide assistance in the home, but if a serious condition, help the patient only in a hospital.