Regidron for poisoning children and adults

Intoxication can occur at any age and for various reasons. Regidron in cases of poisoning will help to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. The drug is absolutely safe, so it is suited to both adults and children. However before use it is necessary to understand, in some cases, it shows the drug, how to use it properly, does he have contraindications and side effects.

The description of the drug regidron

Rehydron (Rehydron) is a glucose-saline solution intended for resumption of the water balance. Since poisoning often occurs diarrhea, it may be dehydration. This breaks the operation of important systems for the body. If you do not start on time replenishment of fluid and essential macronutrients, the consequences can be very serious. The drug effectively cope with the symptoms of dehydration, quickly replenishes lost fluids, and restores the body.

According to pharmacists, the drug most often acquire with the aim of eliminating the symptoms of a hangover and alcohol poisoning. In a medical facility powder mixture prescribed for the treatment of acidosis. Blood accumulates products of protein breakdown. In people, this phenomenon is called "acetone in the blood."

The tool is made in the form of a powder, which before use is diluted with water. Rehydron has no color and smell. It dissolves quickly in warm liquid. It includes only a few components:

  1. Sodium citrate.
  2. Chloride of sodium and potassium.
  3. Dextrose.

All these substances are excreted in vomit or feces during the poisoning. After drinking the diluted suspension in the body replenished the lost nutrients, so it is gradually recovering. In addition, glucose absorbs salts and citrates, thereby balancing the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Store the powder for 3 years from the date of production, if you observe the optimum conditions for this. The air temperature should be no higher than 25 degrees and not below 15 degrees. For storage choose a dry place.

How to make a tool

The technology of making overly simple. To do this, dilute the powder of one sachet in 1000 ml of boiled water. The resulting suspension has a salty taste, kind of muddy. You cannot add sugar or any sweeteners taste. Dilute regidron only with water, not juice or syrup. This can cause the drug will become less effective.

Over time, you can drink 250 ml. It should be stored in the refrigerator no longer than two days. We recommend that you drink dilute one sachet of fluid for the day.

Indications for use

Rehydron is an effective remedy that the doctor prescribes in the case of food or alcohol poisoning. Due to intoxication of alcohol from the body's output of salt, the amount of which is restored when use of the drug solution. In addition, the tool improves the overall condition of the body. If the patient has severe diarrhea, regidron should adopt the following scheme:

  • take a package of medicinal powder and dissolve it in a liter of warm boiled water. Shake the container, to dissolve;
  • then, you must drink a mug of the drug in small SIPS;
  • after half an hour again to repeat the procedure;
  • after each case of diarrhea need to drink a few SIPS of the solution. To drink water after that should not be;
  • if the symptom of intoxication is the amount of suspension can be reduced. However, during the period of the disease need to drink at least 3 sachets dissolved in 3 liters of water.

Consumers of medicine found that the tool helps to effectively eliminate all the symptoms of poisoning. The patient's General condition may improve before the bowel is completely cleared of the products that caused the intoxication. In addition, the drug is indicated not only in cases of poisoning, but in case there are other abnormalities in the body.

It is recommended for heat stroke or profuse sweating that result from the body intensively excreted liquid. The use of suspensions requires the dysbiosis to restore the intestinal microflora. Your doctor may prescribe it for the prevention of disorders associated with excessive heat and physical exertion.

Regidron with alcohol poisoning

Due to excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages during metabolism in the body produces toxic products – aldehydes. This leads to a pressure decrease, tachycardia. Some drinks such as beer have a diuretic effect. This increases the likelihood of dehydration.

After the use of slurry increases the pressure of the body are derived harmful toxins. Part medications include potassium and sodium, which contribute to the improvement of cardiac function and resume function of the nervous system. Glucose feeds the brain and helps the liver filter harmful substances. So being patient is greatly improved. Lost headache, dizziness, confusion. In humans,increased appetite,is aversion to different smells.

If the poisoning of the body caused by alcohol, the use of regidrona provokes vomiting syndrome. Due to this faster derived residues of ethanol from the intestine. To began vomiting, a bag of powder not diluted in a liter of boiled water and Drink 100 ml. the solution should be one approach. The urge to vomit should appear almost immediately after consuming this medication.

General guidelines for use of the drug

Application regidrona during intoxication should happen with the observance of certain rules. Therefore, before using the apparatus, must be read manual. In addition, it is recommended to consult a specialist about its use. So, it is important to pay attention to the recommendations listed below:

  • The solution should consist only of powder and boiled water. Cannot add seasonings, sugar and other ingredients to improve the taste.
  • In the case of use of the drug is not recommended to drink sweet syrups, juices, compotes. In addition to the suspension, it is possible to use boiled water, and light broths.
  • You need to drink slowly and in small SIPS. If time to drink too much fluid, it can cause vomiting.
  • If the solution is some time in the fridge every time before use it is recommended to mix.
  • Suspension drink at any time during the day, regardless of diet.

Regidron for adults

There are certain tips on how regidron to take adults. Need to account for the weight of the human body. In the first hour after the beginning of poisoning, the amount of fluid is calculated as follows: per kilogram of body weight requires 10 ml of solution. For example, if a person weighs 50 kg, it requires 500 ml of fluid. In the following hours is enough 5 ml of drink per kg of body weight. If again an attack of vomiting or diarrhoea, the amount of solution should be increased to the original.

Welcome regidrona during pregnancy

For pregnant women the drug is not contraindicated. It has no negative impact on the health of the mother or the baby. After all the components included in the composition of medicines, are present in any healthy body. Main contraindication to taking the drug during pregnancy is the idiosyncrasy regidrona.

In addition, before use, the powder should consult with a specialist, is it possible to drink. Use regidrona and possibly during lactation. However, the woman should avoid fatty foods and foods containing sugar.

Regidron for children

Often when child poisoning symptoms of intoxication are very distinct, and the disease is extremely difficult. Diarrhoea and vomiting dehydration child's body can happen very quickly. So actions for treatment should start as soon as possible. So regidron that should be in every medicine Cabinet. When the baby uses a suspension, it must follow. If he's not getting any easier, and the condition only gets worse should immediately call an ambulance. After examination, the doctor may prescribe hospitalization crumbs.

Before treatment you need to learn how to drink rehydron children. Give your child the solution sparingly with a pipette or teaspoon every 5-10 minutes. From the age of five, the child can drink the slurry, but small SIPS. Mom pours a Cup portion of the solution, designed for your baby.

Children's dose is calculated differently than adults. Per kg of body weight is 20-60 ml of a solution that depends on the severity of the disease. Moreover, the amount of liquid is calculated not for an hour, and 10 hours. With the improvement in the dose of the solution reduced to 10 ml / kg.

If a child is sick and starts vomiting, the drug is given 10 minutes after each attack. You can also make ice cubes from the suspension regidrona. After each attack of vomiting and diarrhea should put a piece of ice on the tongue, which will reduce the urge. But such manipulation is allowed not earlier than in 5 years, and only in the case if the child does not suffer from cold. Therapy lasts as long as the vomiting and diarrhea cease completely. Usually it takes 2-4 days.

When you need urgent medical assistance

During the use of the drug regidron require urgent medical attention in some cases:

  1. The patient becomes drowsy, difficult for him to talk, almost not answering questions put to him.
  2. The temperature rises above 39 degrees, possible hallucinations.
  3. Reduced amount of urine, it acquires a bright yellow color.
  4. Diarrhea with bloody discharge, severe pain in the anal area.
  5. Diarrhea does not stop for more than 5 days. In some cases, the diarrhea stops, but after that the patient is experiencing severe pain in the stomach.

If treatment at home does not give the result required hospitalization.

Counterparts regidrona

Rehydron is the most common means of food or alcohol poisoning. But if it is not in the home medicine Cabinet, the drug can be replaced with another drug that has a similareffects on the body. Here is a list of drugs that are also available to eliminate the symptoms of intoxication:

  • Hydrovit Forte. Helps slower because it contains a smaller ratio of the active ingredients. One sachet diluted in a glass of warm water. The dose is calculated as follows: adult per day requires approximately 30 ml of solution per kg of body weight.
  • Trihedron. Composition is almost identical with rehydron. The amount of glucose and salts is higher in comparison with the drug "Hydrovit Forte." A package of powder is diluted in half a liter of warm boiled water.
  • Tsitraglyukosolan. Is produced in three versions. In each case the weight of the bags is different, so how to dissolve in water, you need to read on the packaging or in the instructions.
  • Rosolen. Also has three possible dosages. Packages with different ground intended for cultivation in 100, 500 or 1000 ml of liquid.

Thus, regidron can be replaced and other drugs. They are all OTC, however, before their use should consult with the doctor.

Preparation regidrona home

Sometimes symptoms of poisoning appear suddenly, therefore, an urgent need to start treatment. But what about when in the Armory there is not only regidrona, but any other means of intoxication? Make a solution, which works almost the same as Regidron, right at home.

To do this, boil a liter of water. Separately mix half tsp of salt and soda and add to them 2 tablespoons of sugar. The cooled water is poured into the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Taste means virtually no different from the pharmaceutical preparation.

However, unlike regidrona is that the medicine does not contain potassium. Therefore, if the house is chloride of potassium, then adding it to the solution, it will remedy, is identical to pharmacy. Combine half teaspoon of salt, soda, and chloride of potassium. In a dry mix with warm water. Then added 4 tbsp of sugar. Need to stir a means to dissolve all ingredients, then drink.

However, due to the salty taste, not all children agree to use a similar solution. In extreme cases the baby can be weak brew green tea and sweeten it slightly. Also helps in case of poisoning by a decoction of raisins with no sugar. Be sure to give the child as much as possible boiled water. The temperature of the liquid should be close to body temperature. In this case, it will be much better absorbed by the body. Preferably as soon as possible to go to the pediatrician, who will tell you what is better to treat the child.


Despite the fact that the drug is relatively neutral and does not contain active ingredients, contraindications regarding its use still exist. You can't drink the suspension without consulting your doctor if:

  • a person is sick with diabetes;
  • there are various of kidney disease. Especially regidron is contraindicated if the disease is extreme stage of development;
  • have frequent constipation associated with intestinal obstruction;
  • there is an individual intolerance to any component of the medicine.

In addition, the drug changes the pH of the intestine. Therefore, during treatment should not drink alcoholic beverages. The drug does not affect the ability to drive the transport.

Overdose regidrona

If you do not observe the dose of the drug, may appear allergic reactions. In addition, the body increases the permissible level of sugar, sodium, and potassium. This can lead to increased drowsiness, confusion. In addition, overdose can lead to the development of hypernatremia in a patient. Its symptoms include weakness, respiratory failure, dizziness.

If you drink Rehydron if you have problems with kidneys, often there is metabolic alkalosis. Symptoms of this disease are: muscle cramps, it's hard to breathe, pain in region of kidneys. In the case of signs of overdose, discontinue treatment with the drug. Possibly you must quickly consult a doctor. He will appoint the necessary tests, after the results of which can be performed correction of water-electrolytic balance in the body.

Additional information

After eating regidrona in the body would be alkaline reaction. So be aware that it causes acid imbalance in intestine. Therefore, you should not drink it in conjunction with other medications, as it may happen the absorption.

If the child has severe diarrhea, you must ensure that it is not reduced if the weight. If body weight decreased by more than 10%, there is excessive dehydration. Therefore, rehydration is done through the introduction of intravenous means. If the diarrhea still did not stop, it should re-start to drink rehydron. The increase in dosage is possible only in extreme cases. This can be done only when advised by the doctor after analysis of electrolyte composition of blood.

Thus, regidron is a safe drug that rarely causes side effects. However, do not exceed the dosageyou must provide the correct storage conditions of the substance, to follow the expiration date. It is impossible to ingest drugs that are not suitable for use.