Regidron hangover: the positive effect and feedback

A hangover is an unpleasant condition characterized by nausea, emetic reflexes, headache and other symptoms occurred on the background of alcohol abuse. One of the effective means of eliminating withdrawal symptoms is regidron with a hangover that needs to be taken in conjunction with other medications for detoxification.

Regidron during a hangover

While drinking alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks are plentiful loss of fluid and minerals, leading to dehydration and loss of strength and exhaustion.

Some people eliminate the nasty symptoms were helped by a small dose of alcohol, but drinking alcoholic beverages a hangover often leads to the development of alcoholism. In other patients, even the smell of alcohol provokes nausea and vomiting. Thus, the hangover is formed with the development of alcohol dependence. Regular abuse of liquor leads to a Grand restructuring of the body, which leads to the disturbance of enzymatic activities.

One of the popular ways to restore lost minerals is cucumber and cabbage brines, contaminated mineral salts and other substances, eliminating dehydration and normalize electrolyte balance. The use of brine leads to improved overall health during intoxication, has a beneficial effect on the resumption of vital organs. Regidron hangover acts in a similar way: helps to restore the minerals and salts lost as a result of poisoning with ethanol.

Regidron belongs to medicines, normalizing electrolyte and energy balance in the body, are disrupted during human toxicity alcohol and metabolites of ethanol.

The description of the drug

In the contents of the medication includes the following ingredients:

  • dextrose;
  • sodium chloride;
  • potassium chloride;
  • sodium citrate.

Produce the drug in powder form, which is necessary before use, dissolve in water and mix thoroughly. The resulting composition is a clear, odorless liquid with a salty taste.

The cost of the medicine of 20 sachets is around 400 rubles.

Indications for use

Agent administered in disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance. Instructions for use of the powder indicates that regidron recommended for the following pathologies:

  • diarrhea, accompanied by heavy loss of fluid;
  • in disorders of water-salt metabolism, provoked by thermal shock;
  • during physical activities that cause excessive sweating;
  • as a reducing method with various intoxications including poisoning by ethanol.

Regidron hangover is able to stop retching and significantly improve health.

The powder, recommended for use in patients with mild symptoms of a hangover, characterized by a disorder of water-salt metabolism, and in severe poisoning, accompanied by profuse vomiting.

The principle effects of the drug during hangover

In the composition there are important substances that have beneficial effects on all internal systems as a whole. Alcohol poisoning can lead to loss of vital salts and sodium, which often provokes swelling, dehydration, disorder of metabolism in cells and the loss of potassium, which negatively affects the blood vessels and heart muscle, increases the likelihood of a heart attack.

The lack of useful minerals hangover negatively affects the functioning of the brain, which in turn may cause pain symptoms in the head and dizziness for a hangover.

Contained in the powder of the sodium and potassium salts improve the overall health of patients, long time users of alcohol and suddenly stop drinking. Such States are potentially dangerous to patient's life, as it can trigger mental disorder, disturbance of consciousness, and delirium tremens.

Do alcohol addicted people is usually an increased need for glucose, which is an important element for the normal functioning of the brain. The powder helps to restore glucose failure, regenerates liver cellsdamaged by drinking alcohol, helps to restore vital energy and biochemical reactions.

Instructions for use

The tool can be taken independently from consumption of food, at any time of the day. Content of one sachet is enough for one meal. The package is dissolved in 1 liter of warm boiled water. Ready solution can be stored for 1 day in the refrigerator.

The structure should be taken in small SIPS as often as possible. You should not drink all at once a solution of the drug can trigger vomiting.

Hangover and intoxication of alcohol required dose is calculated according to the body mass of the patient is 10 ml per 1 kilogram of body weight. For example, a patient weighing 80 kg should drink 800 ml of the product.

If the patient's condition improves, you can reduce the dosage by half. Whenthe deterioration of health is allowed to increase the dose. With the appearance of intense nausea and vomiting to drink the resulting liquid must be cooled, 1/4 Cup. Severe intoxication requires the introduction of medication through a nasogastric tube in the hospital.

Contraindications and special instructions

The drug is not used in the following diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • kidney disease;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • high blood pressure.

In addition, if the incorrect dilution of the powder and a strong concentration of substances in a person intoxicated with alcohol, can occur hypernatremia, manifested by weakness, drowsiness, impaired consciousness, spasms of the respiratory organs. Too concentrated solution often leads to metabolic alkalosis – a condition accompanied by headaches, convulsive syndromes, deterioration of attention and perception.

If you experience similar symptoms during a hangover treatment regidron must be stopped and urgently seek assistance in a medical institution.

Typically, the solution is easy to carry with a hangover. If the patient have any gag reflex, the resulting liquid should be consumed 10 minutes after the last episode of vomiting.

Because of its specific taste the product can cause the repulsion forces patients to add to the solution a spoonful of sugar. However, this is strongly not recommended.

Not prohibited during the reception regidrona to eat. You should avoid fatty, fried or spicy food.

The course of treatment is 3-4 days. If alcohol intoxication is accompanied by severe symptoms of nausea and vomiting, drug taking 1 teaspoon every 5 minutes.


Currently on pharmacy shelves sells a variety of remedies, with similar action that regidron conducive to rapid recovery of health, for a hangover. One of the most popular are gidrovit, tsitraglyukosolan.

In addition, one of the varieties of the drug is regidron-bio containing prebiotic maltodextrin and Lactobacillus, which maintains the normal intestinal flora.

In some cases, allowed independent production of analogue regidrona at home. To do this in boiled water, add 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and the same of salt. The composition was mixed thoroughly and take during a hangover on the same principle, and regidron.

In a solution prepared at home, you can add the potassium chloride in the following dosage: 1 liter of water – 120 g sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, soda, and chloride of potassium. The resulting mixture take warm. If severe vomiting composition is slightly cooled.

Rehydron is very easy to use and have shown high efficiency during alcohol intoxication. So the reviews about the drug in most cases positive. The tool does not cause any negative consequences, having a minimum of restrictions.

Many patients report unpleasant salty taste of the liquid, but this fact does not affect its effectiveness. Most often, the powder is disgusting at the very beginning of treatment. As habituation of the organism to the drug nausea usually passes.

Regidron contributes to the rapid recovery of the body and alleviates acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome, therefore, is a very popular tool among many people.

A hangover occurs during poisoning with decomposition products of ethanol. Patient in acute alcohol intoxication, it should be remembered that without the restoration of water-salt metabolism in the body his condition may not improve for a long time. Most often, the lack of adequate treatment leads to deterioration of health and other hazards. The main condition for the relief of hangover is drinking large amounts of fluid. Rehydron – drug, containing in its composition necessary for the internal organs of a substance that will help you to recover the lost fluid, but the body needs minerals: potassium, mineral salts and sodium. This leads to a rapid restoration of health.