Medication and pills for diarrhea and diarrhea in adults

Diarrhea is often a companion to the various problems of the digestive system. He not only brings discomfort, but also dangerous to human health. Prolonged diarrhea causes a strong dehydration. It is therefore important, as soon as possible to stop the seizure. For these purposes many buy cheap pills from diarrhea in the hope that they will do their job no worse than expensive medicines. Whether so it actually and what medicines it is better to prefer?

Why do I get diarrhea

Before you choose a cure for diarrhoea, need to figure out what it was called. There are several main reasons for this problem:

  1. Food poisoning. Becomes a result of the use of expired or poor quality food.
  2. This intestinal disorder often occurs when you move to another area. Impact of climate change, drinking water and food.
  3. Eating overly spicy or acidic foods leads to the development of irritable bowel syndrome.
  4. Inflammatory processes in the colon.
  5. Side effects after taking some drugs.
  6. Stress, prolonged exposure to a stressful situation.
  7. Infestation.
  8. Long-term use of antibiotics. These drugs kill the natural gut flora which leads to development of dysbacteriosis.
  9. Hepatitis.
  10. Poisoning with heavy metals.

Specific preparation depends on the causes of the disease. If you are unsure what led to such consequences, you need to seek help from a doctor.

In some cases, self-medication can be dangerous

Sometimes self-treatment of diarrhea may lead to a worsening situation. In the following cases it is imperative to consult a doctor before applying any medications for diarrhoea:

  1. If together with the diarrhea there was a significant increase in body temperature, vomiting, pain in the stool contains traces of blood. It tells about the development of serious disease. Medical examination is necessary.
  2. If the problem arose from the breast of the child or person whose age has crossed the mark of 70 years.
  3. Show signs of severe dehydration of the body. Their manifestations are cramps, pain in region of kidneys, constant thirst, difficult urination.
  4. In the presence of serious blood disorders or cardiovascular system.
  5. Pregnancy.

In these situations, self-medication can be extremely dangerous for health and even human life. You must immediately consult a doctor.

If you started to take medicine for diarrhea and do not notice any improvements, to seek medical attention immediately. It suggests that you picked the wrong medication, and the problem is progressing.

What drugs are used to combat diarrhea

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of agents against diarrhea. On the basis of the spectrum, they can be divided into several major groups:

  1. The chelators. Are drugs whose primary purpose becomes the neutralization of toxins, triggering the problem. The most modern of them is able to excrete even potent poisons.
  2. Probiotics. Are a set of beneficial intestinal bacteria. These drugs are used in the dysbacteriosis. They definitely need to eat after taking anti-bacterial medicines.
  3. Drugs affecting intestinal motility. They help to slow down the movement of food through the intestines, reduce mucus secretion and increase the tone of the anal sphincter.
  4. Antibacterial agents. Effectively fight intestinal infections that often cause problems.
  5. Enzymes. Apply. If the cause of diarrhea was simple indigestion, excessive intake of food.
  6. Antiseptic preparations. Their action is similar to antibiotics, but unlike them, do not kill the beneficial bacteria of the intestine. Copes with the pathogens.

What can you drink if you have diarrhea, will depend on exactly what caused the problem. If it is poisoning, you will need antibiotics. When diarrhea is caused by simple overeating, it will be enough to take the pill enzymes.

Before taking any medication be sure to carefully read the instructions for use. Here is a list of contraindications.

The use of chelators in the fight against diarrhea

If you are looking for the best remedy for diarrhea for adults and children, this enterosorbent. These drugs are quickly excreted residues of toxic substances. List the modern tools of this group include:

  1. Activated carbon. One of the oldest agents used for diarrhea. It has antidiarrheal and detoxifying action. But in order for charcoal to be effective, you must correctly calculate dosage. For every 10 kg of weight of the person will have to drink 1 pill. Thus, if a person weighs 80 kg, then at a time he needs to consume at least 8 tablets. It should be noted that this medication is fairly cheap.
  2. Enterosgel. The basis of this preparation lies the polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. Itthe substance not only has an adsorbing action but also has a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora. A medicine used against diarrhoea in adults and children. It is not recommended for use in the presence of intestinal obstruction.
  3. Smectite. A strong remedy for diarrhea allergic or infectious nature. In addition, the drug is considered correct in the treatment of bloating and heartburn. As the active substance acts smectite dioctaedric. There is also an analogue of Russian origin – neosmectin. It has exactly the same characteristics as the reference medicine.
  4. POLYSORB. The drug is fast acting. Effectively combats pathogenic bacteria, cleanses the body from toxins and allergens. Used for disorders of the intestines and stomach unexplained reasons.
  5. Gastrolith. This medication has the capacity to bind substances in the stomach and intestines, which slows down their further movement. The present composition of the electrolyte means.
  6. Filtrum. Make this remedy is recommended for diarrhea allergic and infectious origin. These inexpensive and effective tablets should be in every home medicine Cabinet.

Such funds can be purchased at any pharmacy. In case of urgency you can apply them without a prescription.

What probiotics are best to use

Probiotics for diarrhea will help to quickly restore the natural gut flora. They contain live bacteria, so these medications should be stored in the refrigerator. Among the most effective means are the following:

  1. Bifiform. This tool is used not only to eliminate diarrhea, but also in the treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive tract. If there are serious violations of the functionality of the stomach, it can lead to negative consequences. The preparation consists of bifidobacteria and enterococci.
  2. Bifidumbacterin. You can choose capsules or tablets. Especially effective for diarrhea caused by food poisoning. The composition contains live bifidobacteria.
  3. Laktobakterin. In addition to the antidiarrheal action, to improve metabolism in the body. This medication must not be used for candidiasis and lactose intolerance.
  4. Linex. The name of this drug at the hearing. It includes several kinds of bacteria. The medication must not be taken with hot food.
  5. Hilak Forte. It drops from the diarrhea, which are based on biosynthetic lactic acid. They help to improve the secretion of the stomach and reduce the negative impact of pathogenic microflora.
  6. Bifikol. This drug has an antibacterial effect. Copes well with intestinal infections. The composition in addition includes living bifidobacteria strain of Escherichia coli.

Probiotics will help to relieve diarrhea and restore normal intestinal flora. Before use, carefully read the instructions.

Coca is a drug that affects peristalsis, choose

In this group of drugs are the following:

  1. Loperamide. Contributes to the rapid reduction of intestinal motility. Loperamide can be used for diarrhea of any nature, except infectious diseases. Contraindicated in the presence of ulcers in the intestines and pregnancy.
  2. Lopedium. Full analogue loperamide. Has exactly the same effect.
  3. Immodium. Also is similar to loperamide, but in an easier to use form. Lingual capsules dissolve quickly. The effect is achieved already after half an hour after ingestion.

Such fastening means diarrhea can only be used in strict accordance with the instructions for use.

Antibacterial drugs

These drugs successfully fight even the strongest infection. Among the most popular tools are:

  1. Tetracycline for diarrhea. Copes with a large list of bacteria, but has no effect on viruses and fungus. Under the action of the drug microorganisms lose the ability to reproduce and quickly die. Prolonged use of this tool can develop goiter.
  2. Chloramphenicol with diarrhea. Considered one of the best drugs affects an extensive list of microorganisms. The duration of therapy with this drug may not be less than five days. Chloramphenicol and its analogues have a long list of contraindications and side effects, so before applying, be sure to consult with your doctor.
  3. Amoxicillin. Effectively fights intestinal infection. The duration of treatment is five to seven days.
  4. Metronidazole. It has a wide spectrum of action. Taken by the doctor at least twice a day.
  5. Rifaximin. Has a broad antibacterial spectrum of action. Copes well with acute phase currents of intestinal infection. A contraindication to its use is the presence of ulcerative lesions of the intestine.

People often are wary to antibiotics. Often they try to replace them with more secure means. For example, you can often hear the question, what is better loperamide orchloramphenicol. But to compare and even more to replace the others one of these tools is impossible, as they have completely different mechanism of action. Loperamide will not help to get rid of a serious infection.

Antibacterial drugs must be taken in strict accordance with the instructions. You cannot use two different drug. It is fraught with complications.

Anti-microbial agents

Safer than with antibiotics are considered to be antimicrobials. They are not so adversely affect intestinal microflora. Among the most effective brands are:

  1. Furazolidone. It is well-known small yellow pills from diarrhea. They are quite inexpensive, but effectively fight Salmonella, dysentery, enterocolitis and other similar problems. This vehicle is prohibited to be used to treat infants and women in situations and patients suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency.
  2. Tannacomp. A good remedy for diarrhea caused by a change in the usual diet. In addition to antimicrobial, has more and astringent, and anti-inflammatory effect. It includes ethacridine lactate and albuminat.
  3. Ftalazol. Copes well with intestinal pathogens. Selecting or ftalazol furazolidon, you can quickly get rid of the pathogen and to stop diarrhea.
  4. Enterofuryl. This is the best option for the treatment of both adults and children. The main active ingredient of the medicine becomes nifuroxazide.
  5. Enteral. One of the modern drugs, which has excellent antimicrobial and antidiarrheal action. In addition, it fights toxins and protects the immune system from damage. Contraindicated getting pregnancy and infancy.
  6. Sulgin. Effective against dysentery, intestinal infection, colitis. The main active ingredient is sulfaguanidine. The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and feeding the baby's chest.
  7. Furatsilin for poisoning and disenteria used infrequently. This drug is more suitable for disinfecting wounds. But also for the treatment of diarrhea in its extreme case can be applied. Before use, the pill must be turned into a powder.

What is the better choice of antimicrobial agents depends on the extent of damage and characteristics of your body. If you are unsure about your choice, talk with your doctor.

How effective enzymes

Consensus about the effectiveness of enzyme preparations experts to develop and failed. Some argue that these pills from indigestion and diarrhea are completely useless. Others say, on the improvement of state of health after use. In any case dangerous or harmful these medicines are certainly not. But to be treated only with their help for serious diseases not. It is best to use the funds in combination with other drugs.

Enzymes show good results to stimulate the digestion, help the nutrients from food to be absorbed faster in the intestine. Among these preparations it is especially possible to allocate:

  1. Mezim. The pills from the stomach before the application can't bite or chew. Protective shell of the pill is helping her get to the destination. The tool facilitates the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The drug is prohibited to use in pancreatitis.
  2. Festal. Contributes to the rapid digestion of food. Has several contraindications, among which stands out: acute pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, jaundice and others.
  3. Kreon. Has a similar effect. The main active substance is Pancreatin. Contraindicated in acute pancreatitis. In rare cases, after applying the drug could experience an allergic reaction, constipation or nausea.

The most effective remedy for diarrhoea can be identified only after the reliable identification of the cause of the disease. So if you don't know what to drink if you have diarrhea, consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination. If the reason lies in the effect of pathogenic microflora, the treatment with drugs that affect intestinal motility, can lead to loss of valuable time and aggravate the situation.