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Enterosgel: instruction for use for children with vomiting and diarrhea

Children are much more exposed to various diseases due to physiologically reduced immunity. As they grow the child's body becomes stronger, tougher, and immune protection is much better cope with the various influences of pathogenic factors. Against the background of absolute health of the little patient shows the use of absorbents only in case, primarily arising diseases, to ease and speed up recovery.

In complicated clinical history of the patient receiving absorbent material becomes systematic, which is caused by a pronounced decrease in the function of any organ, for example, in chronic renal failure. Enterosgel is a soft, absorbent product for excretion of metabolites, metabolic products, toxins and nitrogenous compounds, some groups of drugs in excess of dosages. Instructions for use of enterosgel for children requires strict compliance with medical recommendations.

Pharmaceutical form and composition

Pharmaceutical industry today produces the drug enterosgel in two forms: gel and paste. Both types are suitable for use by children, you can give them from the neonatal period:

  • Gel. Designed for the independent production of the suspension. Is a mass of milky jelly-like structure with small inclusions in the form of small lumps. The gel is 100% of a polymethylsiloxane of poligidrat. After absorption there is some astringent aftertaste, the feeling of a viscous coating on the tongue and inner part of cheeks.
  • Pasta. Therapeutic combination components is a homogeneous mass with a uniform structure without obvious signs of odor, no memorable taste. Compound colour varies from rich white to milky color. The structure includes a (100 g), polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate, purified water as an auxiliary component of the paste (30 g of water for every 100 g of finished product). Better known as a children's remedy.

Both release forms are only intended for oral use.

Packaging of the therapeutic drug is produced in plastic containers with a weight of 135, 270 or 435 g, in tubes of different materials or plastic jars, weighing in at 90 or 225 gr, in packs of various materials weighing 15 or 22.5 gr. Many manufacturers include in the gel or paste sweeteners type Е954 or Е952 to facilitate comprehension in young patients. Enterosgel for children is generally well tolerated in any nature of the disease.

The features of the drug

The drug enterosgel refers to a group of drugs enterosorbents of new generation of luxury. Of a polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate – base component of the drug, synthesized, adapted for selective therapeutic effect. The main difference of the drug enterosgel from the usual drugs of the same group (activated carbon, white clay) is a porous structure, resembling a sponge absorbing.

The porous formation have a certain diameter that allows to bind and remove from the body pathogenic flora, toxic compounds, toxins and other metabolic products of metabolism, interacting with the stomach lining. Enterosgel has the following effect:

  • connects substances-antigens, cells, allergens, salts of heavy metals (e.g., shown enterosgel with vomiting or diarrhea);
  • removes toxic compounds, pathogenic microorganisms, and viral infectious agents;
  • absorbs metabolic compounds (urea, cholesterol, bilirubin);
  • has enveloping effect on the mucous tissue of the organs of the epigastrium;
  • restores natural bacterial flora of the intestine;
  • improves digestion, increases peristalsis.

The drug has only a local effect, mainly in the intestine, while not getting into the General blood and lymphatic circulation. Components of enterosgel shown along with the decomposition products, toxic compounds and pathogens within just 13 hours after ingestion. On the background of systematic drug absorbent blood restores balance, improves the function of kidney and liver structures.

In inflammatory or ulcerous formations on the mucous membranes of the intestines, stomach gel or paste protects the mucous tissue of the cavity, prevent irritation and generalize the ulcerative process.

The properties of enterosgel significantly exceeds the usual activated carbon, which removes not only unnecessary and harmful particles from the body, but also the useful bacterial flora.

The main indications

Enterosgel, the child may be shown in different cases that completely depends on the etiological factors of a disease symptomatic of the complex and other triggers that lead to the intoxication of any intensity. In the neonatal period and the first feeding enterosgel can prevent the occurrence of dysbiosis and other intestinal disorders. Here gastroenterologists recommend you start taking enterosgel along with effective probiotics or lactobacilli. Basically indications for the drugenterosgel children are as follows:

  • pathology of renal tissues (including chronic renal failure of any stage);
  • inflammation of the liver (viral hepatitis and complications such as cirrhosis);
  • diseases of the digestive tract of various origins;
  • infectious diseases of any localization and etiology;
  • poisoning food or drugs;
  • complicated by allergic reaction to different causative agents;
  • dermatological diseases of any nature;
  • oncogenic education (including the company radiation or chemical therapy).

Enterosgel with vomiting in a child is prescribed as adjuvant therapy when necessary, elimination of toxic compounds from the body. It is worth considering that in the presence of chronic diseases of various organs or systems with continuous pharmacological correction of pathological conditions the drug can significantly reduce the effects of other funds. For example, kidney disease, chronic renal failure, enterosgel is very important to remove excess urea from the blood, but complications such as hypertension require regular intake of antihypertensive drugs. Thus, in some cases enterosgel excluded from the list of appointments for vital reasons.

The main contraindications

Despite the good safety record of the drug enterosgel, not all patients can take it as mandatory treatment against various ailments. The main include:

  • reception of essential medicines;
  • the body's hypersensitivity to the active substance;
  • acute intestinal obstruction;
  • suspected acute peritonitis;
  • atonic condition of the intestine;
  • lactation period;
  • gestational period (including all trimesters of pregnancy);
  • a young child (if the composition of sweeteners).

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the decision on the appointment of enterosgel may be adopted by the doctor based on clinical trial data, and in the absence of risk complicated pregnancy. This is due to the lack of reliable scientific data on the harm or benefit of the drug on the woman's body during pregnancy. If a strong poisoning with cyanides, alkaline or acid environments, solvents defined by the type of methanol or ethylene glycol enterosgel is absolutely contraindicated.

Application features

Enterosgel in the form of paste is applied by the child is ready (for the treatment of children by year). A specific dose of a pasty substance it is important to drink plenty of warm drinks (fruit drinks, unsweetened fruit drinks, purified water). Usually a break between meals for symptoms of intoxication is a few hours. Course duration – 14 days, which completely depends on the nature of the disease, the nature of its occurrence and the extent of destruction of the body.

Newborn patients a small dose divided into two equal parts. Children who are 2 years and before 5 years dose a bit more. Some cases require immediate treatment to the doctor, maintaining resuscitation or substitution events. If necessary, the dosage may increase significantly. Enterosgel can be applied to children as stand-alone tools, as well as an addition to therapy of any kind with vomiting, diarrhea.

Negative effects

The main side effects include the occurrence of constipation. The disease is transient and is eliminated stimulant drugs (laxatives, microclysters rectal suppositories). The necessary background for regular admission at infringement of function of kidneys or the liver tissue can naturally evolve to rejection of further drug administration. Can open even vomiting after enterosgel. Before giving the child a remedy, you must know the cause of pathological state.

Guidance and advice

The first creation of the drug was synthesized by chemist L. V. Pisarzhevskii who tried to study the action of the polymethylsiloxane of poligidrat (otherwise, metalquimia acid). All studies relate to 1985. The drug is known to the chemist compared with the action "smart spongy tissue" that "takes" in their own pores essential molecular units of pathogenic microorganisms and other toxic substances, not bringing useful and necessary for life.

The active component of the gel or paste affects the regenerative image on the mucous tissue of the body, helps to activate natural processes of the microbiota, increase local immunity of the child. The drug has a powerful aggregate effect on the level of selectivity when removed only pathogenic microorganisms and toxic compounds.

In diseases with a systematic lack of moisture or violations of the moisture in the body of patients in the enterosgel should be taken in conjunction with drugs that restore electrolyte balance. At the time of treatment with enterosorbent it is important to observe the abundant drinking regime. For children it is better to use unsweetened teas, decoctions of herbs, compotes, berry fruit drinks.

The cost and analogues

The pricethe enterosorbent in the pharmacy networks is rather high and varies from 300 to 450 rubles, depending on the region. The drug has analogues, which differ in certain criteria, but does not replace the original pharmaceuticals:

  • POLYSORB. Intended for oral use after suspension preparation (powder diluted with water). The composition includes silicon dioxide colloidal. Shown in acute intestinal disorders, intoxication of different Genesis and severity, with dysbiosis, purulent and exudative diseases of the skin and internal organs in case of poisoning any food, other pathological changes oragnov the epigastric region. Suitable for use in young children (novorozdennogo, toddlers), pregnant women. Average cost – from 115 rubles depending on the amount of the drug.
  • Polifepan. Available in the form of granules for preliminary dilution of the suspension or in pill form. The ingredients of the product includes lignin hydrolysis. The drug is administered in the toxicity in pregnant women, the poisoning of serious chemical compounds with the Salmonella and other communicable infestations, dysentery or dysbiosis, and purulent formations, as well as chronic kidney or liver failure. Helps with the nausea. The drug is designed for children about 3 years old. The cost ranges from 75 to 250 rubles, depending on the cost of the drug.
  • Lactofiltrum. Absorbent preparation includes hydrolysis lignin, lactulose and support masloobraznaya components. The tool shows violations of the microflora of the digestive tract, diarrhea, irritation of the mucous membranes of the intestines, hepatitis of various origins and other liver diseases. Approved for use children. The average price of the drug – 250 rubles.
  • Smectite. Medicinal absorbent designed for the preliminary suspension. The composition of the powdery substance is part of dioctahedral smectite. Suitable for a variety of diarrheal disorders, for example, when stool softener, vomiting, heartburn, nausea. Contraindications include intestinal obstruction, individual rejection by the body of fructose. The average cost per package is 150 rubles. Powders are packaged in individual paper bags. Some of the pharmacy network released the drug by the piece.
  • Activated carbon. Available only in pill form. Coal is shown at various poisoning, intoxication of various origin and complexity. The drug is contraindicated in internal bleeding, severe poisoning chemical solutions from the different media, gastric ulcer. Suitable for use in the neonatal period. Before giving children a pill, you need to grind it into a powder. The average cost is 15 cents per standard.

Enterosgel is released in drugstores without a prescription, stored in a cool, inaccessible to children place. After freezing or drying, the drug loses all its healing properties. Optimum storage temperature is 4-7 degrees. The duration of the retention period – 3 years. At the expiration of the shelf life must be disposed of in a means.

The appointment of even the most innocuous at first glance, the preparations of the absorbents needs to be controlled by professionals (physician, pediatrician). When burdened with a clinical history of the patient the feasibility of is determined by the medical consultation with specialists on the profile. Some types of poisoning do not allow the application of enterosgel, so it is important to promptly respond to any changes in the child's body and consult a doctor.