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White charcoal: application instruction for children and adults

In any home medicine Cabinet you can find a universal remedy for intoxication. All the known black coal gradually yields the palm to the inexpensive product for cleansing the body white coal. White charcoal is the treatment, which was developed by pharmacologists. What are the benefits of white coal how to apply it and why it is effective, consider in this article.

Differences from the black activated carbon

White coal was developed in the Ukraine and now it can be purchased in virtually any pharmacy of the CIS countries and Europe. This tool is marketed as a less harmful way to cleanse the body than black coal. In the circles of pharmacists white sorbent extra called "the treatment of the fourth generation."

Except for the color tablets in appearance indistinguishable from the black of tablets of activated charcoal. White is achieved by adding to the composition of the starch. Moreover, white activated charcoal include components such as silica and cellulose, and these are the components that are active substances. Marketers assure that all raw materials for the manufacture of tablets comes exclusively from Europe, particularly from Germany, also this is evidenced by a formal description of the drug.

What distinguishes white from black coal? The main difference is its selectivity. So, black is indicated for treatment of poisoning, dyspepsia, flatulence. However, along with toxins and other harmful substances it removes from the body and are useful, for example, we need vitamins and minerals. Moreover, to achieve the desired effect should be applied in a large enough dose. So, in some cases, to correct severe intoxication you need to drink several bags of coal.

White is the treatment of choice for the purification of the body selectively. He exclusively draws toxins and pushes the waste products and other unnecessary body debris, nourishing substances remain in the body untouched. In addition, the white coal increased concentration of active components, therefore, the dose of the drug, to cope with intoxication, much less the required dose of black activated charcoal.

Instead of drinking 8-10 tablets of black coal, you can drink only 1 pill its white counterpart.

Indications for use

Silicon dioxide is one of the main components of white coal, displays the body of excess gas, allergens, including bacterial toxins (microbial and chemical) and the products formed during protein decomposition. Silicon dioxide contributes to the output of the alcohol, salts of metals, serotonin, lipids and even urea.

Cellulose, contained in the tablets is not soluble in the gastrointestinal tract, but the draws themselves to toxins, free radicals and other "junk". This purification contributes to the avoidance of the formation of the so-called bolus, elimination and congestion and increase the function of the parietal digestion.

Silicon dioxide and cellulose are very soft on the delicate mucous membrane of stomach, whereby it is not exposed to damage, and the effect of drug achieved in the shortest possible time. This drug is not addictive and allergies and so it is absolutely harmless to the body. In contrast with the black activated carbon enterosorbent white will not cause constipation: it stimulates the bowels, in order that the toxins leave the body as quickly as possible.

White, the treatment can not be crushed before use, but it has greater efficacy in suspension.

It has no flavorings, tasteless. Monthly application will never harm the body, will not lead to hypovitaminosis. Even a small dosage can help to achieve the desired effect.

White charcoal is officially the dietary Supplement indications which is kidney and liver failure, intoxication of various kinds (including alcoholic), acute enteric infections, hepatitis, gastrointestinal disorders.

Method of use and contraindications

White charcoal for kids is usually prescribed 3-4 pills several times a day. To achieve maximum efficiency of funds, it should drink plenty of fluids. If you purchased the enterosorbent in the form of tablets and powder form, before to drink it is necessary to prepare a suspension, which requires you to mix the powder from one of the measuring cap in 200 ml of boiled water and mix thoroughly. White charcoal in cases of poisoning is not recommended to take more than 5 times per day. Shelf life of white coal is 3 years from the date of issue.

Main contraindications:

  • the acute gastritis;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • exacerbation other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the breast-feeding period;
  • individual intolerance of the drug components.

The tool can be combined with other drugs to cleanse the body and digestive tract in particular. If you have any side effects or you are in doubt about acceptability of components of white coal, we recommend you to consult your physician. The official instruction manual does not describe cases of overdosefunds.

Why apply

It is a mistake to assume that white activated enterosorbent is used only in cases of poisoning. So, it may be a great helper in the fight against allergies, obesity and other problems.

From allergies

If you have allergies, you are probably familiar with such unpleasant symptoms of allergies such as cough, swelling, runny nose and sneezing. Almost all known symptoms of both regular and seasonal allergic reactions will help to overcome white activated carbon. So, he promptly removes allergens from the body. Because this drug is not a drug, then the treatment goes well with other adsorbing agents as well as antihistamines.

During intoxication

Intoxication may occur for various reasons: food poisoning, alcohol and even chemicals. With all kinds of intoxications can handle normal white coal. In the period of poisoning need in the shortest possible time to take a substance that can absorb toxins, toxins, alcohol, and other debris in the body. As a rule, any poisoning is accompanied by headache, nausea, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. White, the treatment will not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also to cope with these unpleasant consequences of intoxication.

During pregnancy and lactation

Before you start the use of white charcoal in pregnancy or during breast-feeding, you should consult with a doctor watching you. In most cases, a pregnant or nursing woman should refrain from the use of white coal and replace it with black in order to avoid harming the baby.

However the black, the treatment also should be used with caution, especially if the young mother has observed constipation. If all is in order, then apply the black treatment follows the scheme: 1 tablet for every 10 pounds of body weight. This dosage ensures maximum effectiveness.

For children

As in the case of an adult, to decide how to take white, the treatment of children, it is necessary to calculate the dosage.

The age of the child absolutely does not affect the efficacy of the drug, and the treatment can be consumed by babies.

If a child is less than 1 year, it is recommended to give him a white enterosorbent in the form of suspension for its better absorption.

Rules of admission of white coal

Rules that must be taken enterosorbent white, almost identical with those which accept the black activated carbon enterosorbent. Let's consider them:

  1. Do not take charcoal longer than the doctor prescribed. As a rule, the use of sorbents does not last more than one week, then repeat after a short break. If the adsorbent becomes a medication that is taken every day, it accumulates and lingers in the intestines.
  2. Do not take adsorbent at the same time with drugs. You must first make the enterosorbent, then after 20-30 minutes drink a drug. This is because the treatment can decrease the effectiveness of medications.
  3. To determine your ideal dosage is best to consult with your doctor to avoid side effects.

How to lose weight with white charcoal

Any adsorbents which you can find in the drugstore good help from slagging of the organism. One of the adsorbents is white coal. In contrast with the black, it promotes removal from the body is extremely harmful substances, so it is preferred if you wish to clean the body.

There are two basic schemes to lose weight with white charcoal, will look at each of them:

  1. In order to lose weight using white charcoal, to be taken at night dose according to the instructions, and the next day drink lots of water, teas, herbal, fruit drinks and fruit drinks. Arrange a fasting day once a week, and soon you will notice your weight gradually will reduce. In any case, it is decided whether you apply for weight loss white charcoal or another adsorbent, it is necessary to take and a multivitamin to supply the body with much-needed nutrients during the period of purification. As a rule, any cleaning – it is a little stress, and the body must be maintained.
  2. In one week you can take tablets of white coal, drinking with large amount of water. This technique of coal helps to reduce feelings of hunger, and such tablets can be an alternative to all known tablets of the ICC.

The liquid is adopted together with the adsorbent, reduces the feeling of hunger and therefore the pills are white activated charcoal helps to reduce stomach volume and also its purification. Of course, if you decide to lose weight by using charcoal, then you should refrain from:

  • snacking, particularly fast food;
  • meals later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • meals, is not caused by hunger, fatigue, boredom or feelings;
  • unhealthy way of life.

Remember that the adsorbents do not remove excess calories, but only cleanse the body and create a feeling of "fullness" in the stomach. Moreover, avoid prolonged use of the whiteactivated charcoal to prevent its accumulation in the body. Show consideration for your digestive tract, because this system is not used constantly to silicon dioxide.

Slimming with the help of white coal it is necessary to begin to calculate the dosage. If your weight is 60 kg, it is not recommended to take more than 4-5 pills for the 1st time, if your weight is in the range of 60-80 kg, but not more than 10 tablets if you weigh over 80 kg – not more than 12 tablets.

Pre-course white coal it is necessary to conduct a fasting day, to prepare the digestive tract for cleansing.

When conducting a fasting day drink only water and herbal teas. At the end of the fasting day can take a dose of coal. I can't take the treatment, and then make yourself a light Breakfast. Your diet while cleansing should be as lean and easy: soups, cheese, vegetables. Try to avoid starchy and sugary products, fatty, salty and spicy dishes. To come up with such diets should be carefully, gradually increasing the load on the digestive tract to its normal state.

White coal is one of the best means of intoxication. It gently cleanses the digestive tract of toxins and impurities, but, unlike carbon black, do not removes from the body all the nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Active ingredients white coal is much superior in efficiency of active material of the black activated carbon, so to get rid of symptoms of intoxication you will need a smaller dose of coal.

White charcoal is also used to simply cleanse the body and lose weight. The drug is indicated even infants with the permission of the therapist. However, you should avoid taking white charcoal for pregnant and nursing women to avoid any negative influence on the child.