Smectite: what helps and how to receive it

Thanks to the various commercials many drugs are constantly on the ear. And some had to deal with them firsthand. Quite a few can confidently say what helps smectite. However, to see the annotation of this drug does not hurt anyone.

When a person is faced with severe food poisoning or allergic reaction, against which the strongest starts vomiting, diarrhea, fever and other manifestations of intoxication, then he is completely helpless, but to catch this condition can be anywhere. As well in such cases to have a reliable tool that is able to quickly facilitate and improve health.

The smectite diarrhea is a proven remedy. It is made in France, but successfully registered in the Register of medicines (RLS) in many countries.

Components and pharmacological action

The drug, if we are talking about a powder for preparation of oral suspension:

  • smectite dioctaedric (main active ingredient) – 3 g;
  • glucose 0,749 g;
  • saccharin sodium 0,007 g;
  • vanilla (or orange flavoring) – 0,004 g.

Diosmectite is so abbreviated as smectite dioctaedric (INN – international nonproprietary name). It is an aluminosilicate (a kind of porous clay), which is extracted in deposits of smectites. Acts as an enterosorbent.

It has the following properties:

  • stabilizing effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive system;
  • forms a chemical bond with the protein compounds of the parietal layer of mucus;
  • affects the amount of produced mucus and improves its immunological properties;
  • absorbs harmful bacteria and viruses that fill the lumen of the digestive tract.

This drug in therapeutic doses does not affect motor activity of the intestine, not absorbed into the blood and leaves the body in unchanged form.

If you conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis included in the diosmectite chemical elements, it is possible to detect the presence of potassium, magnesium and sodium. This means that you can partially rely not only on the removal of toxic substances from the body, but, though weak, but rehydration effect. But as with intestinal diseases seriously disturbed fluid and electrolyte balance, the therapy must be comprehensive.

When one cannot do without smecta

To drink smektu adults and children are shown in the following cases:

  1. Frequent, loose stools that may develop on the background of contact with the allergen after ingestion of certain medications (e.g., antibiotics), failure to comply with diet, and after eating the poor quality food and water.
  2. Infectious diarrhea that has viral and bacterial in nature. This includes a "travellers ' diarrhoea", which occurs in 30-70% of tourists because of the local food and water, especially in developing countries.
  3. Different pathological processes of the digestive tract with obvious dyspeptic disorders (frequent burping, heartburn, bloating, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea with a characteristic smell).
  4. Alcohol poisoning and to prevent the development of withdrawal syndrome. Smectite can slow the absorption of ethanol in gut, which gives the body more time for the careful processing of alcohol. Therefore, it will not accumulate and act intoxicating.

If your child has had a sudden watery diarrhea in 95% of cases this is caused by the rotavirus intestinal infection. Quite often this disease can be observed in kindergartens and schools. And because smectite has proved to be very successful, the treatment that gets the rotavirus,its application is very appropriate in pediatric practice.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Despite the fact that you solely help to get rid of diarrhea for adults and children, it has some contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the main active substances or auxiliary component drug;
  • the partial or total disruption of advancement content through the digestive tract;
  • the syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption (malabsorption of glucose-galactose);
  • the absence of sucrase and low activity isomaltase in the mucosa of the small intestine.

At correct dosages the drug is usually well tolerated by patients. However, in some cases, you may experience the following side effects:

  • delayed or difficult bowel movements;
  • skin rash, itching;
  • angioedema (rare).

Usually such phenomena are poorly expressed and are easily eliminated by reducing the dose or eliminate the drug.

The dosage regimen

The drug would benefit the most if you know how to take smectite. Some concerned parents wondering whether to give children a smectite and is there a dose for children? If the answer is simple, it is effective for adults and children is one and the same drug. But the difference lies in the method of preparation of the slurry and the frequency of techniques.

Release form of the drug in powder form in sachets implies a preliminarydilution and specific preparation method:

  1. For infants and children the contents of 1 sachet diluted in 50 ml of liquid. Can be used water, milk mixes, broths, juices, fruit drinks, and you can add semi-liquid food (soup, porridge). The powder should be added gradually and thoroughly mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  2. Adult suspension is prepared by diluting the contents of 1 packet in half a glass of warm water. Add the powder of the necessary parts and carefully mix before reception of homogeneous mass.

Effective for children under years can get divorced in a smaller number, if the child can not immediately drink 50 ml to Prepare a suspension just before, not to store it for a few hours in already cooked in the bottle.

But to prepare enveloping the suspension is half the battle. In addition, it is important to know how to accept smektu. The great advantage of this natural remedy is that it can be used for children months of age.

Method of application smecta for different age categories:

  1. Child age from 1 month to 1 year. If there is an acute disorder of the digestive tract, within 24 hours you should drink 2 sachet of. Do that for three days, then transferred to 1 dose per day. If the medication is assigned for other reasons, you should drink 50 ml per day.
  2. From 12 months to 2 years. In acute diarrhea the first three days at the 4 tea bags, 2 bag. In all other cases, 1-2 bag per day.
  3. Over 2 years (3 years and another aged 12 years). Under severe conditions for 4 sachets per day for 3 days and then 2 a bag. Any other testimony at 2-3 packets a day.
  4. Children over 12 and adults. When acute course of the disease in the first 2 days admission to 6 doses of the drug. For the treatment of chronic diseases to 3 sachets a day.

According to the instructions, the drug can be used up to 7 days. The average therapeutic course is 3-5 days. The dosing of the drug in the first place focused not on age and weight of the patient, and the degree of intoxication and the severity of the patient's condition.

Pregnant and nursing

Given that the active ingredient of this drug is not absorbed into the blood and exerts teratogenic effects on the embryo, it is safe to use smectite in the period of intrauterine development of the child and during lactation.

Pregnant women often complain of flatulence, bloating or heartburn, so in some cases can be shown smectite. But the self in the period of carrying a child is inappropriate, therefore, imperative to consult a gynecologist, watching the pregnancy. Especially that constipation is also a common complaint of women in the position, and smectite can cause constipation, so you should not take it more than 3 days.

And if a pregnant woman had acute or chronic diarrhea, you should seek the assistance of a specialist to identify the true cause of the current state. As for the dosage, for pregnant women from is the same as for any adult.

Special instructions

When inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus drug on an empty stomach is not accepted – always after a meal. In all other cases the medication is taken between meals, i.e. at least 1-2 hours before meals or 1 hour after a meal. Of course, after smecta can be eaten, but not immediately.

Considering the adsorption properties of the drug, it is post reception smecta and other drugs at the time. After treatment of other drugs can be taken not earlier than 1-2 hours. Otherwise will decrease the absorption of necessary active ingredients and will decrease the action and effectiveness of drugs.

Focusing on the work of the anti-diarrheal drug, people with chronic constipation it should be taken with caution. Usually such patients reduce the dose of the treatment or are looking for alternatives.

Smecta diarrhea in the child, of course, quite effective, but with abundant vomiting and a frequent liquid chair, it is to be used only in conjunction with measures to replenish fluids in the body. And on the background of vomiting was the use of enterosorbent, first wash out the stomach and give anti-emetic and only then smectite.

Most often after a week of using enterosorbent prescribe a course of prebiotics and probiotics to replenish the colon colonies of beneficial bacteria thus restoring the microflora.

Smecta is a medicine which is freely released from pharmacies without a prescription. The expiration date is 3 years, so you can easily buy for the future and equip the first-aid kit or to take along on vacation just in case of emergency.

Description of the drug and patient testimonials indicate that this is a fairly universal tool. Because smectite can give a child and the old man. Pregnant and lactating women for acute conditions caused by ingested toxins or allergens, it is also not contraindicated. In addition, it can be used for stomach, as an aid in a number of somatic diseases.