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Activated charcoal during pregnancy on early and later stages

During pregnancy the female body is going through complex changes. Increases the load on all organs and systems, and everything that makes the future mother, in any case affect the fetus. This applies particularly to the use of drugs. Most drugs are not recommended during pregnancy, but there is a list of medicines that will not bring any harm to the unborn baby. Many women are concerned about whether you can drink activated charcoal during pregnancy and is it safe.

General characteristics of the drug

Active substance of the drug acts as a porous coal. The substance is extracted from mineral rocks, so it has a natural origin. Medicinal properties the coal of the tablets are that is hygroscopic due to the special structure of this substance is able to adsorb the toxins, and then gently remove them from the body.

The shelf life of activated carbon can be unlimited, but only at observance of rules of storage. It must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from the volatile matter in the original blister.

The adsorbent is able to quickly neutralize and withdraw from the digestive tract such substances:

  • a variety of toxic compounds;
  • poisons;
  • medicinal substances;
  • alkaloids of different origin;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • phenolic compounds;
  • hydrocyanic acid.

Pills completely non-toxic, adsorbing pathogenic substances, they are naturally a few hours after ingestion. This medication is absolutely not absorbed into the bloodstream, and especially the placental barrier. For the unborn child, these pills have no harm as good. From this we can conclude that activated charcoal during pregnancy you can take, but only if it is necessary. To take the drug to women in the state as in the early stages and very late stages. Before treatment it is necessary to consult with an Ob / GYN.

It is worth considering that coal tablets absorb not only toxins but also nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, long-term use can cause bacteria overgrowth and deterioration of the health of the pregnant woman.

When to drink activated charcoal in pregnancy

Coal take pills under any conditions that are characterized by the accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract of toxic substances or pathogenic microorganisms. The drug is indicated for poisonings with poor-quality food or infectious diseases of the digestive organs. In addition, coal can be used for stagnation in the stomach that cause putrefaction. Most women in pregnancy are faced with the unpleasant conditions when the coal will be able to provide invaluable assistance:

  1. When severe bloating. Flatulence hygroscopic surface coal tablets absorb the gases, and then gently removes them from the body.
  2. When uncontrollable diarrhea, the adsorbent is able to get rid of this phenomenon in a few hours.
  3. When severe heartburn.

Pregnant digestive system is functioning with great difficulty due to excess amount of progesterone in the body. Progesterone not only inhibits the contractile activity of the uterine muscles, but also has a negative effect on the digestion process, which causes various disorders.

Appoint the activated coal and in allergic reactions that manifest as rash, rhinitis, and edema. In addition, the classic black tablet good to use to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women, especially in the early stages.

The peculiarity of this drug is that it eliminates the unpleasant symptoms, but at the same time not having pathogenic effects on the body. You should start taking the tablets when severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and atypical gas. If a pregnant there are persistent constipation, to adopt the adsorbent is not necessary, as the situation will only grow worse, and in frequent reception could be a bowel obstruction and would need surgery.

If there are doubts about whether pregnant activated charcoal, you should consult with your obstetrician who will be able to dispel all doubts.

Instructions for use in pregnant women

The standard dose of activated charcoal is known to almost everyone. Thus, the number of tablets is calculated according to the weight of the patient. Per 10 kg of body weight take 1 pill. The dosage may vary slightly depending on the situation. Flatulence doctors recommend to take 2 grams means 1-2 hours after a meal. When a pregnant woman is diagnosed poisoning, the scheme is different:

  • Coal tablets are crushed into powder and stirred into a glass of clean water. The resulting slurry is used after the appearance of the first symptoms of poisoning. Permissible dose to 30 grams of the drug at one time.
  • In order to wash out the stomach in cases of poisoning, a tablespoon of powder activated carbon are dissolved in a liter of water and give drink to the patient.

In the instructions for use treatment of intestinal infections. Coaltaken in powder, previously dissolved in water. Use 2 grams of powder up to 4 times per day.

Activated charcoal if toxicity is necessary to drink for nausea. Medication in the short term will relieve a pregnant woman from the discomfort and prevent vomiting.

Start drinking the adsorbent is only after consultation with your doctor. Despite the natural origin drug, it has contraindications, which necessarily take into account.

Especially taking medication, pregnant

Pharmacies, besides tablets, you can see alternative method of production of activated carbon powder, a special pasta and capsules, they also have no effect on the development of a fetus. Take these funds on the basis of the information provided in the instructions for use.

Starting to drink activated charcoal for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to consider some features:

  • The biggest disadvantage of this adsorbent is that it, in addition to toxins, binds and useful substances for the body. So if you need to accept one-time or short courses. Prolonged use can severely disrupt the digestive organs.
  • Prolonged use of the drug reduces the level of protein and fat in the mother's body that has a negative impact not only on women's health, but also on the condition of the unborn child.
  • If a pregnant woman drink vitamin complexes, the activated carbon can be only a few hours when the vitamins have already learned.

To minimize the potential damage from black tablets, especially during the 3rd trimester, you need to take them at the same time with dairy products. In this case, the intestinal flora will be continuously supported by bifidobacteria.

A pregnant woman should not take more than 4 tablets per time, three times a day. This dosage is effective and at the same time absolutely harmless. No need to self-medicate, especially during pregnancy. About all digestive problems you must tell your doctor who can properly diagnose and assign the correct treatment. Often the woman is prescribed a special diet and the range of medicines permitted for pregnant women, one coal can not cope with the disease.


Despite the fact that the activated carbon applies to medicines of natural origin and completely safe for the baby, a pregnant woman should know contraindications to:

  1. Individual intolerance to the components included in the pills.
  2. Persistent constipation.
  3. Peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.
  4. If there are symptoms, which may indicate bleeding in the digestive organs.

Coal tablets are characterized by strong porosity, so their intake should be adjusted in relation to other drugs. Otherwise all the treatment will be in vain, since the adsorbent will absorb the need for therapy drugs.

Sometimes pregnant women feel like having unusual substances – chalk, or coal. In this case, you should consult with your doctor, because uncontrolled drinking can cause a number of side effects.

How can I replace activated charcoal in pregnancy

Activated charcoal is proven over the years the sorbent, which allows you to quickly remove toxins from the body. But it is worth considering that in recent years pharmaceutical companies have developed and produced many analogues that are more effective and safe. The cost for such drugs are much higher than in coal tablets, but they should take at a lower dosage.

If necessary, appoint a pregnant modern adsorbents – APSCO, POLYSORB, aluminium phosphate gel, smectite enterosgel or. If a pregnant woman suffers from heartburn, she prescribed drugs from the group of antacids, which include Rennie. Any sorbents prescribed to a pregnant only if they really need it. Quite often, the woman just need to adjust the power and all the problems with the gastrointestinal tract disappear.

Pregnancy is a complicated and responsible period, when from the behavior of women depends on the health of the future baby. Not worth while carrying a child to abuse any medication. Even harmless adsorbents in excessive amount can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments.