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Filtrum-STI: usage instructions for kids and adults

Food and alcohol poisoning manifest a variety of symptoms, many of which can become hazardous to human health. Reduce the appearance will help the sorbent filtrum-STI. Instructions for use filtrum-STI notes that the drug is used not only for treatment of pathological conditions, but also to prevent them.

The description of the drug

Filtrum is an enterosorbent. Due to the special composition of the tool are able to bind toxic substances and pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal system and remove them naturally. In addition, the substance effectively restores the functioning of the intestines without affecting beneficial bacteria.

The preparation includes the active ingredient hydrolytic lignin in the amount of 400 mg. of Auxiliary ingredients are calcium stearate, Avedon, croscarmellose sodium.

The drug effectively eliminates pathological conditions provoked by any kind of poisoning. The most frequently filtrum-STI is used for vomiting, nausea, diarrhea: the drug helps to feel better if abdominal discomfort.

The sorbent successfully cleans up the food mass in the intestines from harmful substances causing goiter. At the same time, the tool has ability to restore the intestinal microflora, inhibiting the formation of toxins.

Filtrum-STI is often used as a detoxification tool: the substance allows you to quickly remove the intoxication provoked by various reasons. In addition, filtrum cleanses the internal organs, promotes faster recovery of the patient, easing the severity of the disease and beneficial effect on the immune system.

Pills Lactofiltrum additionally include lactulose, which is a prebiotic, which is beneficial to suppressing the spread of pathogens and degradation products.

Many women use the drug as a means for weight loss, allowing you to lose a few extra pounds and reduce weight in belly.

Release form

Modern pharmacological markets means produced in the following dosage forms:

  • pills filtrum and Lactofiltrum. Filtrum-STI is implemented by 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 100 tablets, Lactofiltrum – 10, 20, 30, 50, 60 pieces per pack;
  • lozenges chewing chocolate or berries "filtrum-Safari", which are often prescribed in children. Lozenges produced according to 10 PCs in the package;
  • Filtrum gel. To obtain a suspension of the powder diluted with water. The Bank contains 400 mg of hydrolyzed lignin.

Filtrum and Lactofiltrum – full counterparts, containing the same active substance produced by various manufacturers.

Pharmacological properties

Detoxification ability of the drug allow:

  • to reduce the pain in the abdomen;
  • get rid of diarrhea;
  • stabilize metabolic processes in the intestinal system;
  • toxins;
  • to associate the molecules of harmful bacteria.

Thus, the diarrhea that occurs on the background of intoxication can be eliminated within 1-2 days if all of the recommendations and compliance with instructions for use.

As follows from the description, the medicine belongs to natural chelators, including components of wood. Tool active against:

  • pathogenic microorganisms;
  • toxic substances;
  • of medications;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • toxic substances;
  • allergens;
  • an overabundance of certain metabolites: bilirubin, cholesterol and others.

Pills filtrum non-toxic, do not dissolve in the bloodstream, are excreted from the body in a natural way during the day.

The tool showed high efficacy in rotavirus can be used as a main tool in the therapy of intoxications of mild to moderate severity.

The medicine does not injure the mucous surface of the intestinal system is safe for people of all ages.

Indications for use

What is it used for filtrum-STI? The tool is assigned to the following pathological conditions:

  • food and alcohol intoxication;
  • infection of the intestinal system, such as dysentery and salmonellosis;
  • the weakening of the body against the use of drugs or antibiotics;
  • intoxication caused by purulent-inflammatory diseases;
  • in order to prevent the negative influence of toxic substances.

In addition, the drug can be used as an adjuvant in combination therapy. Indications for use are pathology data:

  • viral and bacterial infection in the acute stage;
  • not food poisoning;
  • allergic reactions;
  • hepatic pathology;
  • renal failure and others.

Effective helps from the hangover, successfully reducing the negative impact of the alcohol metabolites, binding them in the intestinal system. Pills you can take to prevent the unpleasant symptoms before a meal and after drinking alcohol before bedtime. Drug taking, drinking plenty of water. Within 2 hours you should empty the bowel in order to avoidthe opposite effect of the drug.

Method of application and doses

Despite the harmlessness, filtrum-STI is applied according to the annotation. Dosage means for both adults and children different, dosing is the same.

The optimal duration of treatment is 5 days, however in some severe cases, a valid extension of the course up to 14 days.

The required dose of the drug is directly associated with disease severity and age characteristics of the individual patient.

  • children after 1 year: 1/2 tablet three times a day;
  • with 1 to 3 years 1 tablet 3 times a day;
  • with 4 to 7 years – 1 thing 4 times a day;
  • from 7 to 12 years – 2 tablets 4 times a day;
  • children over 12 and adults are allowed to take 3 tablets 4 times a day.

Acute diarrhea can be eliminated within 4-5 days. In severe intoxication, the treatment is carried out for 10-14 days. The repetition of the course must take an interval of 14 days. To eliminate Allergy tablets prescribed course in 2 weeks.

Tablets are pre-ground to a powder, washed down with plenty of water. Drinking the medicine is necessary before food for 1 hours or after 1.5-2 hours after a meal. The drug filtrum for kids add in the crushed condition in the milk mixture or water.

The sorbent may be applied as a singly, and the course recommended by your doctor.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Currently, the effects of the drug on women in pregnancy and during lactation not established. That is why manufacturers do not recommend taking the tablets during pregnancy and feeding the child.

Filtrum-STI can pregnant women, the question for many current. In practice, the drug is often administered by physicians, it is used by pregnant women to correct various intoxications, including toxemia and intestinal infections.

Medicine filtrum-STI in pregnancy successfully eliminates the symptoms of nausea, gag reflex, and normalizes the digestive system, restores intestinal microflora, helps to combat constipation.

However, using the tool for a long time, you can be at risk of vitamin deficiency. If necessary, the appointment of the drug must also use a multivitamin complexes.

Approximate dosage is 2-3 tablets 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. To eliminate the acute symptoms of poisoning the medicine is allowed to take no more than 7 days.

During pregnancy is not recommended to use filtrum-STI prevention.

Filtrum while breastfeeding can be consumed in case of acute conditionsaccompanied by diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning.

Special instructions

The use of filtrum-STI can reduce the effectiveness of other drugs. To avoid deterioration of the therapeutic effects of drugs between doses must be observed interval of 2 hours.

Currently, cases of overdose are not established.

The drug has no effect on the concentration, a person's ability to drive vehicles and work with complex mechanisms.

The drug is sold without prescription. The sorbent is stored not more than 2 years in a dry, cool dark place.

Long-term use of drugs requires additional intake of calcium and multivitamins.

Contraindications and side effects analogues

The medication not recommended for use in the following diseases:

  • ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage;
  • atony of the intestinal system.

With caution is prescribed to individuals with hypersensitivity to the active ingredients. In these cases, it may be a manifestation of intense side effects.

Among the relative contraindications include:

  • antacid gastritis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypersensitivity to the active substance.

In addition, the drug is not recommended for children under the age of 12 months. When absolutely necessary tool assigned only under the supervision of a physician.

Often during treatment a cure not observed any negative effects. However, in some cases, there are the following States:

  • allergic skin manifestations;
  • constipation;
  • reducing the absorption of calcium and minerals.

To avoid lack of vitamins that occurs under the influence of the drug is recommended after treatment to consume additional vitamin-mineral complexes.

The most popular analogues of the drug are integrin, enterosgel, smectite, polyphane, diosmectite, hilak Forte.

Filtrum-STI – sorbent used in the various intoxications, showed its effectiveness with overeating, food and alcohol poisoning, and intestinal infections. However, like any other tool, the medication should be consumed according to the instructions for use.