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Absorbents and sorbents for the purification of the body: drug names

The diversity of bacteria living in the human body, leads to their different effects on the body: some are useful, increase the immune power of the body, others are harmful, which are causes of various diseases, the most common of which poisoning. Sorbent – a substance used for cleaning the body when the number of pathogenic microbes, for whatever reason exceeds the amount of beneficial.

Sorbents – specific absorbent or adsorbent drugs, which when taken start to absorb toxins, poisons, waste, toxins, and allergens. Associated harmful substances subsequently are excreted from the body through the gastrointestinal tract.

Absorbents for the purification of the body are-prescription drugs, but for greater effectiveness of the substances his choice is best left to a specialist. A wrong selection means can happen the opposite effect: in addition to poisons and toxins, the sorbent in large quantities will absorb nutrients. To understand the large range, try to understand General characteristics of such funds.

The purpose of the reception of sorbent substances

Basically sorbents for the purification of the body are taken for the detoxification of the body with their high concentration. This is necessary in order to harmful substances ceased to have a negative effect on health and the human condition in General. As a prophylactic sorbents are accepted with negative environmental factors and poor food products.

The symptoms of poisoning, in which you can start using the sorbent of the drug:

  • disorder of digestion of any nature;
  • the manifestation of allergies, skin reactions;
  • bloating;
  • constant flatulence;
  • frequent change of mood;
  • the change of sharpness of concentration and perception.

A definite plus when taking sorbing substances is their absolute non-toxicity: the sorbent is completely eliminated from the digestive tract, since it is not digested and not converted by the body in any way. Most often in this category means no impurities, which makes the reception safe.

The mechanism of action of sorbing means

The use of sorbents, there is usually a complex effect of purification. Due to the fact that the mechanism of action of such substances multistage, namely:

  • in the intestinal cavity contact all the poisons and toxins in the free state (a similar effect is achieved in the presence of radionuclides and cholesterol deposits);
  • sorbent accelerates the process of withdrawal of toxic compounds in the most optimal way;
  • reception absorbers harmful substances stimulates digestion by increasing gastric secretion and selection of juices required for proper digestion;
  • the use of sorbents can relieve the liver, as the main action for cleaning the body performs the product;
  • normal natural release of toxic substances from the body in different ways – through the allocation of sweat, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, expectoration.

Digestive secretions and juices do not have any influence on the structure of the sorbent, allowing you to deliver it to the focus of an accumulation of toxins in the same as efficiently as possible to tie them and bring.

Indications for the use of sorbents

Often the use of sorbents effective under the following conditions:

  • toxicity acute (associated with both food and alcoholic intoxications);
  • poisoning by contact with various poisons or their use;
  • obesity, the presence of excess weight;
  • overdose of drug, alcohol or narcotic substances;
  • kidney disease (acute or chronic);
  • abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • malfunctions of the pancreas;
  • wrong liver (excessive load);
  • the manifestation of allergies of any nature and reason;
  • skin rashes, diseases (urticaria, psoriasis, acne);
  • asthma (especially bronchial);
  • multiple sclerosis.

It is undesirable to make sorbents for no reason, since the expected benefits for the body it will not bring – on the contrary, from this use, there is potential harm.

Irregular reception of sorbents can lead to the development of constipation, dehydration and the loss of large amounts of essential nutrients for their absorption barbarouses substance and withdrawal from the body. Also sorbents can absorb and excrete nutrients and vitamins. To avoid this, it is recommended that the co-administration of sorbents with vitamin-mineral complexes.

The most effective sorbent substance

Typically, the sorbents considered in accordance with their classification:

  • with a natural composition and natural origin;
  • sorbents carbon or a silicon structure;
  • sorbents-ionoobmennymi.

Types of sorbents in pharmacology are constantly updated and the name change. The most easy to use sarbinowski substances are those which belong to carbonclassification (often referred to as the best sorbents for the purification of intestines):

  • activated carbon;
  • polifepan;
  • smectite;
  • enterosgel;
  • filtrum.

Activated carbon

Activated charcoal is the easiest to use of the absorbent substance. It removes harmful substances and toxins from the gut due to their strong binding porous structure of carbon. The dosage is determined by calculating one 1 tablet / 10 kg of body weight.


Polifepan is a natural barbarouses drug. Often used in cases of poisoning from the gastro-intestinal tract, as has a high absorption capacity, absorbing all the accumulated harmful substances – not only toxins but also harmful substances after alcohol poisoning, and products of decomposition, the remains of the vital activity of parasites, viruses and microorganisms of the intestine.

The drug is taken once in a dosage of the substance per kilogram of body weight (according to the instructions for use). Before use, the sorbent is soluble in water.


Effective drug for removing many kinds of poisons from the gastrointestinal tract is a smectite. The active ingredient of the sorbent does not affect gut motility, does not violate its proper functioning. It has a regenerative and restorative action on the mucous membrane of the intestinal cavity, strengthens the immune system, promotes detoxification, relieves gases and harmful microorganisms. The required daily dose of smecta is determined by a physician based on the patient's current condition.


Most popular barbarouses substance on a silicate basis is enterosgel. The silicon structure of enterosgel due to its porosity and adsorption capacity securely binds and removes harmful substances from the body. Enterosgel is hypoallergenic and is so safe that its use is allowed even infants (in the treatment of indigestion, colic manifestation of jaundice). Pasta (about a tablespoon) pre-dissolved in a small amount of water before use. About how to take them, so there are no side effects, you should consult with a specialist.

Also in the list of such drugs includes the "White coal", which is produced on a silicon basis, its main component is silicon dioxide several times higher than on the effectiveness of the drug conventional activated carbon, thereby is a substitute black powder (activated carbon).


Of sorbents of plant origin is well established filtrum. The main component of the composition is a polymeric substance, lignin. The drug is chosen so that the simultaneous purification of the body, saturate it with useful substances: polymer structure absorbs poisons and toxins are ingested at the same time giving dietary fibers, necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine. Contained in the drug lactulose normalizes the composition of the flora. Usually for adults the pill is taken in the mashed form.

Long-term use should monitor vitamin-mineral balance of the body.

Sorbents are effective in the treatment of allergies

In contact with allergens in the body chelators an indispensable tool for their speedy removal. Allergies caused by toxic substances, whose concentration in the body exceeds the allowable limit, or compounds that are undesirable for a specific person because of an adverse reaction of the immune system.

To speed up recovery, people with allergic reactions are advised to take the sorbents as a preventive and curative (as a therapy in the period of exacerbation) funds. The absorbent medicines the withdrawal of toxic substances, eliminate the consequences of their actions. In many cases, it helps to avoid the recurrence of Allergy. What applies to such drugs? Of the most popular drugs described above, for such purposes, is well suited enterosgel, activated carbon, polifepan and smectite. Proven and other drugs, and list some of their names:

  • Lactofiltrum;
  • APSCO;
  • sorbex.


POLYSORB – a drug aimed at addressing the manifestations and consequences of food allergies in adults and in children. The substance binds the connection that caused the reaction, and thereby eliminates the negative symptoms in humans.

Recommended as an absorbent for the intestines and stomach, POLYSORB displays the type immunoglobulin E and histamine, as often it is these allergens cause food reactions. Unlike sorbents based on silicon that only has absorbent properties, the drug normalizes the concentration contained in the intestine, bilirubin and creatine, preventing them excessive. The substance is injected rectally with liter enema, where it dissolves the desired amount.


Seizures allergic reactions effectively eliminates the use of Lactofiltrum. The active substance of the drug quickly eliminates toxins through the digestive tract, stimulatestissue regeneration, accelerates restoration of the skin after the symptoms of the rash. Tool is including probiotic. Dosage ingestion are calculated by a doctor.


APSCO brings a large part of the allergens from the body in minimum time. The highest efficiency is observed when taking the substance 3-4 times a day. Usually the treatment is calculated for 7 days to the end of the course, gradually decreases the amount of consumed substances.


In pharmacy chains also sold by activated carbon with high dispersion level – sorbex. Due to this property the product effectively cleanses the body of poisons that cause intoxication symptoms, eliminating the harmful compounds from the body. The drug is taken course, the duration of which is calculated by the doctor.

Thoughtful course of sorbents may help the patient to stop Allergy attacks with timely eliminate toxins from body systems.

Natural sorbents

In addition to drugs, there are some substances of natural origin that are able to act not worse than the pharmaceutical drugs. Natural substances necessary for the withdrawal of toxin from the body, include:

  • pectin;
  • coriander;
  • garlic;
  • green tea.

A sufficient amount of pectin in apples, peaches, strawberries, beets, cabbage and grapes. Pectin sorbent is also present in most varieties of grasses, leaves, the zest and peel of all citrus fruits. Produced in finished form (especially popular pectin for making jam).

Pectin is able to absorb and remove not only the toxins and poisons, but even heavy metals like lead.

Coriander essential oil has a powerful restorative effect on the digestive tract, normalize peristalsis and relieve spasms. Ingredient raises the appetite. Also coriander essential oil is able to bind salt compounds of heavy metals and toxins of all shapes and types.

The garlic itself has absorbent properties, but its use stimulates the liver production of enzymes of a certain type. These substances are harvested and independently removed from the body of toxins. Essential oil spicy vegetable has a choleretic effect.

Green tea has the ability to "leaching" of harmful substances from the body by a marked antioxidant action. Stimulates the cleansing mechanisms of the liver.

In the treatment of intoxications natural remedies you should also pay attention to the substances with more or less distinct sorbent properties. These components are contained in food:

  • chitin, which is rich in seafood, bakery yeast and many species of edible mushrooms;
  • cellulose, contained in those products in which a sufficient pectin content. This organic compound can be found in the dried fruit, broccoli, carrots, green beans type and merely cut cereals for cereals;
  • fiber, it is rich in celery, cabbage, nuts, bran, any cereals (especially buckwheat and barley), eggplant and carrots;
  • lignin, a sufficient amount of which is contained in pea dishes, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, cereals broken type, potatoes and peaches;

Each of the substances can be taken for indigestion, slagging, poisoning and allergic reactions of any type and nature.

To reduce the side effects from the use of sorbents can plums, prunes dried fruits, as they have a slight laxative effect, eliminating possible constipation.

It is important to choose the right sorbent and to determine the duration of therapy to quickly get rid of slagging of the body with minimal side effects. Often, the absorbent means is a first aid in case of poisoning food and drug nature.