How to withdraw nicotine from the body, lung and blood

Despite the fact that Smoking has a negative impact on human health, more and more people join the ranks of smokers. However, some manage to quit forever. However, if a person smoked for many years, to restore health, he must first worry about how to withdraw nicotine from the body. Because the accumulation in the body of this harmful substance gradually leads to serious diseases.

Which means nicotine to the body

A small amount of nicotine present in every human body and smokers and non-smokers. Nicotine dependence occurs when the liver ceases to allocate the required amount of this poison due to the constant repletion of nicotine, which comes from the constant Smoking. After a short period of time after the person quit Smoking, the body stops to get a new dose of nicotine, while the liver continues out of habit to stay idle and does not produce this substance. So the smoker has a desire to smoke, also called withdrawal syndrome.

After two or three days, nicotine cravings, the human body begins to gradually resume the production of this substance, so the main thing – to withstand this period and not to break. It turns out that is harmful, not so much the nicotine as a dependence on him. A cigarette contains many harmful substances that have more harmful effects on organs and systems of the human body, so to get rid of traction, bring the excess nicotine and stimulate the production of your very important.

Foods that help flush nicotine

Nicotine leaves the body fairly quickly, but after his exposure to the recovery period of all organs and systems can last up to 15 years. To cleanse the body of nicotine in the home will help a special diet, which should encourage purification in natural way:

  1. Pectin, which is present in fruits and berries, promotes the excretion of harmful substances. In addition, they contain large amounts of vitamins, which make digestion and improve overall health. Apples, raspberries, strawberries, prunes, cranberries, pomegranate, lemon will help to cleanse the body of nicotine, if you eat something from this list every day.
  2. Carrots, cabbage and beets. These products remove toxins from the liver, and toxins from the intestines. It is obvious that raw beets don't eat, and cooked carrots do not love it, so a great way will be more likely to eat salad.
  3. Wouldn't hurt to have a juicer, as fresh – useful antioxidants. Then you need to know: the frequent consumption of Apple, orange, grape juice though and fills the body with vitamins and outputs the remnants of nicotine, however, triggers the release of insulin, so you can't drink them too often.
  4. Beans, lentils, walnuts and peanuts are rich in protein, so they too cannot be discarded.
  5. Green and herbal teas also help the body to quickly cleanse itself of nicotine.
  6. Quality red wine in small amounts strengthens and restores the cardiovascular system and cleans poisons.
  7. Consumption of milk and dairy products – known way of dealing with any poisoning, including nicotine intoxication. Milk removes toxins and poisons, so drink a few cups of it a day can't hurt, and yesterday a heavy smoker.
  8. Onions and garlic possess immunomodulatory effects and interfere with the formation of plaques on vessel walls, accelerated the appearance of which is Smoking.
  9. Celery helps withdraw nicotine from the body through the kidneys, since it has a diuretic effect. In addition, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  10. Vitamin complexes. A sufficient amount of vitamins helps to increase the body's resistance to harmful substances. Particularly valuable in the fight against toxins in vitamins a and E, as well as common ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

How to withdraw nicotine from the lungs

Most of the nicotine is suffering respiratory system. Chronic bronchitis, constant dry cough and frequent colds are the result of years of Smoking. So first of all need to get nicotine from the lungs. What you need to do to speed up the process?

  1. Drinking breast fees. Herbs help to get out accumulated mucus and particles of resin deposited on the walls of the lungs. Licorice, sage, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, possess expectorant and soothing effect. You can brew herb teas yourself, or buy ready-made charges in the pharmacy, packaged in bags like tea.
  2. To get a inhaler. To get rid of chronic bronchitis that was caused by the influence of nicotine, to help inhalation. Essential oil with eucalyptus, fir, juniper added to the inhaler in an amount of 3-5 drops, and inhaled with the vapor. In addition, for inhalation you can use the same decoction of chamomile, sage and other herbs. Within half an hour after the procedure begins to liquefy and move the phlegm and persistent cough gradually goes away.
  3. Engage respiratorygymnastics. By alternating deep and shallow breaths the lungs are fully saturated with oxygen. The most common and effective method – speed breaths. That is, you first need to take a deep breath, hold breath and exhale a few times and Vice versa – in a few times to inhale and exhale completely. Do it better outdoors or with a window open to provide fresh air into the respiratory system.

Other ways how to get rid of nicotine addiction


In order as soon as possible withdraw nicotine from the body, it is often necessary to be in the fresh air. Vacation in this case preferably carried out not on the coast, and closer to the pine forest or juniper forest. The fact that coniferous trees produce the largest amount of phytoncides that improve health and eliminate toxins.

Effective way of removing nicotine would be to combine a pleasant stay in the nature with a helpful yoga. The regular breathing of pranayama combined with fresh air will help to quickly get rid of the remnants of the poison in the lungs, reduce shortness of breath and make breathing more smooth and deep.


During the sports through the sweat glands is a large number of harmful substances. The more often you expose your body moderate exercise, the faster you will be able to get tobacco from the body. Moreover, during a smooth and frequent breaths when light loads are enriched with oxygen, which displaces toxic substances. You can use any types of sports, whether it be fitness, running, dancing or walking.

For elderly people it is better to choose a gentle exercise, for example swimming, Pilates or yoga. These sports help to pull myself together, if overcome by anger and aggression, which are the result of withdrawal symptoms.

Treatments or sauna

Heat treatments excrete toxins and wastes, which in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle gives a good result.

Withdraw nicotine from the blood is possible by regular visits to the bath – the blood circulation in the organs and systems is improved, due to this accelerated metabolism, and the remnants of nicotine leave the body much faster. However, before visiting such procedures in the elderly it is better to pass the examination as with heart disease they are contraindicated, and a healthy cardiovascular system of the ex-smoker is a rarity.

Maintaining water balance is a fundamental rule of elimination from the body of toxins. If a person consumes about two to three litres of clean water per day, the nicotine out of the body through the urine much faster. High blood pressure however this method is contraindicated – they have an excessive fluid intake in the body can cause increased blood pressure and formation of edema.

How to withdraw nicotine from the body folk remedies

Turning to traditional methods, too, can quickly withdraw nicotine from the body. Enough to prepare a broth, or just mix a few ingredients:

  1. After rising it is useful to drink a glass of water, squeezing into it a slice of lemon and eating a spoonful of honey. It will add vitality and accelerate metabolism. This simple recipe will help restore the liver after constant suppression of generation of nicotinic acid.
  2. Garlic and onions to crush in a mortar and add honey. After the mixture let the juice, you can take a teaspoon before meals. By eating this compound the immune system is strengthened and expels from the body harmful substances.
  3. Infusion of licorice root and Linden. Four tablespoons of crushed licorice root should be mixed with three spoons of lime color. After the mixture need to pour water and cover with lid. After half an hour the infusion should strain and take three times a day ¾ Cup. After completing the course, which is a month, particles of tobacco tar and poison out of the body with sputum.
  4. A decoction of oatmeal. You want to add thoroughly washed unpeeled oats pint of milk and cook over medium heat to reduce volume by half. After the mass needs to stretch and drink half a Cup before dinner.

To assess the benefit of self-treatment, even such innocuous ways, each case can only physician.

The key to the rapid elimination of nicotine from the body – is the transition to a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, a strong eight hours of sleep and exercise will help in removing the last traces of nicotine, tar and other harmful substances.