How to clean the kidneys in the home folk remedies

Due to the kidney is carried out several functions. These organs clean the blood from toxic components, return useful components for reuse, as well as provide for the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important that these bodies fully operational. But you often need the cleansing of these organs, because through them continuously takes a large amount of harmful and toxic substances. How to clean the kidneys in home conditions? Before performing this procedure, you should carefully consider the features and rules of training.

Symptoms of kidney disease

Often kidney problems can cause serious complications in the functioning of the whole organism. The result can be various diseases and pathology. But how do you know what it is with these organs that something is not right? Disorders of the kidneys are usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain in the lumbar area;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • problem with the acid-alkaline balance;
  • you may receive a change in smell, color and volume of urine;
  • may be increased blood pressure;
  • a feeling of weakness in the whole case;
  • poor health.

Disruption of the functioning of the kidneys are usually easy to identify. It is noted the formation of bags under the eyes, there is swelling on the face and on the surface of the feet, the skin becomes dry and there is a yellowness – these symptoms are the main symptoms of disorders in the functioning of the kidneys.

Why you need to clean the kidneys

Buds every day, through almost 100 litres of blood, they cleaned it from various negative components, toxins and other pathogenic substances. As a result, marked formation of these bodies of sand, slime, stones, who, when increased accumulation can cause serious disease.

An increased level of slagging of the kidneys can cause serious heart problems, vision, negatively affects the condition of the skin. The cleansing the kidney maintains the body in good condition and full activity of other internal organs.

General rules for cleansing

Cleansing the kidneys of toxins takes two to four weeks. This procedure is carried out once in six months. During the procedure, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet.

The right diet for cleansing kidney should be based on the rules:

  1. It is recommended to eat as often as possible in small portions.
  2. Not worth it at night to eat high-calorie foods.
  3. You must drink plenty of fluids. It is advisable to drink different natural juices, compotes from dried fruits, green tea, various herbal teas herbal.
  4. When cleaning it is recommended to choose one day of complete unloading during the day is to drink only water.
  5. The diet should include plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit as well as products without heat treatment.
  6. The menu to include vegetarian soups, porridge, stews, vegetables, meat and fish low-fat bran bread.

Contraindications to cleaning

There are a number of contraindications, which should not be cleaned by kidney. If they do not comply, the result can be serious health complications.

Under what conditions it is not necessary to make a clarification:

  • Various pathologies of the kidneys and bladder.
  • Menstruation.
  • The period of carrying a child.
  • Breast-feeding a baby.
  • It is not necessary to resort to this procedure after surgery.
  • Kidney stones disease.
  • The recovery period after a heart attack or stroke.

Before proceeding to the recovery and cleansing of the kidneys need to make sure that you do not have the above contraindications.

Recommendations for self-purification

Before you begin cleaning, it is recommended to be diagnosed using ultrasound. With this examination can detect the presence of stones in these organs. In the detection of kidney stones, the size of which is greater than 1 mm, the cleaning of the kidneys in home conditions is contraindicated because this procedure may cause complications.

Before starting the procedure, be sure to cleanse the liver and intestines. It is also worth to perform important conditions:

  1. Reduce the intake of foods with high protein content.
  2. To increase physical activity.
  3. It is recommended to use spices, which cause an increase in the activity of digestive functions.
  4. During the week prior to the cleanse is to take a hot bath before bed.

The best time for cleansing the kidneys is a mid-autumn period or early spring.

Features of cleaning of the kidneys.

Cleaning of kidney folk remedies at home it is assumed without harm to the body. As a curative components, you can apply various herbs, botanicals, berries, vegetables, fruits.

Features cleaning the kidneys with herbs

Unclog the liver and kidneys you can use different herbs. Herbs to cleanse the kidneys and fees can be bought in drugstores, most importantly, carefully read the manual. From herbs you can make teas,the tincture.

Features of preparation of medicines:

  • Need fees of various herbs – St. John's wort, marjoram, lemon balm, sage. These herbs are taken in equal portions. Pour 2 large spoonfuls in the pan, pour 700 ml of hot water. You need to drink every day 100 ml. duration of use 7 days.
  • The use of Bay leaf. The capacity to put 4 leaf Lavrushka and pour half a liter of fluid. Put the tank on the heat and cook for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth is necessary to drink two days, then made a break for 14 days. Then again, two days is taken by decoction and by a break for 14 days. Just need to take 3-4 courses.
  • The use of roots of sunflower. Dry the roots must be crushed, for three liters of water you will need 200 grams of dried roots. Water from the dry roots of a sunflower is placed on the fire, boiled for 5 minutes. Ready broth should be divided into three parts, each day you need to drink 1 litre. Duration of use is 30 days.
  • Cleanse the kidneys from sand and stones with the help of rose hips. To start fruit you need to grind in a coffee grinder. Fall asleep in a thermos 5 big spoons and pour half liter of hot water. The flask well closed and insist night. Ready infusion should drink morning and evening. Application period – two weeks.
  • For broth you will need a collection of the following plant components – lime color, chopped pumpkin seeds, and flowers of black elderberry, flax seed, St. John's wort, crushed BlackBerry leaves. All herbal elements are mixed in the same proportions. In capacity should be made to cover 100 grams of the herbal tea and 1 big spoon of chamomile. Pour 500 ml of hot water. The broth should be on a water bath for 40 minutes. The resulting broth is recommended to drink throughout the day, previously it should be divided into 4 parts. Need to drink 30 minutes before eating. Time of application is 4 days.
  • To heal and flush the kidneys from the salt, sand, various slags can medicinal teas. Medicinal drink can be made from different herbs, birch leaves, juniper, birch buds, leaves of bilberry, black elderberry, nettle, mother and stepmother, oregano, bearberry, half fell, raspberry leaves, fennel, violet tricolor. All plant components must be mixed 3-4 kinds of plants in equal proportions. 3 large spoons filled into a thermos, pour half a liter of hot water and closed tightly. Insist broth for several hours. Drink kidney tea, it is recommended a glass in the morning and the evening three hours after dinner. Make worth it instead of tea to improve the taste, you can add a little natural honey. The reception period is 3 days.

Cleansing berries

For the recovery and purification of the kidneys in home conditions you can use different berries. Good action has cranberries and cranberry. Berries should be consumed 1 glass a day. To improve the taste of berries can be mixed with 1 teaspoon of natural honey. These herbal ingredients have diuretic, antimicrobial effect, also prevent the formation of sand. This method is not recommended to use for removal of large sand stones.

In addition to cranberry and cranberry, useful for its strawberry and wild strawberries. 1 kg of berries need to fill 100 grams of sugar. Berries need a little stir so the sugar is completely distributed. A container of components is removed in the refrigerator overnight. You need to drink the extracted juice. Need to drink the juice of 100 ml for 30 minutes before a meal.

Cleansing grains

Good action on the kidneys have crops. With the help of these plant components it is possible to clean the kidneys, most importantly, need to know correct preparation of therapeutic agents from these plants:

  1. In a container filled with 1 tablespoon of flax seed and poured a glass of water. Put the container on the fire and heated to boiling. The result is a jelly, it can be diluted with water. Should drink 100 ml every two hours. Accepted throughout the week.
  2. Cleansing rice. The Cup is filled with 50 grams of rice, filled with water, infused for 7 days. In order that the treatment was continuous need to insist 7 tanks. After 7 days, the rice boiled like porridge, but you do not need to add salt, sugar, milk, butter, etc. After eating rice cereal is not recommended to eat for 4 hours. The period of purification is from 1 to 2 months.
  3. Cleaning millet. 1 Cup millet cereals should be thoroughly washed. Fall asleep millet in three-liter jar, pour hot water and wrap it up with a towel. Infused for about 12 hours. The resulting drink should drink 14 days.
  4. Oats to cleanse the kidneys is used in the form of jelly. In the thermos you should fill the grain in the husk. Pour oats liter of hot water. Insist the mixture for 12 hours. Then the ready solution should be to grind in the blender. The jelly should be consumed at Breakfast for two weeks.

Wash watermelon

Wash the sand from the kidneys with the help of watermelon. Moreover, this berry has a diuretic effect. For cleaning of the kidneys need to eat for 7-14 days. in addition to watermelon you can eat a small amount of rye bread.

In winter, you can dry watermelon rinds. In the winter of of them to prepare various decoctions and teas.


Cucumbers are often used to cleanse the kidneys and other internal organs.

Features of cleaning the cucumbers:

  • to cleanse will require 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers and 4 boiled potatoes;
  • vegetables should be eaten throughout the day without salt, spices, oil;
  • used only vegetables, other food at this time to eat is not worth it;
  • at night you can drink a glass of herbal tea with chamomile or Melissa.

Cleansing with the help of vegetables, fruits, juices

For cleaning you can use the following vegetables and fruits:

  1. A mixture of two lemons, 2-3 parsley stalks, and 2 large spoons of honey. All components need to grind in a blender and mix well. The finished mixture should be eaten in the morning and 1 tablespoon.
  2. Radish. From root you need to prepare the juice. To do this, it can be pressed in a juicer or RUB a cheese grater. Should drink 1 big spoon 3-4 times a day. The period of application of 14-21 days.
  3. Application of fresh juice from cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, carrots. On the day you should drink 250 ml, this volume is divided into 3-4 reception. The submission period is 1-2 months.

Drug cleansing

To cleanse the kidneys can use various drugs, but they should be appointed only your doctor. We first performed a survey which allows to identify the General condition of these organs. According to the testimony can be assigned to the flushing of the kidneys at the hospital.

Treatment and prevention is also carried out by using the following herbal remedies:

  • Canefron.
  • Ciscotransmit, concentrate drink.
  • Gorteks.

But in any case these funds are prescribed by your doctor. Before you choose the way and the means, you need to study the manual, contraindications and application features. Also do not forget about contraindications. Any cleansing the kidneys, especially at home, should take place only on the recommendations of attending doctors and with the periodic monitoring and diagnosis, as it can cause serious complications.