Cleaning of the vessels of the brain in the home folk remedies

The environmental conditions of the polluted environment affects the vessels – the violation of their elasticity, the ability to conduct oxygen and nutrients to ensure the normal development of cells. All this primarily concerns the brain as the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of the authority if the receptacles are bad or enough to supply him blood. Cleaning of the vessels of the brain in the home is an important skill, is able to provide the necessary support your body with proven and safe means.

Cleansing the blood vessels of the brain and the entire body is available to everyone. You need to know the list of medicines made from natural components that contribute to a safe stimulating blood vessels and safe for independent use. There are also a number of popular recipes of the foods that can help in the purification of vessels subject to their regular and prolonged use.

One is the blockage of blood vessels

Violation of concentration, poor memory and irritability are a few symptoms, if clogged blood vessels of the brain. When the vessels are clogged roads, the points of their appointment are left without a livelihood – with the blood cells do not get power.

Gradually there is a blockage of the brain an excess of unnecessary information. Coupled with high cholesterol, unhealthy lifestyle and adverse environmental conditions disorders of the brain occur in people after 30 years and growing every year.

Syndrome vegetative dystonia becomes known to almost every parent, as this diagnosis is children in living conditions in big cities more often. The symptoms are the same – headaches, inability to remember or learn the material in school, fatigue, memory impairment.

As young and old susceptible to this ailment, blocked blood vessels, so the problem is extremely urgent and cleaning of the vessels of the head is out of it.

Besides the membranes of nerve cells, which are responsible for acuity and reaction time, tend to salakavala and impair functional performance, because their normal operation requires conditions of absolute lack of stress, natural food, clean air. Not to spend money on expensive medications and treatment in a private clinic, the purification of the brain need to conduct yourself according to time-tested recipes.

Cleansing the brain at home

To preserve and increase the flexibility and clarity of mind, sharpness of intellect and excellent memory will help a folk remedy for of blood vessels of the brain. Particularly relevant they can be to consume nicotine and alcohol. Unique methods based on safe foods that can give an unexpected effect.

5 recipes, how to make vessels healthy:

  1. Soda and lemon juice dissolved in water with ratio of 1 teaspoon of each ingredient in a glass of water. Take on an empty stomach.
  2. Melissa brew boiling water and leave for several hours, covered with a towel. Decoction taken before meals several times a day.
  3. Horseradish with sour cream is also a popular recipe of healthy vessels. Taken with food, the amount and ratio of ingredients is selected individually.
  4. Herbs to cleanse the blood vessels need to be taken within one month, then the rate at repeated as necessary. Take on an empty stomach in small portions. You can mix the chicory, flax seed, horsetail, mulberry leaf, immortelle, flowers of hawthorn, motherwort and nettles. Herbal recommended to take several times a day, pre-brewed in boiling water, at the rate of 1 tablespoon per Cup of boiling water.
  5. Mix the chopped lemon with the garlic in the ratio of 1:1, pour cold water and place in a cool place for 3 days. Then strain the tincture and take it before eating half a Cup three times a day. Course – a month.

How to clean blood vessels of the brain folk remedies, will tell also medicine of other countries. Not long ago, Chinese scientists have discovered the unique properties of green tea which is a powerful antioxidant and also helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and repair damaged. Drinking green tea is less effective and a separate dietary Supplements that need to be taken by the proposed scheme is tablets or capsules with a useful amount of the active substance.

The provision of oxygen to the brain is an important task

To nutrients and essential trace elements could pass through the vessels and capillaries freely, their walls need cleaning – they should be free of swelling in the cholesterol plaques and blood clots. To provide this capability and to provide adequate nutrition to the cells of the whole body, and primarily brain, you can use several methods.

Herbal treatment is a good and useful procedure, but not the only one. There are many useful plants which is effective for the treatment of blood vessels lime, leaves of strawberry and currant, viburnum, Rowan, oregano. But this is not the only stage on the path to healthy vessels. Treatment should be complex and layered. Following herbs step – powered brainoxygen.

The lack of oxygen in the first place it affects on the brain. To the brain we need fresh air. Lack of it leads to a sharp decrease in brain activity, which is accompanied by stupor, confusion, inability to concentrate. Besides, inhalation of poisonous gases from the exhaust of cars and smoke from cigarettes dramatically decreases the level of intelligence is due to the fact that the toxins from these substances can clog the blood vessels.

Therefore, cleaning of the head vessels effective with the help of physical exercises and systematic breathing exercises in the fresh air. For proper functioning of all organs, especially lungs, heart and blood vessels need to the air during exercise was wet.

Method of respiratory gymnastics includes a series of exercises:

  • alternately clamping the nostrils and breathe in one of them for 5 minutes. Then change position and repeat the same with the other. Repeat every day as long as possible. Using these manipulations, stimulation of the right and left hemispheres;
  • after a week of practicing the first method, you can add another way of training vessels. Taking deep breaths, holding them for some time and slowly release the air. Thus it is necessary to count the number of heart beats – they should be the same with each of the three actions. The average should be 8 beats in the filling of the lungs with air as if you hold the air, and the same with the exhalation. Practice every day until half an hour;
  • aromatherapy. To use the burner with rose, cloves, coriander, parsley, Bay leaf, Basil.

Fresh air is hard to overestimate for strengthening the blood vessels of the brain. But if this walk will be in spring blossoming garden, then your blood vessels will be very useful. Them has a beneficial effect inhalation of lilies of the valley, Linden, lilac and other colors. Moreover, such a walk will calm the nervous system, will clean your heart rate and serve as an excellent prevention of stress.

After two or three months as you began to clean the blood vessels of the head and neck described ways, you can move on to the next step – exercise.

Cleaning of vessels in the home also includes the filling of the capillaries and blood vessels with enough oxygen with the blood by active recreation and sport activities in the fresh air. Held on this topic studies have confirmed that through running, swimming, long walks and other sports vessels and capillaries of the brain are maximally saturated with oxygen, which leads to feeding the starving previously remote areas of the circulatory system. With regular exercise every day the vessels will be purified over a month, and you will feel a burst of energy and the General health of the whole organism.

Medical cleaning of the vessels

If you miss out on precious time and to ignore the first signs of development of vascular diseases of the brain – fatigue, headaches, memory impairment and intelligence, weakness and reduced efficiency, it is possible to prevent the development of serious diseases: atherosclerosis, cholesterol plaques, blood clots. Then comes to the aid of a surgical intervention or a more gentle kind is the laser cleaning of the vessels. The method of cleaning can be intravenous and nadennum. However, this method provides for the irradiation of non-nuclear spectrum, which can cause complications if you apply the method on the heart and blood vessels of the head. The method may be useful for the toning and overall strengthening of the body. Most often this method is applied to deal with cholesterol plaques and varicose veins on the upper and lower extremities.

How to clean blood vessels of the brain, will tell us some drugs that can be taken as dietary Supplements or to be a nootropic drugs with antioxidant effect.


Dihydroquercetin is an antioxidant of natural origin. Scientists learned to extract the active ingredient from the bark of the Siberian pine trees. Perfectly cleanses the walls of blood vessels, retains its strength and elasticity, maintains normal blood viscosity and improves blood circulation. Protects the vascular wall and increases it's metabolic processes. This drug, unlike many other drugs, does not drive the disease inward, and gradually, step by step, fighting the cause of the disease by protecting cell membranes and walls of blood vessels from the damaging effects of free radicals.

The drug is actively prescribed for chronic ischemic heart disease patients with stenocardia and arterial hypertension. Recommendations for use: adults: 1 tablet daily during a meal.

Succinic acid

This Supplement also of domestic origin and its use to vessels is difficult to overestimate. Supplying the cells the energy through the Krebs cycle, the Krebs cycle is a chain of chemical reactions that occur in our body, more precisely in each of its cells. This process is a cycle, it is called so because it happens infinitely. When the Krebs cycle runs completely, the result is a substance adenosine triphosphate. It is a power basis forensure that the body to function.

Succinic acid is indispensable for bringing in vessels and capillaries of the nutrients necessary to complete the work. When a structural change of blood vessels and capillaries, the cells are starving, and succinic acid is one of the few safe and effective remedies that can solve this problem by filling the cells with oxygen, to vessels performed fully their duties.

Fish oil

As corny as it may sound, but fish oil is extremely useful for the entire body, primarily for vessels, it also can prevent blood vessels. Included in the fish oil substances – polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and are an excellent prevention of platelets and other types of clogging of blood vessels.

With regular long-term intake of fish oil deep sea fish is able to restore immunity and maintain it at a high level, it also normalizes brain blood circulation, lowers lipoproteins and support vessels of the brain healthy. It is used to prevent atherosclerosis, in VSD, to give strength to the body and as a General tonic.

Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate

This active substance is better known as the "Mexidol", "Carecard", "Maximin", "Oxidant" and other patented names. Included in the list of vital and essential drugs. In fact, is an enhanced form of succinic acid. In the result of antioxidant action of the "Mexidol" reduced the number of damaged molecules and increases the body's resistance to aging.

Nootropic drug with stress-protective, anticonvulsive action, is membraneprotective and membranostabilizatora - restores the structure and function of membranes. Inhibits free radicals and protects the body from exposure to various damaging factors. Used in poisoning with ethyl alcohol, as they are able to remove toxins and to neutralize their effect on the body. "Mexidol" and its analogs increase the content in brain dopamine.


The cerebral vessels are very fragile and need careful treatment. Ideally, to help the vessels with the help of popular recipes, a healthy lifestyle with enough exercise and gentle medicines that would have not too much influence on the liver and kidneys. To clear the brain of all of these methods, also with these methods it is possible to maintain the cardiovascular system. The following is a list of the most important products for the purification of the vessels:

  • lemon;
  • nuts, honey, dried fruit;
  • persimmon;
  • cranberry;
  • watermelon;
  • fish and fish oil;
  • oranges;
  • green tea;
  • spices, flowers and herbs;
  • olive oil;
  • whole grains;
  • dark chocolate.

What to do if prevention isn't limited? No need to panic, there is a solution and it is a medication specifically designed for this dietary Supplements that will gently help to vessels even in atherosclerosis. But it is better not to allow the vessels to become clogged with platelets and timely support in the form of proper diet, frequent walks and timely vitamin.