How to lower cholesterol at home with folk remedies

Cholesterol is needed by the body substance found in all living creatures. However, any deviation from the normal level can be a threat to health and human life. Quick lowering cholesterol with folk remedies will help to get rid of many of the effects arising from the accumulation of cholesterol plaques.

Causes of cholesterol deposits

The allowable amount of cholesterol does not harm the body. If you exceed the normal parameters of the patient may develop a disease called atherosclerosis. In addition, elevated levels of the substances in danger of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, obesity.

Common causes increasing of lipids in the blood are:

  • disorders of liver function;
  • irrational nutrition;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • pathological processes in the kidneys;
  • pancreatitis;
  • the use of certain hormonal medications, steroid drugs;
  • diabetes of the 2nd type;
  • Smoking;
  • passive lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • chronic stress;
  • overeating, excessive consumption of foods rich in TRANS fats and carbohydrates.

High cholesterol occurs mainly in men over the age of 45, but this does not exclude the formation of pathology in other categories of the population.

The role of cholesterol for the body

Lipids are synthesized by the liver, sex glands, gastrointestinal system, adrenal glands, and also enter the body with food. The role of fats for the human body is very important: lipids regulate the production of hormones, bile acids, and are vital for the functioning of the nervous system and immunity, participating in the synthesis of vitamin D.

In addition, the lipid compounds protect the body from cancer, helps the digestion of fats, protects cell membrane, making it durable and increasing their elasticity.

The substance is indispensable for a good human life, however, sometimes cholesterol deposits can be dangerous.

There are harmful and safe cholesterol. A substance that is considered harmful, refers to low density lipoprotein. They are the cause of formation of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular pathologies and other common deadly diseases. Plaques formed by the deposition of fat, can affect not only the elderly but also young children whose mother abused harmful foods during pregnancy.

Useful lipoproteins have a high density, produce nutrients and reduce atherosclerotic deposits.

Approximately 80% of the substances synthesized in the body, the remaining 20% comes with food. Common sources of fat are: butter, egg yolk, fatty meat, particularly pork, cheese, meats, poultry, fish, milk high fat content.


Excess substances in the blood provokes a narrowing of the lumen of the vessel walls, until their complete closure. There is also the probability of rupture of plaques and the formation of blood clots that can block narrowed blood vessels. In addition, the clot may break off and cause blockage of the internal organs.

Results increased fat deposits can be:

  • various heart diseases: heart attack, stroke, angina;
  • aortic aneurysm;
  • kidney disease;
  • high blood pressure;
  • aching joints, leading to lameness;
  • pathological conditions of the intestinal system;
  • atherosclerosis.

There are some signs that the oversupply of lipids:

  • soreness in the chest area, radiating into the limbs, under the shoulder blade, the abdomen;
  • disruptions in the heart muscle;
  • heart attack;
  • deterioration erection, impotence;
  • stroke;
  • the defeat of the vascular system of the brain;
  • lameness;
  • pain in the lower extremities;
  • inflammation in veins, numbness of the feet;
  • from external signs it is possible to note the formation of yellow spots on the eyelids, and the nodes on the tendons.

These signs appear when multiple substances exceeding permissible limits.

Symptoms of atherosclerosis are:

  • circulatory disorder, manifested by cold extremities with a bluish tint;
  • poor memory;
  • infringement of concentration of attention;
  • disorder of brain activity;
  • the tendency to aggression;
  • fatigue.

If you experience one or more symptoms should consult a doctor: running disease can have severe consequences for the organism and impair the patient's quality of life.


Proper diet is of great importance in the regulation of lipid levels, so each person needs to know what foods should be included in your daily diet.

To reduce the bad cholesterol can be following a special diet excludes the following foods:

  • fatty meats;
  • smoked products;
  • canned food;
  • dairy products high fat: sour cream, cream, butter and others;
  • the yolk of the egg;
  • some varieties of fish with high fat, eggs;
  • semi-finished products;
  • mayonnaise and sauces based on it;
  • muffin, pasta;
  • sweetproducts.

Do not use the following products:

  • vegetables, fruits;
  • marine species of fish;
  • bread wholemeal;
  • meat products with low fat: beef, Turkey;
  • porridges from cereals;
  • garlic;
  • dried fruits, nuts.

Some foods can help eliminate excess fat from the internal organs. Fiber and plant foods are able to bind substances in the intestinal system and limit their absorption into the circulatory system.

To reduce cholesterol help for the following products:

  • dietary fiber contained in fruits, berries and vegetables: apples, pears, raspberries, beans, lentils, cabbage. The minimum number of use – 30 g per day;
  • black currants, apples, carrots, apricot, includes pectin. Must be consumed 15 grams daily;
  • the stanols contained in soy and pine oils will help reduce the oversupply of lipids.

In order to prevent each person needs to eat an average of 400 g of different fruits, which is about 5 apples a day.

You can lower your cholesterol by following a few recommendations:

  • reduce consumption of potatoes, especially fried;
  • there is sea Kale, eggplant;
  • eat vegetable salad dressed with sunflower oil;
  • remove from the diet of pork and beef, replacing them with fish and mushroom dishes;
  • reduce salt consumption;
  • to refuse alcoholic beverages and tobacco;
  • drinking more juices.

Adherence to these recommendations will quickly feel the positive changes in his condition.

It often happens that people suffering from excess weight have an increased level of lipids. Therefore, lowering daily calorie intake and using exercise, can improve health.

To reduce the fat content will help physical exercise. Already 2 days regular sports activities, allocating physical exercise half an hour a day, you can feel the positive results. Useful for patients will also be daily walks in the open air.

Folk remedies

How to lower cholesterol at home, you should know any person who is health conscious. There are many innovative methods tested by generations, effectively get rid of plaque.

Fish oil

Taking a pure fish oil or Bud, you can cure atherosclerosis. However, for effective outcome, you must dosage to be agreed with attending physician.


Flax seed contains various vitamins, amino acids and minerals that contribute to the normalization of sugar and fat in the circulatory system. Flax can be consumed, adding ordinary dish, as well as brewing it as infusions and decoctions.


Treatment with juices – one of the ways to eliminate arteriosclerosis. The therapy is 5 days per month. Fresh, slightly chilled juices taken daily, distributed them for the entire course. For treatment , you will need the juice from the celery – 280 g carrots 240 g, beet, cucumber, Apple, cabbage, orange – 145g.


The infusion is based on propolis can be purchased in drugstores. Use 10 drops 30 minutes before meals. Therapy is 90 days.

To prepare the tincture you will need 50 g of propolis to 0.5 liters of alcohol. Propolis rubbed on a grater or grind in a blender.

Medical alcohol is poured in a darkened container, mix it with propolis infused for 7 days. Before each use tincture carefully stir.


To deal with high cholesterol will help tincture on alcohol made from rose hips. To do this, 125 g fruit, pre-chopped, pour 250 grams of vodka or alcohol, insist 14 days and consume 10-15 grams before meals.


We all know that garlic is able to treat many diseases. With bactericidal abilities, garlic will help to strengthen the immune system. The plant contains in its composition a variety of nutrients, regulating the level of body fat.

For the manufacture of medicinal garlic mass required 1 kg of garlic, sprig of dill, 80 g salt, 50 g of horseradish, fresh leaves of cherry. Clean the garlic and put in a deep container with the other ingredients. Mixture pour boiling water, cover with gauze and allowed to stand for 7 days. Drink the infusion after meals.

In addition, on the basis of garlic can be prepared as a therapeutic composition consisting of honey, garlic and lemon. This mixture is possible without pills to clean the liver and reduce excessive lipid content. For preparing the garlic you need to grind the meat grinder, mix with lemon juice and honey. To take it twice a day on a teaspoon.


Legumes possess the ability to quickly absorbed in the body and also contain necessary for proper human metabolic acids, vitamins and fats, reduce the risk of infectious diseases, purifying the blood and vessels.

Beans often use for the prevention of atherosclerosis. To prepare the broth must soak 2 kg of beans for 12 hours, add soda at the tip of a knife and boil the mixture. Use the decoction should be in 5 to 10 g twice a day for 10days.

The herbs

Proven remedy for cholesterol – decoction on the basis of the following medicinal plants:

  • 20 g of birch leaves and raspberries;
  • 5 g of rose hip and calendula;
  • 15 grams of sloe;
  • 10 g of artichoke and goldenrod.

Herbs pour boiling water, allowed to stand several hours and drink instead of regular tea.

Herbs can be taken individually, or take out of them the fees. The most effective are the following curative compositions from herbs:

  • hawthorn, garlic, mistletoe;
  • rosehip, raspberry, nettle, hawthorn, periwinkle, chestnut, sweet clover;
  • Lily of the valley, lemon balm, bloodroot, Ruta herb;
  • hawthorn, yarrow, mistletoe, horsetail, periwinkle;
  • Sophora japonica. Taken as an infusion or as a tincture is alcohol-based. This infusion should be maintained for two weeks in a dark place.

The high efficiency shown by the clover: in the dry plant to add 200 g of boiling water, drink 30 grams before meals.

Flour made from buckwheat

Quickly lower cholesterol will help buckwheat flour. 90 g flour combined with 200 g of water, boil for 15 minutes over moderate heat. The solution should be taken daily for 100 g


To eliminate the bad lipids from the blood system, use the following recipe. Dried Linden flowers are ground into powder, take 5 g three times a day for one month. Next, you need to take a break for 14 days, after which repeat the treatment.

All traditional recipes of cholesterol require adherence to a certain diet that contains sufficient amounts of vitamin C and pectin. So, in the use of lime should be daily to include in the diet of fennel and apples, as well as choleretic herbs: milk Thistle, immortelle, tansy, corn silk. Within 2-3 months, most patients notice improvement.

Dandelion roots

Dried dandelion perfectly removes excess fat, and is also one of the methods of prevention of atherosclerotic plaques. Dried roots ground into a powder and take 5 grams before a meal. This method does not have any restrictions.


The stems are cut and immersed in boiling water for 2 minutes, sprinkle with sesame seeds, salt to taste, add a little sugar and vegetable oil. The resulting dish is light and is allowed to use for people of all ages. The only contraindication is hypotension.


To get rid of cholesterol will help the rhizomes of licorice, which must be crushed with a blender. 500 g of boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of licorice, boiled for 10 minutes and the tail. Take the infusion 100 g 4 times a day, after meals. The duration of treatment is 14-21 days, and then make a break of 30 days and repeat the course.

Golden mustache

Medicinal plants to cure many diseases. To prepare the long sheet is pulverized, combined with 1000 g of boiling water and kept for days.

Drink broth before meals three times a day 20 grams for 3 months. During this time, you can bring lipid levels to the permitted limit and reduce the amount of fat in the body.

In addition, this natural medicinal decoction will lower blood sugar, get rid of cysts on kidneys, and benefit the liver.


A proven method to reduce cholesterol deposits and atherosclerosis prevention is the use of oats. To prepare 200 g of oats, sifted through a colander, pour 1 liter of boiling water, strain and drink 1 time a day, morning before Breakfast.

With this method, it is possible to establish the functioning of the body, to remove unwanted fats, toxins and wastes from the body, improve the complexion.


To improve the health of the patient will benefit from drugs that reduce cholesterol and cleansing blood vessels. Currently, the list of drugs used for eliminating excess fat, very large. Of the most effective means include:

  • Lovastatin.
  • Simvastatin.
  • Fluvastatin.
  • Cervistatin.
  • Pitavastatin.

Tablets are made in different dosages. The required dose should appoint a specialist taking into account the severity of the disease. These funds are safe for prolonged use and have the following properties:

  • prevent blood clots;
  • cropped system inflammatory processes in the vessels;
  • prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

Systematic use of medications will help avoid dangerous complications arising from the excess of fat in the blood.

Some statins are contraindicated: they can negatively affect the liver. Of the side effects include: loss of memory, dizziness, pain in the muscles. It is therefore necessary medicines should appoint a specialist.

High efficiency was shown by fibrates, lowering the concentration of lipids via destruction of the lipoproteins. The funds will help dissolve the excess substances located outside of the vascular walls. Popular drugs include:

  • Clofibric.
  • Betalin.
  • Dapur.
  • Bacterin.

Excellent results showed the use of nicotinic acid, can inhibit the synthesis of lipoproteinslow density. In addition, without a doctor's prescription can be purchased in the pharmacy networks of different dietary supplements that help to combat cholesterol plaques. These include Ateroklefit, fibrospect.

Any disease easier to prevent than to cure. It is not necessary to wait for symptoms of anxiety and development of various complications. Folk remedy for cholesterol is available to everyone and are quite effective in combating fat and atherosclerosis.