Purification and cleansing of lymph in their own home

The lymphatic system plays an important role in maintaining normal immunity. As its functioning in the lymph nodes can accumulate large amounts of toxic substances. This could have serious consequences for health. So from time to time the system should be cleaned. Cleansing lymph folk remedies at home will not take much time and effort. Most importantly, choose a technique that suits you.

How to understand that it is time to clean the lymphatic system

The human lymphatic system is one of the important components of a full immunity. It warns us against the impact of poisons and toxins. Sometimes the lymph due to certain reasons cease to circulate in full force. This suggests that it has accumulated too many harmful substances and the required lymphocyte. To recognize the problem by the following features:

  1. The rich appearance of acne.
  2. The development of joint diseases.
  3. The formation of papillomas.
  4. On the face appear dark spots.
  5. Identified disease on the pelvic.
  6. Disorders in the liver.
  7. A sharp decline in immunity.

These symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary lymph. This procedure will help to speed up the metabolic processes in the body and improve the function of all internal organs.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of purification of the lymph should be carried out after the liberation of the intestine and liver from toxins.

Cleansing with juices

Cleansing the lymph can be carried out with the use of natural juices. For this we have developed a few key techniques:

  1. The citrus juices.
  2. Vegetable juices.
  3. Juice of celandine.
  4. A mixture of Apple juice and beet.

By such simple means, accessible to everyone, it is possible to safe cleansing of the lymph in the home. It is worth remembering that juices may provoke an allergic reaction. Before applying these techniques, consult a physician.

Using juice of citrus fruits

This treatment was first proposed by N. Walker, therefore, subsequently, the technique was named after him. We use this method only after bowel cleansing. Otherwise, the procedure will not bring the expected result. At the time of therapy and a week before the start of sessions it is necessary to abandon harmful food products to include in your diet more vegetables and fruits.

Cleansing the lymphatic system this methodology can be divided into several stages:

  1. A couple of days before the procedure, you need to prepare structured water. For this purpose purified water must be poured into any plastic container that is tightly closed. Place it in the freezer until complete freezing. After that, defrost the prepared ice. Drain the water in a separate container so that it did not get the precipitate.
  2. Prepare a mixture of 900 ml of grapefruit, lemon 200 ml and 900 ml orange juice. Enter from the resulting mixture of two liters of structured water, mix thoroughly.
  3. In the morning take a cleansing enema. Use a solution of two liters of pure water, adding a tablespoon of vinegar.
  4. After the enema take a hot shower. The body should well to steam.
  5. Immediately after this, drink a glass of juice mixture. Don't restrain the urge to have bowel movement.
  6. Every half hour drink a glass of juice mixture until then, until it ends.

To enhance the effect, the cleansing of the lymph is best done in the bath. Together with the sweat from the body will be displayed toxic substance. Repeat this cleansing is necessary for three days.

The use of vegetable juice

Vegetable juices – the source of essential for health of minerals and vitamin. Cleansing the lymph can be carried out by several methods:

  1. Prepare a mixture of 600 ml of cucumber juice, 1.2 liters of carrot juice and 200 ml of beetroot juice. As a result, you should get two liters of the drink. On the day of the procedure you need every hour to drink a Cup of the mixture. Such sessions should be held once a quarter.
  2. Chop the Jerusalem artichoke, puree and squeeze the juice. A few tablespoons of this juice should be taken twice a day. The first time before Breakfast and the second before sleep. The stomach needs to be empty. To clean the lymphatic system thus it is necessary for Crescent.
  3. Press the juice of parsley. Take it two tablespoons twice a day, before Breakfast and dinner. This treatment should be carried out for months.
  4. For two months drink two times a day celery juice in the amount of two teaspoons.

Such cleaning of the lymph nodes safe. Drinking juices helps to saturate the body with nutrients and vitamins.

Cleaning the juice of celandine

Effective way how to clean the lymph, use the juice of celandine. It is not necessary to follow a strict diet. Enough to abandon smoked, sweet and spicy and oily food.

Juice of celandine can be purchased at the pharmacy or procure their own. To do this, choose plants that grow in full sun. Press of themjuice. Enter in half a liter of juice 100 ml of alcohol. Leave the mixture in the fridge for a few days.

Drop the prepared means, take before Breakfast, two drops and three drops before dinner. The next day the procedure was repeated. Every time the number of drops should increase by one until, until it reaches 25. After that, the cleansing of the lymphatic system is terminated.

Apple-beet mixture

Mix in 1.1 liters of Apple juice and 250 ml of beet juice. Drink 150 ml of this mixture three times a day before meals. This method of cleansing can be used in conjunction with treatment with juice of celandine. So the efficiency of procedures increases.

Cleansing herbs

Cleansing the lymph by yourself with the help of medicinal plants. For this we have developed several effective recipes:

  1. Chop the leaves and rhizomes of marsh cinquefoil. Complete prepared raw materials-third-liter cans. The remaining volume fill with boiling water. Leave for two weeks. To use this tool is required four times a day in quantities of a teaspoon. The course of cleansing ends when the Bank is empty.
  2. Spoon oregano pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist throughout the night. This is best done in a thermos. For three weeks you must take 50 ml of this infusion three times a day. After a week break, the lymphatic drainage can be repeated.
  3. Pour in two liters of water 400 grams of dried and powdered bark of aspen. Boil for about half an hour. Leave for six hours for the infusion. Then insert the infusion of 300 ml of alcohol. Take teaspoon of this means three times a day half an hour after eating. The course of treatment is five days.
  4. Boil a glass of water. Stir in a tablespoon of chopped dandelion roots. Boil for 15 minutes. Cleansing lymph will pass in two stages. The first day you need to starve. Only allowed to drink pure water. The morning of the second day, take two glasses of a decoction of dandelion. Apply to the spleen a heating pad and lie down for two hours. This day is also nothing. The exception is green tea. In order to prevent lymphatic congestion the procedure should be repeated in two weeks.
  5. Pour a liter of boiling water 30 grams of dried yarrow. Steep for an hour. Such means take 100 three times a day. The length of treatment is a month.

Herbs to cleanse the blood and lymph, better to buy at the pharmacy. So you can be confident in the quality and safety of raw materials.

Before using such tools it is necessary to consult a specialist. They may have contraindications.

Recipes the most effective folk remedies

Drugs that stimulate the flow of lymph and its purification can be made from simple components, which are in every house. These funds will be fully natural, hence, will not cause harm to the body. Among the most effective recipes are:

  1. Shalt in a mortar glass of fennel seeds. Mix them with two tablespoons of Valerian. Separte two liters of boiling water. It is best to use for this thermos. A day later, enter to the infusion of 200 ml of honey. This means use a tablespoon before eating.
  2. Clear lymph nodes with the help of Fig. To do this in half a liter of water soak two tablespoons of rice. Thoroughly rinse and drain the fluid. Pour again the same amount of water. In another vessel prepare another batch of rice. A day later, rinse the groats in both banks and again cover with water. Repeat the procedure so that in the end you get five bottles of Fig. The rump of the first capacitance boil and eat for Breakfast without spices and bread. The Bank again fill with rice. Eat this rice for two months.
  3. To disperse the lymph through the body, while the lemon, onion and garlic. Remember that when using such tools it is necessary to exclude from the diet dairy products. Drainage according to such methods carried out for four days. For cooking tools, chop onion, garlic and lemon. Mix all components and place them in a saucepan. Cover with milk and boil. After the composition has cooled, filter it. On one course you will need 800 ml of the drug. Drink it during the day for 100 ml.
  4. Clear lymph nodes is possible by means of usual tea. For this approach both black and green varieties. To prepare the medicine, you can mix 20 ml of milk with a Cup of tea. Drink this tea in the morning with a pinch of salt, and in the second half of the day with a small amount of honey. To use this tool you need throughout the month.
  5. Popular cleansing with vegetable oil. This procedure is necessary to start early in the morning. Tablespoon vegetable oil pour under the tongue and hold for about 20 minutes. As a result, the oil should be thick and change its color. Do not swallow the oil. It's a must to spit out, as it Scopata all derived from the body toxins.
  6. Separte in a Cup of boiling water 50 grams of partitions walnuts. Boil the composition for 15 minutes. Filter. This composition take 50 ml twice a day after meals.
  7. Grind using a blender 180 grams of walnuts. Mix with 120 grams of honey. Such a toolsteep in the refrigerator for 10 days. Take it four times a day in quantities of a tablespoon.

These tools are quick and bring a dramatic effect. But they can have side effects, so before use, consult with your doctor.

The exercises for the purification of lymph

To disperse the lymph in the legs and body in General will help special exercises. A set of specific exercises to be used in conjunction with other methods of purification. To treat this method must every day. Do the following exercises:

  1. Take a seat on the back. Legs and arms pull. The foot should be placed straight. Shake the limbs, to relax muscles and enhance lymphatic flow. Do this exercise for at least five minutes.
  2. Good effect of warm-up joints. Make flexion and rotational movement.
  3. At the same time with the above exercises, you can use the technique of self-massage. And all movements must be made clockwise. Pay attention to fingers and toes. Exposure directly to the lymph nodes themselves should not be. They are better slightly warm. To do this, take a hot shower or bath.

If such an exercise to pump the lymph to do it regularly, the body will gradually be cleansed. You will prevent congestion and boost your immune system.

Cleansing diet

To clean the lymphatic system and help the adjustment of supply. To carry out this procedure it is better in the summer when vegetables and fruits in abundance. Remember that this diet is possible to use only the highest quality produce that is grown without the use of chemicals.

On the first day of the diet for Breakfast cook a salad of fennel, celery, lettuce, greens, garlic and parsley. All the day eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. No other products should not be consumed. Drink plenty of pure water.

During the diet, try to ease up on the parsley. This plant has excellent detoxifying property. In addition, it has a slight diuretic effect, can accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body.

You can drink fruit and vegetable juices. But most experts say that the fruit eaten whole, do more good. This simple diet will not only detoxify, but also to improve the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.

Pear cleansing

There is another interesting technique that was developed by W. Blojsom. It becomes eating pears. On one course you will need 80 of pears, which should be slightly dry. Fold pears into a large glass container and pour natural wine. It is best if the wine is homemade. The liquid should completely cover the pears. Leave the jar in a light place for a week and a half.

On the first day of cleaning it is necessary to eat one bag before Breakfast. On the second day, one bag in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the third day fruit you need to eat three times a day. Similarly every day the number of pears eaten should be increased. After the ninth day of this quantity is also gradually reduced. Wine with a salad of pear, you should also drink.

Selecting the most appropriate technique, you will be able to effectively cleanse the lymphatic system and improve overall health. Before beginning the procedure, please consult your physician.