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How to take enterosgel in poisoning and intoxication

The key to successful treatment of any poisoning becomes timely removal of toxic substances from the body. To help help the drugs belonging to the group of chelators. One of the most popular and effective is enetrosgel. This tool binds toxins and removes them naturally. Especially effective remedy in cases of poisoning by food, alcohol, poisonous chemical compounds. Important to begin therapy and to properly apply the medication.

What is the drug

Enterosgel is a medicinal preparation from the group of chelators. As the main active substance polymethylsiloxane acts of poligidrat. The tool has a gel-like consistency. It coats the surface of the intestine, which helps to protect them from the negative effects of toxic substances. Due to the special porous structure the molecules of the drugs, it effectively absorbs toxins and poisons. The drug is not removes from the body the vitamins and minerals are completely safe for beneficial microflora.

This gel poisoning is well established against the following toxic substances:

  • Alcohol;
  • allergens;
  • bacteria;
  • medicines and other chemical compounds;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • the products of metabolism, e.g., urea, cholesterol or bilirubin.

The drug is completely scentless, so it does not cause discomfort when used. It is suitable for the treatment of patients prone to the vomiting urges.

Components of the product not penetrate the intestinal wall completely and are excreted from the body in 12 hours. Therefore, this drug is considered safe. It can be used for the treatment of children.

Available in two forms: gel and paste. Gel, white in color and has the consistency similar to jelly. Pasta from poisoning 30% consists of water. Its color can be snow white or nearly white.

To store such tool is required in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Freeze it cannot. Shelf life means in its original package is 3 years. I get a drug you need to drink during the month. If you find that the medication has dried, then immediately discard it.

To buy medicine only in pharmacies. A prescription from a doctor for this you do not need.

In some cases, the recommended use of the drug

The drug has a pronounced detoxifying effect. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all internal organs. It is prescribed in the following cases:

  1. Consistent with alcohol poisoning.
  2. Different intestinal infections.
  3. Toxic chemical compounds.
  4. Diarrhea unexplained nature.
  5. Viral hepatitis.
  6. Dysbacteriosis.
  7. Blood poisoning.
  8. Violation of kidney function.

This remedy is often recommended to take as a preventive measure. It is necessary for people residing in unfavorable from an environmental point of view areas, as well as those who are engaged in hazardous work.

The benefits of the drug in comparison with analogues

Enterosgel – absorbent of the last generation. He deprived many of the negative properties of their analogues. This gel against poisoning has the following advantages:

  1. After its use it is possible not only to get rid of toxic substances, but also to improve the functioning of liver, kidneys and circulatory system.
  2. It can be applied not only for adults but also for children and during pregnancy.
  3. The effectiveness of the product is about 98%, significantly higher than its competitors.
  4. The drug is universal. It can be used with any kind of poisoning.
  5. Components of the product are selective, that is, removed from the body toxic substances, without affecting the intestinal flora, vitamins and minerals.
  6. It can be used as a preventive measure.
  7. Allowed concomitant use with other medicines. But it is worth considering that enterosgel can reduce the effects of other drugs.

Enterosgel in case of poisoning helps to cope with all the symptoms of the disease. In no time disappear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain.


Despite the overall safety of the drug enterosgel has few contraindications. They include:

  • Exacerbation of peptic ulcer of the duodenum or stomach.
  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the tool.
  • Bleeding in the digestive tract.
  • Atony of the intestine.

In the presence of such problems it is necessary to use other means to combat the poisoning.

Recommended dosage

Enterosgel from poisoning it is best to take a couple of hours before eating or an hour after. A small amount is washed down with clean water. The dosage will be determined based on the age of the patient:

  1. 0 to 6 months. Half a teaspoon of medication is necessary, before applying to dissolve in three tablespoons formula or breast milk. You can give the baby the drug up to six times a day.
  2. From 6 months to 5 years. Half tablespoon three timesday.
  3. From 5 to 14 years. One tablespoon up to three times a day.
  4. Adults may take one and a half tablespoons three times a day.
  5. If the drug is taken as a preventive measure, it is enough to take one and a half tablespoons twice per day. Duration of reception no more than 10 days.

Before starting treatment the child should consult a doctor. Dosage is adjusted based on the individual characteristics of the child patient and the severity of his illness.

Before how to take enterosgel, carefully read the instructions. Follow dosage. Its excess can lead to negative consequences.

Especially the use of the drug for food poisoning

Food poisoning happens quite often, especially in the summer. Danger can lurk in any product. Most of the poisoning causes the consumption of dairy products, confectionery, mushrooms and meat products. Chelators the most effective means in such situations. Therefore, enterosgel should be in every home medicine Cabinet. It must be taken after the first symptoms. It helps from vomiting and diarrhea. Using this gel against poisoning is to remember the following recommendations:

  1. Take the drug immediately after he stopped vomiting. If there is a series of attacks, taking the drug should be during the break. Medication get rid of nausea and retching.
  2. If the degree of poisoning is strong and the victim is difficult to eat the gel in its pure form, it can be diluted in a small amount of clean water. The same method, give the drug and children.
  3. If the degree of intoxication is strong enough, the first day the recommended dosage can be doubled. That is 24 hours you can drink up to 9 tablespoons of means. This is true in case of poisoning with poisonous mushrooms.
  4. The gap between each of the portions of the drug should be about two hours.

The remedy for food poisoning take at least three days. A specific deadline will depend on the extent of damage. If you don't know how to make pasta for poisoning, consult your doctor. Specialist will help to choose necessary dosage and frequency of intake.

If the poisoning is so strong that the person loses consciousness, do not attempt to cope with the problem alone. Immediately call an ambulance.

The application of remedies for alcohol poisoning

Alcohol is often the cause of serious poisoning, especially if you do not know measures when drinking it. Intoxicated with alcohol will help enterosgel. It will help to cope with the problem and eliminate hangover. There are the following features of the drug:

  1. In order to avoid serious poisoning, take enterosgel prior to the planned feast. Another dose drink before going to bed. Then the next morning you will have the torment of nausea and retching.
  2. If the hangover has already arrived, it is better to drink a double dose of the medication.
  3. In cases of poisoning with counterfeit alcohol, some drinks just need four tablespoons of means. After 6 hours the drug should be repeated.

The gel from alcohol will help to quickly deal with the problem. But if the intoxication is strong, it is better to seek the help of a specialist.

The use of the drug during pregnancy

Unfortunately, expectant mothers are not immune from poisonings. But while waiting for the birth of the baby the use of drugs can be dangerous. A distinctive feature of enterosgel just becomes what it can be taken at any stage of pregnancy.

Gel can be used not only during intoxication, but also in the following cases:

  1. For the treatment of toxemia.
  2. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. For the treatment of infectious viral diseases.
  4. When disorders in the urinary system and kidneys.
  5. For the treatment of allergic manifestations.

During pregnancy make enetrosgel doctors advise in situations where it is necessary to cleanse the body of any toxic substances. Drug particles gently remove toxins and do not affect the beneficial microflora of the intestine.

The specific dosage of the drug may be determined exclusively by the specialist, leading pregnancy. Most often prescribe one tablespoon of the product three times a day. For the treatment of toxicosis the drug drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Dose of medication should drink plenty of pure water. To add to it more sugar or mix it with food is prohibited.

Duration of therapy depends on the severity of the disease. On average, one course not to exceed five days. If toxicity is chronic, the duration of treatment by prescription can be extended to several weeks.

Enetrosgel is a versatile tool that will help you cope with any kind of poisoning. Therefore, you should always have it in your home medicine Cabinet.