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Activated charcoal for poisoning: the dosage per kg of body weight

The poisoning substances coming from the outside, the phenomenon is quite common. The use of expired products, stuffed with all kinds of chemicals, overeating, attempts to combine products that are not only compatible – it all leads to poisoning.

Alcohol, taken in large quantities when the body is unable to recycle it, the uncontrolled intake of medicines: a result of all these actions, too, will become intoxication. Situations are many – one solution. When the poisoning will help an indispensable ingredient of our first – aid kit- activated charcoal.

The effect of the black pill

Let's start with the fact that coal – a means of subsistence. Due to the huge surface loose structure, is permeated with tiny pores, it is able to absorb and excrete a variety of substances. Therefore, activated charcoal is for poisoning food could provide real help.

It is a powerful sorbent, the suction of the decay products due to the large surface, deducing them from the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Can help in the treatment of various diseases associated with intoxication. But the most reliable support, the body gets food poisoning. Coal will reduce the diarrhea and stop nausea and vomiting.

The substance is non-toxic, so in those cases, when the help is needed urgently, it is used in small courses, but in heavy doses. It removes toxins before they penetrate into the blood, and he does not stay in the body.

But you need to remember a few important points:

  1. This is a massive (stress) the cleansing of the body.
  2. Coal has a selective action.
  3. At the same time poisonous substances are needed.
  4. Can disrupt the intestinal flora.

Subsequently require additional treatment of: vitamins and minerals; preparations consisting of microorganisms (probiotics).

Prolonged and uncontrolled use "safe" pills could lead to severe consequences and prolonged treatment. You will not get poisoning activated charcoal, however your body will be deprived of many useful and necessary body compounds (proteins, vitamins, minerals).

Activated charcoal – not candy, so its intake should be strictly dosed. Each drug is equipped with instructions for use, you need to study before using.

What cures black pill? In addition to food poisoning, she will have to help you:

  • alcohol poisoning;
  • overdose of drugs;
  • poisoning with toxic compounds;
  • poisoning by salts of heavy metals;
  • combination therapy, in the treatment of complex infections;
  • in the treatment of colitis, gastritis, prolonged diarrhoea, flatulence.

The drug is produced in tablets, granules, powder form. Likely to be sold in tablets, sealed in paper packing, at 10 pieces in each. Each tablet 0.25 grams of active carbon. Price please: on average one pack costs 18 rubles.

Charcoal for poisoning: first aid number one

Need to know how to take coal tablets for poisoning. About the need to take the drug, the body is signaled by nausea and retching. The sequence of:

  1. It is important to calculate the number of tablets that need to be taken immediately.
  2. Admission is at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. For example, your weight is 70 kg, then at a time you need to drink 7 pills.
  3. To improve the effectiveness of the drug, it is used by mixing with water. You can use the powder to prepare a slurry (aqueous slurry), can be crushed tablets. It is undesirable to chew or swallow. So the toxin elimination process will go slower.
  4. Black powder poured cool water, shake the mixture and drink several servings, but quickly.
  5. Use activated charcoal if vomiting to gastric lavage. If you vomit partially remained in the stomach, then 1st. L. the crushed coal is diluted in a glass of boiled water and drink.
  6. In the future, an adult need to drink in case of poisoning food, pulverized coal 1-2 g 2-4 times a day 2 hours after a meal. After taking the drug, it is important to drink plenty of fluids.
  7. Make a powdered mixture preferably not later than 12 hours after the poisoning. If taken in time, it will help with nausea.
  8. If you suffer diarrhoea or increased flatulence, powdered charcoal (1-3 g) diluted in water to drink between meals.

You can replace the black coal in white (silica). Its main component is silicon dioxide and cellulose. If black take the pills from 7-8 pieces, white tablets, you can drink in a day 3-4 pieces.

Doctors advise a maximum of 10 days to drink activated charcoal, and then take a break or stop treatmentif it is not needed. At home, the treatment is carried out at a moderate intoxication. In case of severe signs of poisoning – severe vomiting, fever, cramps in abdomen, diarrhea – you need to contact an ambulance.

Calculation of activated charcoal on body weight is very important. It is not necessary to follow the principle "the more, the better." In relation to therapeutic drugs, this principle does not always work.

How to clean the digestive tract after food poisoning

src="/poisoning/images/754-2.jpg">the effects of the poisoning will take place immediately. The body is stressed, it will recover. To finally part with unnecessary metabolic products, it is desirable to clean the digestive tract. The scheme is as follows:

  • Dosage per 10 kg of weight 1 tablet. Respectively, at 70 kg – 7 pills.
  • Correctly calculating dosage, it is used 3 times daily with a glass of water 1.5 hours before eating.
  • How long can I take the black pill? From 3 to 15 days.
  • After a break of two weeks, repeat the course.
  • More than three times the cycles repeat not worth it.

Children are allowed the use of this drug in certain diseases. It's possible to use in case of poisoning, but under the supervision of a physician.

Treatment with activated charcoal digestive tract gives positive results. Most importantly, to act in accordance with the instructions and consult a specialist.

Alcohol poisoning: how to help a sorbent

The intake of alcohol in high doses leads not to joy and good mood, and alcohol intoxication. It is a strong poison with colic, vomiting, dizziness, headaches. And just lie down here has not come out.

The cause of poisoning is the acetaldehyde that alcohol is converted in the liver by chemical reactions. If you drink a lot of alcohol, the poisonous substance can not easily be inferred from the body. That's when the problems arise.

Activated carbon when intoxication is indispensable. To its application was the effect, you need to consistently perform several actions:

  • Before applying the stomach washed to bring out the remnants of decayed food along with ethanol. Washing will help to stop the absorption of alcohol, thereby slowing more severe poisoning.
  • To prepare an emulsion of 10 tablets and water, stir and drink. Water is advisable to drink often and a lot so the toxins will leave the body faster.
  • How many effect of the drug? After about an hour you will feel relief.
  • While coal is valid, continue to struggle with symptoms of poisoning. For example, take a headache pill.

Does activated charcoal for nausea? Nausea is one of the signs of poisoning. Therefore, taking intoxication, coal will save you from this unpleasant symptom.

Coal can prevent alcohol poisoning. In this case, it should be taken on the eve of the feast. You can prepare the body to accept alcohol, if hour before meal take 5-6 tablets. They are dissolved in water or washed down with plenty of fluids.

When alcohol enters the stomach, the coal is already "working" on it. Can support a large amount of fluid (water, juices, fruit drinks). This kind of prevention of poisoning.

Are there any contraindications

Is it possible to poison the activated carbon? Because activated charcoal – drug, the side effects from its use are quite possible, but they do not lead to poisoning. Beneficial properties much more so coal is still the number one sorbent.

Most often side effects occur with long-term, uncontrolled intake:
Black and oily stools. Constipation and diarrhoea.

  • Excretion from the body along with the breakdown products of nutrients.
  • Violation of sodium-potassium exchange is bad for metabolic processes.
  • Calcium deficiency when it leads to leaching problems associated with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Pregnant and nursing women can use coal only after consulting a doctor and in rare cases.
  • Should not be used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys or liver.

The coal will be useless in case of poisoning with such substances as gasoline or acid. You must first determine the substance that caused the intoxication, and then to use the drug.

How to dosing of coal for kids

To year use of this drug for children is not desirable. And after a year its application is possible after consulting a pediatrician. Examination, accurate diagnosis, then treatment.

What rules should be observed if this medication is appointed for your child:

  • To consume diluted the pill on an empty stomach. Baby easier to swallow the powder.
  • The maximum duration of treatment should not exceed 3 days.
  • How many tablets need to drink per kg of body weight, the doctor will decide.
  • How many times a day a necessary method depends on the condition of the child after the poisoning.

Store the charcoal you need in a tightly closed container. Not be allowed contact with drugs or food. Affects and humidity. He absorbs everything, due to its adsorption ability. And, of course, it needs to be available to the child.

If the treatment at home did not bring the desired results and the condition of the child worsens: there is vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, then you need to urgently call an ambulance to hospitalize the kid and to be treated in hospital.

Many refer to black pill, how to the tried and tested, but is not so effective drug. To replace him came enterosgel, smectite, Polisorb. It is also absorbents that can bind and remove toxins and harmful microorganisms. They have a positiveimpact on flora, strengthening the immune system. You choose which tool you prefer for treatment. But don't forget that activated charcoal is an old, proven "friend" who won't leave you in the lurch.