How does activated charcoal on the human body

Activated carbon is a simple and cheap adsorbentthat has long been used in medical practice to clean the body of toxins and harmful microorganisms. Based on what the action of activated charcoal, and when can I apply?

The principle of operation

How does activated charcoal on the human body? About the positive properties of the drug has long been known, it is made mainly of coke, wood, oil or coal. The most useful properties of charcoal from the shell of walnut and birch wood. In addition to the medical applications of activated carbon used for water filtration, gas adsorption. This substance is positively proved itself during the First world war, when soldiers in gas masks put pieces of charcoal, it is protected from gas and poison attacks. Now the tablets are used mainly in cases of poisoning, intoxication, cold. Also they are able to help with various symptoms of allergies, as removed from the body and the main allergen.

The positive effect of activated charcoal on the human body based on its unique composition and porous structure. The structure helps to absorb all the poisons and toxins from the body. Roughly speaking, a tablet of activated charcoal is a kind of sponge which enters the body, binds and removes toxins. These pills also reduce the absorption of toxins and their more rapid excretion from the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for the use of coal are:

  • various degrees of intoxication, poisoning;
  • colds – for the removal of harmful microorganisms;
  • flatulence;
  • intestinal diseases;
  • allergies.

Properties of activated carbon allow you to use this drug in order to weight loss, as well as for making homemade masks for face and hair.

Only positive properties

The principle of action of activated charcoal on the body based on its composition. These tablets are made exclusively from natural ingredients and are amorphous microporous carbon with a special texture that has undergone special treatment and tempering. It is an active adsorbent with surface effects, its mechanism of action is based on binding and excretion of toxins. Tablets in the stomach is not fully dissolve, but simply "collect" all the toxins and flush them out along with the feces. This drug with proper dosage is safe and reliable, it is authorized to receive even pregnant and lactating women, newborns. If you take the coal right, follow the dosage and recommendations of a physician, no side effects and troubles will never arise.

It is worth remembering that the pills do not dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, the drug stool the patient will have a characteristic black color. This is the norm, so do not be alarmed for this reason.

How does the coal in the human body? The principle of operation can be compared to a sponge or a brush, once in the human GIT, the drug sweeping of harmful and toxic substances and removes them. It is important to note that the dosage and duration of taking the pills is calculated individually depending on the indications of the disease and the overall health of the person. You cannot take activated charcoal for too long. Despite its apparent harmlessness, long-term use can experience unpredictable situation. Moreover, the drug can leave the body the minerals and nutrients that are needed by the body for normal functioning.

How to take

About the positive properties of this drug known for a long time and almost everyone, but not everyone knows about the rules of admission. First, you need to remember that this drug has its contraindications, and overdose can be dangerous to health and life. But if the application is correct, the useful properties of the tablets will be obvious.

Activated carbon can be produced in two basic forms – tablets and powder. It powder form is most appropriate for acute intoxication and poisoning, then when the help is needed immediately. Even if the activated carbon powder was not the time at hand, trouble is easy to help, if the kit includes the tablet – they simply must be thoroughly crushed in a mortar or with a knife.

In case of poisoning and, if necessary, gastric lavage is necessary to prepare a solution of a teaspoon per liter of water. Make every half hour in the glass to improve the condition. The solution should be drinking and after rinsing and improvements for the elimination of residual toxins from the body. Such a solution has a beneficial effect on the intestines and digestive tract in General. With indigestion, it is recommended to take several pills of the drug two to three times a day. Estimation of tablets – one piece ten pounds of body weight, but this is only approx, remember this!

Activated carbon is incompatible with any other medical drugs. While taking all its healing properties are minimized. The drug begins to adsorb other substances and excrete, whereastoxins will continue its negative impact on the body.

During intoxication and alcohol poisoning it is important to start taking the drug immediately. After 12 hours of taking activated carbon is impractical.

The effect of the drug on the body when losing weight

Almost every woman is fundamentally dissatisfied with their appearance, especially weight. Now more and more popular method of weight loss with activated charcoal, but many use it incorrectly and as a result health problems.

Remember that the only reception of tablets of activated charcoal will never save you from excess pounds, the drug will help to clean the intestines from toxins, excess weight will go away faster. Do not take activated charcoal as a panacea for excess weight!

The most gentle prescription for weight loss with tablets of activated charcoal – reception 3-4 pieces during the meal. Another method, but it is less secure – the pills at the rate of one to ten pounds of weight. Some suggest starvation and administration of activated charcoal daily. It is not necessary to do categorically, as this approach to weight loss will cause only harm to the body.

If you want to lose weight with activated charcoal, consult your doctor and only then proceed to any action. No weight loss will not be effective without proper nutrition, diet and exercise, to forget about it in no event it is impossible!

Treatment activated charcoal should be periodic. That is, if you took the pills within five days, take a break. Otherwise start problems – avitaminoz, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, General weakness of the body.

Positive effects on the skin

Activated charcoal can be used as the main component of cleansing masks for the face and hair. The tool that has antitoxic effect, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. Great for oily and problem skin.

There are a huge number of recipes of this remedy, but they need to pick up based on their needs, skin type and hair.

Side effects

Activated carbon, in addition to positive effects on the body, and may have a negative impact, why not control drug is highly undesirable!

Major adverse actions, which may be coal, it is worth noting the following:

  • intestinal obstruction, colic;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • unrestrained vomiting;
  • temperature rise;
  • weakness of the body;
  • avitominoz;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • respiratory disorders in some cases may even occur asphyxia;
  • allergic reactions.

Thus, the uncontrolled admission of even such a seemingly harmless drug can lead to serious consequences.

There is an interesting suggestion that the administration of activated charcoal during pregnancy affects the color of the skin of the unborn child. It's just a superstition, because the coal is in no way not having such effects. Taking it during pregnancy is absolutely safe for mom and baby.


Despite all their positive qualities and properties, coal has its contraindications:

  • the gastrointestinal disorders;
  • an open ulcer;
  • some types of gastritis;
  • individual intolerance.

Contraindications are few, but they are, so treat the tool as to the medicine! Long-term use can severely weaken the body, to deprive him of many useful and necessary substances. Should never self-medicate, to exceed the dosage. If you think that by increasing the amount of drug you instantly feel better, then it is not. Over dosage will only lead to deterioration, so never worth the risk. In particularly dangerous situations, in acute poisoning, you should call an ambulance, not to prescribe treatment alone.

Despite its uniqueness and the many useful qualities, activated charcoal has contraindications and side effects. If you follow the dosage, of course, no unpredictable situations will not happen. Activated charcoal should be in every first aid kit, poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting this remedy is really essential.