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Lactofiltrum or filtrum-STI: what's better, what's the difference

Chelators must be present in any home medicine Cabinet, because life is full of unpredictable situations. Chelators is needed in acute poisoning, diarrhea, indigestion, colds, allergies. Their action is directed primarily at cleansing the body from harmful microorganisms and toxins. Most popular natural sorbents such as Lactofiltrum or filtrum-STI – it is better to opt for a home kit?

Lactofiltrum – instruction and principle of

Lactofiltrum is a natural enterosorbent, which not only regulates the bowels but improve the immune system. The preparation consists of two main components – lignity and lactulose, which bind and eliminate toxic substances from the body, normalize bowel function and have a positive impact on human immunity. After taking this drug normalizes metabolism, restores intestinal flora, forming a powerful protective factor.

Lactofiltrum is usually administered in acute poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea. Also used in allergic reactions, colds – for the withdrawal of toxic substances from the body.

There is a perception that the presence of additional active substances in Lactofiltrum, such as lactobacilli, nothing more than a publicity stunt, which is simply invented to improve sales of the drug, because it really is more expensive than their counterparts. Some doctors say that pills Lactofiltrum is not recommended for small children, especially under three years, as it has a harsh and irritating effect on the intestines and body in General. This information is not confirmed, so you should not just focus on her, trust the choice of drugs only to specialists.

Analogues of the drug – filtrum-STI

The most popular analog Lactofiltrum is filtrum-STI. This drug group of natural sorbents, but the difference between them. The fact that the filtrum does not contain lactulose, that is, it does not provide that beneficial effects on the intestine, which may cause it Lactofiltrum.

If you are thinking about which drug to choose – filtrum and Lactofiltrum, what is their difference, the difference, of course, but it is still insignificant. In filtrul the main active ingredient is lignin, that is, the product only absorbs all the harmful substances and toxins, binds to and removes from the body, but not normalizes the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, has no effect on the intestinal flora.

Sorbent filtrum-STI differs from Lactofiltrum still and price. The real drug will cost several times more expensive, so allow it to itself can not everyone. The final decision on what drug to choose, should only take a doctor. It will depend on the age and condition of the patient, his medical history.


Before the buyer can be another matter of choice – or enterosgel filtrum-STI. Among these drugs there is a significant difference, first of all it is in the composition. The main active component of enterosgel – metilksantina acid, which has the form of a hydrogel. Once in the intestine, the drug absorbs all harmful substances, pathogens and toxins. After seven hours, completely eliminated from the body. As filtrum-STI does not have immunomodulatory effects and does not affect the metabolism in the body. According to the principle of these two drugs are similar, they can be compared with a sponge or a brush, once in the intestine, just collect all the toxic substances and remove them from the body. The main advantage of these drugs is that they do not collect or derive nutrients, therefore, have much less contraindications, such as, for example, all known activated carbon.

In addition, the enterosorbent enterosgel has a lot more indications than similar drugs. It is prescribed not only for food and alcohol poisoning, but if you have allergies, to chemical and radiation therapy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, dysbacteriosis, skin diseases. Very well established drug with a hangover and alcohol intoxication. Enterosgel does not mask the smell of alcohol, and it removes from the body decay products of ethanol from the blood and intestines. If you have a serious meal, you can take enterosgel in advance – it will reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the body. In the hangover it is recommended to take the drug in the amount of three tablespoons. Seven hours after receiving the alcohol and its breakdown products will be completely removed from the body.

The special paste, allows to prescribe the drug even for small children. Method of application – inside, drink a small amount of water. The dosage and the reception time appointed by the doctor individually.

Enterosgel, as well as the filtrum, has virtually no contraindications side effects, but it is subject to dosages and recommendations are specified in the regulations. Consult a doctor before takingrequired!

The rules of admission

If assigned any of sorbent is necessary to remember about some rules and guidelines for the use. The fact that drugs of this group do not combine with other drugs. If you are taking several drugs simultaneously, it is possible not only to achieve positive results, but also cause harm to the body. Sorbents will simply display the components of other drugs along with the nutrients, the body and the immune system will begin to weaken.

Between doses of any drug should be some break time will depend on the characteristics of the funds and its composition, but it's usually at least one hour. All subtleties and nuances of acceptance and combinations of medicines need to tell the doctor.

Which drug is better

To tell what the drug is better to choose in a particular case without consulting a doctor, it is impossible. A specialist must assess the situation, collect medical history and only then to carry out the purpose of a tool. If we talk about value, Lactofiltrum more expensive than their counterparts – enterosgel and filtrum-STI, but it additionally has immunomodulating and regenerating effect on the intestines. When taking analogues may require the need for additional medications, for example anti-dysbiosis and restore gut flora.

It is highly recommended not to self-medicate and not to determine which drug is better in your specific case. Also, when choosing you should not rely on the feedback about the medications, as the body of each person is individual and to predict how it will behave something difficult. This choice must be trusted to professionals.