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Activated charcoal children: instructions for use and dosage

The use of such medicine is very wide. So often after unknowingly use coal having an overdose and manifest side effects. To avoid this, and there are instructions for use of activated charcoal for children. Because children's bodies are much harder to tolerate the side effect, because with all the drugs necessary to address carefully.

Incorrect dosage, the use of any ailments of this drug can lead to disturbances in the body of the child. Therefore a mandatory condition of using this cleanser is the correct application of the given instructions.

Reasons to use coal

Before giving activated charcoal to children should be familiar with the list of diseases for which it is necessary to use this tool:

  • the poisoning with increase of acidity in the stomach;
  • indigestion – in the case of this disease appear the heaviness in the abdomen, feeling of nausea, discomfort and possibly pain;
  • the resulting fermentation or suppuration in the digestive tract;
  • diarrhea or increase of gas liberation;
  • increasing the acidity and the active development of the juice in the stomach
  • poisoning are caused by chemicals, heavy metals, and glycosides.

Also used activated charcoal if vomiting occurs in a child, provoked by ordinary food poisoning

  • salmonellosis;
  • in contact with infections in the intestines – dysentery;
  • hepatitis chronic or acute form of viral origin;
  • dermatitis caused by allergic reaction;
  • renal pathology, in particular, failure;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • gastritis in any form;
  • inflammation in the colon and small intestine;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammation in the gallbladder of a chronic nature;
  • poisoning caused by chemical intoxication. This may include, and an overdose of drugs;
  • allergic reactions in the body;
  • disruption of the metabolic system slowing down or accelerating the metabolism;
  • applies when the intoxication after irradiation or chemotherapy.

Such a long list of ailments that can fix active carbon, due to the composition of this drug. Due to the reactive components, wherein its uglerodnogo, coal can be attributed to the drugs having a high porosity. Because of these "then" he is able to absorb in themselves harmful compounds and thus remove them from the body. Part medications includes:

  • charcoal;
  • coke the coal and oil;
  • coking coal.

Due to these indicators and the high efficiency means in medicine.

Children need help in case of poisoning and for diarrhea often. The drug facilitates the efficient withdrawal of toxic substances. This property helps to establish the gastro-intestinal tract. The parents rarely called to the aid doctors. Although to use this tool only after consultation with your doctor.

Any medication given to children only after consultation with your doctor. He will determine it or, on the contrary, hurt.

When not to use activated charcoal

Before giving activated charcoal to a child, you need to take care of his security and to check whether the list of allergic reactions to pills use of coal.

The most dangerous factors are:

  1. The presence of ulcers in the internal organs. In particular, in the 12-duodenum and stomach.
  2. The acute form of gastrointestinal disease that is accompanied by bleeding.
  3. At the same time use toxinogenesis drugs.
  4. Individual negative reaction to medication.

If you ignore such bans, the child manifested adverse reactions in the body. The most common are:

  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • disruption of the stomach;
  • lack of vitamins in the body – because of the strong influence of the suction of the substance. Along with this occurs and slow down the process of absorption of useful compounds;
  • blockage of a blood clots the blood vessels;
  • internal bleeding – hemorrhaging. This phenomenon arises from the fact that blood vessels are depleted;
  • lowering the level of sugar in the blood system;
  • leaching the body of calcium – the main building element;
  • hypothermia reduces body temperature;
  • the decrease in blood pressure.

These phenomena arise when the wrong dosage, or for violation of scheme of treatment.

Age features

Dosage of activated charcoal for children depends primarily on the age group. Doctors say that starting to use the drug almost from birth. But in order to avoid any violations of the health of the baby is to protect him from any medication before the first month of life.

For the performance two months you can start taking coal to eliminate colic and gas. The drug in the stretch for a few methods. This scheme is valid up until the child is years old.

Expect dosages should only physician – their accuracy depends on a positive outcome and child health.

Systemthe calculation of the portions of coal are fully correlated with the mass of the human body. In relation to age, there are restrictions:

  1. Children to years tablets dilute with water. Per day given not more than one pill.
  2. Those who turned 2 years and up to 3 years old, the dosage does not exceed four tablets.
  3. 4 years old maximum threshold consumption increases to a level of six tablets. Such acceptable dosage remains up to 5 years of age.
  4. For 8-year-old children provided the maximum number of tablets in the form of 12 pieces.

As for the employee's child and for the adult, the dosage is calculated by the physician guided weight. What it is, the more pills you need.

However, the calculation of means – an important step in the treatment. Because excess will lead to the fact that the drug simply will not only hazardous substances but also literally wash the body of useful vitamins.

The shortage of coal will reduce the performance and definitely will not give the desired result.

The rules of the drug

Children are often exposed to the problems that can be easily solved with the help of coal, is familiar with the rules of use of tablets. The observance of all the details and accounting details will help you to get the most benefit from activated carbon is to remove the symptoms of the disease and speed up recovery.

To determine at what age you can start giving activated charcoal the baby and to establish a regimen can only be a qualified physician.

You need to take into account such recommendations:

  1. If the child's condition suddenly worsened, not worth the risk and to set their own dose of coal. Just need to call for emergency medical assistance. After inspection and determine the cause of the disease, the doctor will prescribe an appropriate the child the amount of the drug.
  2. Accepted remedy for a few hours before the meal. The same applies to combinations with other medications – it is better to wait a couple of hours. You can postpone the reception of coal for the same period, but after a meal. This is due to the direct action of the drug. Due to the strong adsorption of the drug can absorb not only hazardous material, but even the useful minerals. Therefore, foods and medications should be separated from medical devices.
  3. Medication is usually performed on an empty stomach. This will speed up the action of the coal, and hence the improvement will come faster.
  4. How to give activated charcoal to a child? Course duration will not be more than three days. This rule applies to children of any age. Even the most difficult cases of poisonings are not able to increase this period. In the absence of a proper response, improve well-being, the child must be put in the hospital. There he will choose another kind of treatment – no primeenergy.
  5. Allergic reactions and chronic illness can increase the rate of the medication. In such situations you need to consult your doctor. It will constitute the scheme of therapeutic treatment. Typically the deadline not to exceed two weeks. After taking a break for the same period. The quantitative component of repetitions depends on the decision of a specialist.
  6. To include in the daily menu of baby juices, teas and increase your water intake. This is due to the fact that the drug can cause constipation. Do not be afraid and that the stool will be colored black – this is normal when receiving such funds.

How to store and take

An important condition when working with active coal is its storage. Wrong actions can lead to the poisoning occur because of the drug. To avoid negative phenomena, you need to follow three basic rules:

  1. Storage with other things. High ability to absorb other substances was the reason that coal requires strict isolation from other medications and food.
  2. Place. The air affects how effective the tool is within the body. Therefore, tablets should be dense, unopened packaging. Otherwise, even with the current expiration date of the adsorptive capacity will be low.
  3. The protection of children. Everyone knows that due to the rich pigment tablets charcoal easily used as a chalk for drawing. Left alone with the "pencil", the child can eat it and get overdose. In addition, because of the tastelessness and lack of odor tablet will not cause the baby disgust.

Buying children's activated charcoal, you should pay attention to the weight of the tablets and release form. Standard capsule weighs approximately 0.25 grams.

Produce the drug may be in such formats:

  • granules;
  • in powder form;
  • a tube of toothpaste;
  • classic tablet form.

The first three option specifically designed for children under 6 years. In the case of young children – under one year, parents prepare a mixture. This tablet is crushed and combined with water. In this case the proportions don't matter. This liquid and give drink to the baby.

Since 1 year, you should accustom the child to receive the tablets whole without chewing or sucking. To help in this process can a small candy. You can train, drinking the sweet water. This will facilitate further the transition to tablets.

If the drug modern counterparts

Pharmacology is not standing still, and pharmacists are constantly developing newdrugs. Similar to coal, its properties and application are:

  1. Enterosgel. Based on Metelkina acid. Allowed to be used from birth. The maximum deadline is two weeks.
  2. POLYSORB. Powder substance that is combined with water. Can use children, pregnant and lactating women. The rate can reach 30 days.
  3. Smectite. Also has a powder form. In addition, for children there is the opportunity to mix food, liquid porridges and mashed potatoes.

In addition to removing toxic substances from the body, these drugs are able to envelop the intestines and the entire digestive tract. Application of chelators protects the liver, kidneys and immune system of the person.

The drug is allowed to give in the first years of a child's life. Thanks to the natural origin of this drug affects many processes in the body and can quickly remove toxins.

However, this effect can have a negative impact. Therefore, the admission should be strictly on prescription. Plus, new parents should learn about the basic rules of the use of coal.

Consultation should include inspection, assign the necessary tests and determine the diagnosis. This is done to identify possible contraindications. Because of them after ingestion of the drug will only become worse.

Because of the broad spectrum and high efficiency tools, you need carefully to apply it. Especially given the danger to the health of the child.