Soy: benefits and harms to the health of women and men

Soy refers to products around which there are constant disputes between doctors and nutritionists. Some of them assert that this product is quite valuable and carries only benefits, others argue that harm Chinese Bob to order more. For all the vegetarians, soy is an essential source of protein. On the market you can find a lot of products on the basis of this vegetation. People who lead a normal lifestyle face with soy more often, it is in sausage, candies, dairy products and baked goods. Such ubiquity has given rise to many rumors and speculation, so you need to thoroughly understand how tangible the benefits and dangers of soy for human health.

The overall composition of the product

Soybeans almost half consist of protein. It is worth noting that it is almost indistinguishable from animal protein, but is absorbed by the human body in full. In legumes there are fats, carbohydrates, water and ash, and fiber.

In soybeans a lot of lecithin, the product has almost all b vitamins in a large volume, and vitamins a, PP, E and N. Beans are many man needs trace elements – potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, silicon and zinc. Soy is considered a natural source of bioflavonoids.

Advantages of the product

Soy and all soy products are considered to be excellent suppliers to the body of useful trace elements. These products are useful to people because:

  • contains lots of vegetable protein are therefore necessary in the diet of people that suffer from diabetes or suffer from cardiovascular disease;
  • vitamins A and E have good antioxidant characteristics;
  • lecithin speeds up metabolism, with constant use of soybeans in food can normalize your weight. In addition, lecithin can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • it consists of phospholipids that effectively cleanse the bile ducts;
  • fatty acids needed by the body for good functioning of the organs and systems;
  • soy products contain isoflavones, which prevent the development of cancer;
  • tocopherol strengthens the immune system and overall slows down the aging process.

Soy beans are a dietary product that contains few calories, but ensures long-term satiety. Regularly consuming soy, you can eat varied, but absolutely not to overeat and control your appetite.

The famous soy sauce is useful not only in its composition, but the fact that it even the classic dishes to give an unusual taste.

The potential harm of soy products

Soy products can have harmful effects on the human body, which is manifested by such diseases and conditions:

  • Allergic reactions, especially in younger children. Often, there are rashes on the skin type urticaria, persistent diarrhea, nausea, and periodic vomiting. Under strong sensitivity, can develop angioedema.
  • Beans have phytoestrogens that act as substitutes of hormones that produce female sex organs. While some oncologic diseases of female genital sphere and reduced potency in men, these components are negative, particularly at a constant intake.
  • Soy products can not often eat, if disrupted thyroid.

It is widely believed that genetically modified soy is a threat to human health. For this reason is still debatable, therefore, to protect themselves from potential danger, it is better to buy natural products. Before buying products from soya you need to carefully examine the packaging, the composition should not be components labeled GMO.

Who is helpful to eat soy

Soy foods are recommended to consume high blood pressure, women during menopause and some hormonal disorders, as well as those who wish to lose weight and athletes.

Soy-based developed many different diets. Chinese beans are added to dietary supplements and sports nutrition. Vegetable protein, which is in this product, completely digestible, unlike animal.

Beans enough lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on nerve cells. This product is recommended to enter into the diet of people who are engaged in mental labour or work which requires high concentration.

Soy in any form is a godsend for people who suffer from intolerance to animal proteins.

Soy in cosmetics

Cosmetic firms in the production of many cosmetic products use hydrolyzed soy proteins, which are derived from defatted soy flour. This makeup moisturizes well, has a rapid regenerating effect and helps to eliminate facial wrinkles. We can say that these cosmetic products have well rejuvenate the skin and prolong youth.

Soy mask is very simple to cook yourself, enough to buy all the necessary ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons soy grind in a coffee grinder until consistency of flour, pour small amount of hot water, then add fresh egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil, all mix thoroughly. Applied to the pre -cleansed skin can withstand 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
  • This mask is used to strengthen hair, only instead of olive oil it is better to take flax. Evenly coated on the hair, wrap head with a large towel and wait about an hour. Then wash off with warm water and wash hair with a neutral shampoo.

Soya is virtually waste-free product. If beans are used for human needs, the oil cake that remains after processing of product used in the manufacture of animal feed.

The use of soy products for women

The benefits of soy for women satisfied significant, it helps to prevent many diseases and normalize the functioning of some organs.

  • Prevents the formation of tumors in the Breasts is possible by prolonging the menstrual cycle for a few days, which in turn contributes to reduction in the production of extragene. More effective prevention of breast cancer you can imagine.

In the composition of soybeans has unique components that are contained in medicinal preparations for treatment of oncological diseases. But the beans there are no side effects, so they are not only useful for cancer patients, but are recommended by doctors.

  • Use of soybean products lies in the considerable easing of menopause symptoms. Regularly eating these foods can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and reduce hot flashes. In the product is the nutrients, lack of which causes poor health.
  • Helps to lose weight – contained lecithin prevents the fat to accumulate in the liver, whereby their rapid burning and weight goes very quickly.

Advisable to eat only organic soy products – milk, cheese, meat and sauce. It is not necessary to buy various supplements from these beans, they are nothing but harm, not bring.

The effect of soy on men's health

The impact of soybeans on men's health is a little different. So it is widely believed that regular consumption of soy products leads to reduced sperm count. For many men who dream to have offspring, this fact is decisive to completely abandon such a product.

In fact, the dangers of soy not so much. The fact that the consumption of soy products increases the volume of semen, but the sperm count in it remains the same. Due to this, the concentration in the total mass is reduced, but fertility is in no way affected.

Some experts assert that excess consumption of soy by men effect on testosterone. But medical studies have shown that this is possible only when abuse of soy products.

Should I give soy to children

Soybeans or as it is otherwise called, the Chinese oilseed peas doctors do not recommend giving children several reasons for this:

  1. This product is having a bad effect on hormonal balance of the growing child. For girls it threatens early puberty, and for boys, increasing levels of estrogen.
  2. Cause a persistent disruption of the pancreas and digestive tract.
  3. Provokes the development of persistent allergic reactions.
  4. Chinese beans contribute to the reduction of immunity, the child begins to get sick often with respiratory diseases.

It is strictly forbidden to include in the diet of children products, which contains genetically modified soybeans, the influence of which on the human body are not fully understood.

Adult, a healthy person only after 10-15 years will be able to fully appreciate the negative health effects genetically modified products.

How to choose the right soy

Chinese beans Packed in bags of different sizes that shoppers see on store shelves. From the quality products, the grains should be smooth, the shade can vary from light cream to dark brown. Most dark colors usually indicate that soybean forage or technical.

In addition to soybeans, the package should not be pieces of garbage, whether it's dirt or leftover husk. Quite simply to identify the genetically modified product, in this case, all beans of the same color and the same shape. Natural soy is not this similarity.

On sale is soybeans, both domestic and foreign production. Some people prefer imported products, relying on higher quality. But it is worth remembering that in some foreign countries authorized GMOs, while domestic producer sells only natural product.

Genetically modified products

Already for anybody not a secret that manufacturers are trying by all means to reduce production costs, to increase profits, which eventually gets into the pocket. And nobody thinks about the possible consequences of achieving this goal, since we are talking about profit.

The most common genetically modified product is soy. This soybean has found wide application in the food industry and is added to almost all products that you produce. The prevalence of these beans is linked to a number of factors that affect the end price of products:

  • this soy is growing rapidly;
  • it does not eat insects, it is not subject todiseases;
  • did not respond to the drugs that are used to control weeds.

Grow a soybean in Argentina, and the fields are amazing, they are comparable to small countries. Moreover, the amount of land under cultivation of beans every year. This is due to the ever increasing demands of the people.

Chinese beans grow in warm and moist soil that is well-suited only for weeds. This makes the cultivation of this soybean is economically advantageous, if not to take into account the possible harm that it can bring to people.

In genetically modified soy contains herbicides – roundup and bt-virus, which when injected into the human body alter the genetics of cells. If the nature of the normal vegetation pollination occurs pollen of genetically modified plants, first become infertile. How this might affect people who consume a daily modified products, it is very hard to imagine.

Whether or not to eat soy products

On the one hand, soy is a pretty useful food product, which helps to prevent some serious diseases. But it is worth remembering that all should be in moderation and the product must be natural.

You do not need to consume genetically engineered products, as it can dozens of years to affect the health of the nation. If the demand for GMOs falls, Argentina will reduce the sales of modified soy beans, otherwise the field every year will grow and people will continue to visit hospitals in search of the causes of their ailments.

Each person needs to decide for themselves, is it soy or to abandon it in favor of other, more healthful foods. There are many herbal products that are rich in vitamins and minerals, so in some cases you only need to review your diet to decrease the incidence.