Slime food: list

Slime food is this product which contains in its composition of certain substances that can accumulate in the human body and worsen the condition. These foods can cause nasal congestion and severe cough with sputum, as well as other health disorders. But not always, the runny nose and cough – it is harmful to health, in some instances, these pathological conditions, promotes rapid healing.

General characteristics of slime products

Foods that form mucus in the human body is a milk casein, gelatin and starch. All of these components can accumulate in the body and impair the absorption of minerals and nutrients. This leads to such unpleasant consequences:

  • To disruption of lymphatic drainage process and the worsening of cosmetic defects, such as cellulite,
  • To permanent swelling and noticeable puffiness of the facial features.
  • Increase the frequency of respiratory diseases.
  • The development of a phobia about draughts.

The increase in temperature activates the processes of self-purification of the body. So the runny nose is just one of the ways of the withdrawal of mucus from the body naturally.

The mucus tends to accumulate in the body regardless of the frequency of bowel movement.

What foods are slime

Foods that cause mucus in the body, are present in the diet of each person. It is possible to define such a list:

  • Products containing casein, whole milk products first and foremost whole milk. The smallest dosage of casein in the sour cream and cream, and sticky protein is missing in clarified butter.
  • Gelatin is not only a substance which is sold in bags, and all products which are usually prepared aspic, Brawn and aspic.
  • Starch from potatoes and corn and all the products with its contents.

To limit the formation of mucus in the body, reducing the consumption of beans, white flour and confectionery products, potatoes in any form and milled rice. In addition, the diet should be a limited amount of whole milk and meat products with a high content of gelatin.

With a large consumption products slime on the walls of the digestive tract and gradually forms a sticky film which prevents the absorption of nutrients. Because of this, even healthy and nutritious products is of little use to the body.

What diseases provokes excessive amount of mucus in the body

Mucus is a perfect breeding ground for various pathogenic bacteria. If a person frequently consumes slime products, it can disturb such diseases:

  • migraine unclear etiology;
  • frequent colds accompanied by a runny nose;
  • pneumonia, as a result of penetration of mucus in deep regions of the respiratory organs;
  • rheumatism and diseases of the joints;
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin – acne and boils;
  • hearing loss as a result of blockage of ear canals;
    Persistent constipation is the result of excessive amount of mucus in the intestines.

The bulk of the slime enters the body with foods that man eats. Therefore, if you are concerned about frequent health disorders, it is necessary to revise your diet.

If a person is going to lose weight, to begin with it is necessary to adjust your diet and cleanse the body of excess mucus.

Literaturesee products

In addition to the slime products, there is a list of foods that remove mucus from the body. They are summarized in the table:

Greens Vegetables Fruit Other products
Spinach Tomatoes Lemon Brown sugar
Lettuce Cucumbers Orange Mushrooms
Dill Beets Drain Dates
Parsley Turnips Peach Blueberries
Sweet potato Apricot Cherry
Cabbage Banana Raspberry
Polka dot Apricot Garnet
Pumpkin Pear

Longer to maintain health and increase life expectancy, it is necessary to include in the diet many raw ingredients. All food must be natural and absorbed. Some experts suggest gradually give up the fire for cooking. But that does not mean you have to go to extremes and do a completely raw food diet. Enough, if the ratio of thermally processed foods and fresh will be the same.

It is important to know that cooked food requires more time for processing, this creates an extra burden on the digestive organs.

The basic principles besliste diet

If a person wants to live a healthy lifestyle to lose weight and get rid of many chronic diseases, he should gradually switch to foods that produce less waste. Principles besliste diet, you can consider these items:

  1. Breakfast should be as late as possible, it is desirable to hold out until noon. If hunger is too severe, you can eatfresh fruit.
  2. For lunch you can prepare a light vegetable broth and cooked vegetables.
  3. For dinner cooked vegetable salad made from different vegetables, which combine well with each other. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes or cucumbers-cabbage.
  4. Between meals drink lots of water. Suitable herbal decoctions, compotes and freshly squeezed juices.

Few people manage to go on a healthy diet at once. Usually it takes about three months, but in this case it is less painful impact on the body. If you have a chronic disease, before drastically changing the diet you need to consult with your doctor.