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Harmful if sunflower seeds and pumpkin for the liver and whole body

When on the table there is a bag of seeds, it is very difficult not to succumb to the temptation and take a handful and then another. This kind of ritual, bringing not only the taste enjoyment, but also calming for frayed nerves working day. To break away from the nibbling very difficult, and until the end of the pack, hardly anyone will stop. However, despite the fact that eating seeds is fun, do not forget that every product is useful to eat in moderation. Hardly anyone actually considered harmful sunflower seeds. You should understand what is their benefit and what is harm.

The composition of sunflower seed

Solar flower, called the sunflower, so named not for nothing. During the day it turns around the sun, and inserts its head under its rays. When the flowers open, they remain deployed to the East, and then in the midst of them Mature all your favorite seeds. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and are the raw material for the production of vegetable oil, which is in every house.

  • the sunflower seeds have several essential vitamins, namely vitamins a, E, C and a whole set of subgroups of b;
  • the amount of mineral elements is no less diverse. Here and iron, and iodine, and calcium and zinc;
  • sunflower seeds – this is the correct fats, and required for muscle proteins, and slow carbohydrates in one bottle;
  • seeds, especially pumpkin, are rich in amino acid arginine, which is essential for heart and blood vessels;
  • this product is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for human body, especially the nervous system.

The benefits and harms of roasted seeds

It just so happened that in the food used with the fried sunflower seeds. Unlike the tasteless, crude, fragrant sunflower seeds from the frying pan instantly fly away whole handfuls. It is believed that roasted seeds more harm, and benefit quite a bit, since during heat treatment, they lose a lot of properties. Is it really so?

  1. Roasted sunflower seeds bad for your teeth, so it is best to nibble their hands. Immense from the constant eating of the fruit of the sunflower spoils the tooth enamel, between the front incisors, a gap, or they become uneven.
  2. It is believed that if you eat more than 100 grams of seeds, this can lead to increased pressure, albeit briefly, so high blood pressure need to be careful with this product.
  3. The constant eating of seeds is fatal for the figure. Since sunflower seeds are very high in calories, people who are overweight it is better to limit their use. It is necessary to ponder, 100 grams of the product more than 500 calories! Those who take care of themselves and protects the figure, too, should abandon the frequent clicking of seeds, because they are so nutritious that gain weight very quickly.
  4. Sunflower seeds are prohibited for those who suffer from peptic ulcer disease and gastritis. Do not neglect this advice, as the seeds are very nutritious and fatty, because they make butter and extra fats though vegetable, ulcer obviously no good.
  5. The high acidity and frequent heartburn seeds also can harm. It is better to first identify the cause of such States, and then to take up the seeds.
  6. Excessive consumption of sunflower seeds can cause drowsiness and lethargy reaction. This is due to the high content of vitamin B. of Course, if you do not eat them daily in large chunks, nothing like the lover of the fruit of the sunflower is not threatened.
  7. Eat unpeeled seeds is not recommended. Their husks are not digested and clogs the cecum, which could lead to its removal. There is speculation that eating the seeds with the husk might be the cause of her blockage and the formation of acute appendicitis.
  8. Everyone knows that chocolate and sunflower seeds is prohibited products for singers and actors. Especially not recommended to chew the seeds before the performance. They irritate the larynx, and the voice gradually goes down, so the singers with mezzo-soprano they are strictly prohibited.

It turns out that the damage from seed is present, but not to say their use is inexcusable. Among the useful properties should be mentioned the following:

  • the seeds are useful for liver as clean this body is not worse than medicine, but if you eat too many seeds, there is a risk of overload;
  • fruits sunflower strengthen the heart muscle, normalize blood flow, lower cholesterol, and make blood vessels more elastic;
  • this product in small quantities are useful for digestion, in the absence of serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • many could notice that the process of clicking seeds, calms, therefore, not to mention its benefits for the nervous system;
  • roasted sunflower seeds are perfectly satisfy hunger, as they are very nutritious and high in calories. Therefore, nutritionists advise you to chew sunflower seeds as a snack, alternating their eating with walnuts and dried fruit, but it is important not to exceed the rate;
  • in the seeds of many vitamins, among them E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant.

The benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds – a less-preferred treat, but the benefits are impressive. Their regular use helps to restore virility. They are rich in zinc, and this mineral element is strong floors really need.

If there is a riskinfected with helminthiasis, pumpkin seeds – an excellent preventive measure. In addition, the crushed seeds are applied to the affected areas of skin with eczema and dermatitis – they relieve irritation and heal wounds. Especially useful is the grayish-green shell cleaned seed.

Supporters of cleansing the body of the popular methods is recommended to use pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach. This method of recovery is not appropriate for everyone, as sunflower seeds are very fatty and nutritious, and it can cause adverse reactions. Poisoning pumpkin seeds may be the result of excessive use of this product or allow any foreign harmful substances. For example, if the pumpkin was missing, and the seeds produced from it was not even washed, then come down with fever, diarrhea and vomiting is quite real.

Poisoning seeds

Poisoning sunflower seeds – a rare phenomenon, however, improper storage of the product and in the use of old seed is possible. If you keep the product in moisture, it can form mold.

To protect yourself from this is impossible, but old or foreign flavor feel easy. Usually in this scenario, you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, so the sorbent is not enough. You should always check the expiration date and to pay attention to storage conditions. Given that the production of seeds has gained momentum in recent years, they can be purchased in any supermarket. But about the purchase of a Cup of roasted seeds with my grandmother, trading at the border in a neighboring yard, it is better to forget.

Cadmium poisoning

In addition, the sunflower seed contains cadmium. Studies have shown that bags of seeds from some manufacturers presence of this heavy metal rolls. When constantly ingested in large quantities, cadmium causes eating disorders and impairing the functioning of the kidneys. If you do not detect an overabundance of this substance, it can cause irreparable harm to the body:

  • appear persistent headaches, loss of coordination, blurred, convulsions, fainting;
  • occurs kidney or liver failure, swelling, a rise in pressure;
  • pain in the region of the gastrointestinal tract, bloating, periodic vomiting, nausea, cadmium disturbs the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut and impairs its epithelium.

To detect intoxication through intake of urine from a patient. Sometimes biopsy of the kidneys. In acute poisoning, treatment is aimed at removing of excess of cadmium is carried out gastric lavage, klishirovannyh shown balanced diet. Without sorbents in this case will, therefore, usually assigned to smectite, activated charcoal, enterosgel, POLYSORB or. Recovery of kidney function diuretics are used, and in the liver – milk Thistle and essential phospholipids. If timely diagnosis, the prognosis is usually favorable.

Poisoning with rat poison

Poison seeds can be in contact with them rat poison. To cause death, the dose of toxic substances have to be huge, but a small content of it can disrupt vital processes in the body.

The patient has weakness and dizziness, pain in the digestive tract, bleeding gums, ulcerations in the oral cavity.

Regular lavage of the stomach and reception of enterosorbent not do, because the poison disrupts blood clotting. In most cases, hospitalization is required to conduct a forced diuresis and blood transfusion. Therefore, if you notice such symptoms after ingestion of sunflower seed, immediately need to contact an ambulance! If the whole family loves the seeds, the best prevention of intoxication will fry them yourself by buying heads of sunflowers right on farms or by purchasing raw packaged product in the store with the date seal and expiration date.

Eating sunflower seeds every day, but only in small portions. It is best to use this product as a snack two or three times a week, and then will benefit from it, because it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. To buy seeds you need from a trusted manufacturer, and to eat them at night a huge handful, even if they are fresh – so. to overload the liver and digestive tract.