Can I eat old mushrooms, if they were black

No peace feast is not complete without the mushroom production, and just like the hostess treat a family mushroom pickles. Mushrooms have a pleasant odor and taste, so are in great demand. There is no need to go to the forest to gather up a basket of tasty mushrooms. Just visit any supermarket and choose mushrooms of any size. However, it so happens that there remains only very large mushrooms that have already changed color. Can I eat old mushrooms after heat treatment, or better not to risk it – this is necessary to understand in detail.

Forest mushrooms

Full confidence of novice mushroom that mushrooms can cause poisoning, leading sometimes to tragic consequences. If you are going for a quiet hunt, you need to remember

  • even edible mushrooms may adversely affect health in a number of cases;
  • in the forest you can find about the types of mushrooms, which, although not threaten human life, but are considered poisonous enough;
  • inexperienced mushroom pickers could be lured edible mushroom with a pale toadstool.

Any mushroom is a kind of sponge that can absorb as nutrients, and toxic.

Old, blackened mushrooms that were gathered in the forest, considered a source of toxic substances. These products are absolutely not, so how can it be intoxication. This also applies to the mushrooms, which were collected in polluted areas, near landfills, railway, roadway, inside the former industrial plant or near treatment facilities.

Such objects are a source of emissions of toxic substances and here collected mushrooms easily poisoned. We must remember that the young mushrooms just a day absorb a sufficient amount of toxic compounds.

It is important to remember that the poison can be absolutely any product, if it is saturated with nitrates and toxins.

Mushrooms from the store

Mushrooms – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This product helps to prevent many diseases, but only if it is prepared, adhering to technology. Mushroom dishes with mushrooms enjoy eating with people of all ages, but still, we must note that this production is not for everyone, as there are such substances:

  • chitin – this feature is almost not excreted from the body and difficult to digest. Especially hard substance to digest the immature child's stomach, so the diet of children of the mushroom production needs to be restricted;
  • acid – mushrooms contain different acids, so people who have chronic diseases of the digestive organs, it is necessary to use such products with caution;
  • phosphorus and hydrocyanic acid – this substance is usually found in mushroom pickles. They tend to accumulate in the body and affect the kidneys. Although the dosage of these substances is very small, but a weak body may react with pain.

If the mushrooms were blackened in the store before I got to the consumer, the price is much lower. Many people take the such products to cook soups, stews, and pizza. There are blackened mushrooms can, but it is better not to tempt fate, nobody can guarantee the high quality discounted products.

Quality mushrooms should be white, smooth and without spots on the hat. It is believed that the smaller the size the better, but there are some recipes that require large mushrooms.

What if the mushrooms turned black in the fridge

If the mushrooms from extended use darkened in the refrigerator, to determine whether they are suitable for cooking or not, they need to see. About the unsuitability of the product say these signs:

  • the sticky layer on the mushrooms;
  • areas of black spots on the cap;
  • began to rot and plates;
  • the unpleasant smell.

If mushrooms were store-bought and about a week stored in the refrigerator, nothing serious. Most likely, the mushrooms had darkened by low temperature or because of a leaky packaging. Such mushrooms is quite possible to have needs after heat treatment, and after cooking they are quite indistinguishable from the fresh mushrooms.

Can I eat raw mushrooms

Some people, especially those who practice a raw food diet, wonder whether it is possible to eat raw mushrooms, brought from the store? It is possible, but you need to make sure that the product was fresh and the mushrooms did not have any spots and defects. Raw mushrooms are such benefits to the body:

  • Are a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • They have no fat, so the body does not spend extra energy to digest such products.
  • The mushrooms contain a lot of fiber, thanks to which normalizes the work of intestine and the stool becomes regular.

It is strictly forbidden to eat raw mushrooms that are black inside. Darkened color usually indicates a not very fresh product, which can be harmful microorganisms which will trigger poisoning.

Raw mushroomscontribute to the development of the human body melanin. Due to this property people who daily eat about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, 3 weeks acquire a tanned skin, like after an expensive resort.

As keep longer the freshness of the mushrooms

If mushrooms were collected in large numbers in the woods, they are often canned and dried. If you want a long time to eat a more natural product, the mushrooms need to boil for a few minutes in salted water, then wring out the water, fold into packets and send in the freezer. As needed, these single-serve packets get and add the mushrooms in different dishes.

To store mushrooms for a long time it was getting dark, they must be stored in sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. In that case, if the product was bought as a reserve, it is possible to cut pre-washed mushrooms slices and place in portion bags, which are then stored in a drawer of the freezer. To prepare mushroom soup or stew, you have frozen mushrooms to pour into heated skillet and fry until tender. To defrost the product in this case should not be.

Mushrooms, brought from the store, pre-wash, and then 20 minutes left in the cool water. This can improve the taste of the product.

What could be more delicious pickled or fried mushrooms. Mushrooms are not considered a staple, but significantly diversify the diet. It is worth considering that some people eat mushrooms is not recommended.