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Margarine: benefit or harm, what's it made of, the composition according to GOST

Once this product made a splash in the grocery market. He became a real salvation for people who undergone all the misery of wartime. An acute shortage of food forced to settle for cheap substitutes of elite products. But despite its value in taste margarine virtually no lost butter. So even saying good-bye deprivation, Housewives left this product as ingredient of delicious homemade cakes and other dishes. To date, manufacturers have changed the composition of this product, and not for the better. Hence the numerous myths about the danger, it would seem that such a harmless product. And where is the truth? That's what we try to understand the good or harm of margarine can be expected by the buyer.

The composition of margarine

People distant from the food industry, is unlikely to be able to accurately answer that is contained in a pack with nice packaging. Under the rules, the margarine is a water-fat emulsion with the addition of auxiliary components. Surprises from manufacturers start right from the basics of the product and the same excipients in most cases are a complete mystery to the end customer.

Margarine is made from fat bases is oil, does not have any aromatic and flavor qualities. In the United States, for example, for production using soybean oil. At the same time, in the vastness of the Western Europe actively engage in the production based on rapeseed oil. German manufacturers in some varieties add fat (known as lard). Low-calorie product made from palm and coconut oil.

Auxiliary ingredients:

  • milk, sour cream, or casein sodium as substitutes;
  • butter;
  • sugar;
  • salt to improve palatability and prevent spattering during frying;
  • preservatives (citric, sorbic or benzoic acid);
  • emulsifiers to increase shelf life of the finished product;
  • oxidizing agents (are usually put together with tocopherol or lecithin);
  • in some varieties can contain flavoring and aromatic additives (coffee and chocolate extract, vanillin).

The use of petroleum products for the production is nothing more than a myth. He appeared after the unflattering reviews of consumers on the taste of the product.


Currently producing several varieties. The most common among these varieties, the table margarine, soft spread and squared. In a separate category listed is the product of "high quality". What and where should be used to identify the marking printed on the package.

  • MT – hard grade, used for the production of other food products;
  • MTS is recommended for making puff pastry;
  • MTK – grade, suitable for making delicate soufflé and cream fillings;
  • MM – soft variety, recommended for sandwiches ("Frame");
  • IVS/SWC – liquid cooking oil used for baking of bakery products and frying.

Most often, consumers choose a soft variety – table margarine, adding it to cakes, or spreading on bread. Some buyers prefer to replace the margarine spread. It's not quite right. Because, in addition to low prices, these two products are nothing more in common. In addition, the composition of margarine by GOST subject to the relevant rules, while clear guidance regarding the quantity and quality of ingredients spread does not exist.

Dairy butter and margarine: composition, calorie content and scope

The dining is a separate variety that, in turn, is divided into two types. Both products differ in taste. Therefore, the recommendations for use in cooking areas for them are different.

Butter margarine

In the manufacture of this product used fats of animal and vegetable origin. A required component is butter margarine cow's milk, mass fraction of which must be approximately 25%. The caloric content of the class is 743 kcal/100 g of product. Perfect for making sweet pastries and thick creams. According to reviews, goes well with the sandwiches.

Milk margarine

Despite its promising title, the milk does not present. This is its main difference from its creamy counterpart. At the core of the composition are animal fats and protein compounds. The calorie content of milk varieties 770 kcal/100 g. the Product is suitable for bread making and savoury baking. If necessary, can be used in confectionery.

Useful properties of margarine

The main use of margarine – energy value of the product with higher performance in comparison with natural butter. So it allows you to quickly saturate the body, getting rid of feelings of hunger.

In addition, vegetable margarine contains no cholesterol. So in moderation, it will not increase the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and provokes the development of diseases of the blood vessels.

With regard to dietary characteristics of the margarine product, the experts in thisthe question is ambiguous. Calorie dairy margarine and butter are about the same. The only advantage is the amount of cooking oil that you can eat with bread at a time, will be less than in the use of sandwiches with natural oil.

The same can be said about the vitamins that are allegedly contained in bricks of light yellow color. They're really are present, as well as some trace elements. But they added to margarine by artificial means. So use them for the body will be small.

Useful properties of margarine will depend on the quality of the raw materials used in its production.

Harm to the body

Possible harm of margarine is the most discussed topic. The product may contain chemical substances and TRANS fats. It is the latter component is most frightening about the buyer. These substances of artificial origin, for processing of which the body has no enzymes. Therefore, regular consumption of TRANS fats you can seriously undermine your health:

  • a metabolic process;
  • immunosuppression;
  • increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the emergence of malignant neoplasms;
  • the deterioration in the quality of breast milk;
  • the birth of babies with low weight in women who regularly consumed margarine poor quality;
  • deterioration of sperm quality in men, infertility.

So in this question the experts by far. When consumed regularly in large quantity margarine has a harmful effect on the human body. Especially if in order to save the choice is made in favor of a cheap product of low quality.

Another drawback of margarine is palm oil in the composition. Today it is recognized as one of the strongest allergens. The rich composition, which was supposed to benefit, was the enemy of the human body. So be careful, offering a margarine Allergy sufferers and young children. And be sure to read the composition, which will indicate the type of plant-based.

How to choose a margarine

If you use margarine in baking or for sandwiches, you need to take responsibility for the choice of this product. Knowing some rules, you will be able to buy useful or at least safe for health cooking oil. To do this, see the memo to the buyer.

  1. Don't buy in the shops a cheap product. The price of margarine is increased in proportion to its quality. So the low price is a sure sign of a rich chemical composition and a complete lack of natural ingredients.
  2. A quality product is only offered in foil packaging impermeable to light rays and unnecessary odors.
  3. Always read the composition. Preferably the lack of flavorings and emulsifiers.
  4. The color of margarine should be uniformly yellow, without streaks and spots. Any mismatch can speak about violation of technology of production or storage of the product.
  5. The shelf life of margarine in the fridge is not more than fifteen months. Frozen product can be used for only two months.

Do not eat margarine with sour or bitter taste. It's a broken product that can cause poisoning.

Finally, go back to the main question: is it possible to have margarine with bread or better to abandon the low-cost alternative to butter? You can eat, use margarine in baking and other dishes. But if the high quality of this product. If this account has any doubts, better do not risk the health. Otherwise the savings will be very questionable.