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Is it possible to have the seeds from apples, their benefits and harms

Can I eat apples on the bone, this question is raised by some people when they begin to eat the delicious and juicy fruits. Apple itself is a very valuable and useful fruit, and this product comes in many varieties and periods of maturation.

Apples on the bone, the benefits and harms which is the cause of disputes, many experts have several years, you can include in your diet, but subject to certain rules.

The internal structure of the seeds from apples

Apple bone in its composition contains the following useful elements:

  • fatty oil to 35% of the total mass of the bone;
  • protein;
  • sucrose;
  • vitamin B17. This vitamin, also called laetril, is a very rare and important trace element. Daily rate item is in the 4-5 seed;
  • mineral elements, iodine daily allowance is 10 bones and the potassium content in the bone 200 mcg.

In food it is recommended to use only fresh bones solid and elastic membrane. The most intense is the bone that can grow and produce escape.

The benefits of Apple seed

The seeds of apples contain enough important vitamin B17, laetril, which is rare, but useful trace mineral. This vitamin slows down the proliferation of tumor cells, therefore, leading experts-oncologists recommends the use of Apple seeds as a preventive measure for cancer.

Vitamin B17 increases the activity of the organism and improves its overall condition. The person receiving this vitamin in the required dose, feels and looks much younger peers.

In the composition of the Apple seed is the high content of iodine. The lack of such trace elements is human nature constant pain of the head, scattered attention, loss of memory, frequent changes and worsening of mood. To align the content of iodine in the patient's body doctors prescribe to eat a day to five Apple seeds to make part of the daily norm of an element.

However, reorganize Maine apples are not the only source of iodine, so you need to include in your daily diet and other food that allows to increase the iodine content in to normal.

The takeover of juicy apples, it can be cut in half and cut off from fresh seeds. After these seeds should be crushed in any available device to powder. Prepared by the powder can, alternatively, mix with honey any fee in proportion one to two. After that this mixture can add to the kefir, yogurt, cereal or even to take as a separate Supplement in the amount of one teaspoon per day. The daily intake of grains to five or six.

It is not recommended to harvest the seeds of apples and after filing, as they characteristic quick drying.

In the study of the properties of the seeds from the apples in their structure were discovered nutrients that help in the fight against wrinkles. After that bone has been widely used in cosmetics in the manufacture of creams, scrubs and facial masks.

For making Apple cosmetics at home you need to slice the Apple, including the seeds, thus it is necessary to remove only coarse folds from the core of the fruit.

The seeds of apples due to its high biological strength has been widely used in modern courses of CEMENTERIO in the treatment of the internal organs of patients. For example, during the course of treatment su Jok seed, apples applied to biologically active points of palms and feet of the patient, which are responsible for the condition of one or another internal organ.

The damage from the seed of apples

In addition to the use of grain apples used improperly, can bring great harm. This is due to the fact that the fruit seeds contain a very dangerous substance, the glycoside amygdalin, which is converted in the stomach into hydrocyanic acid. Such an acid called cyanide is a potent poison.

However, the human immune system when unabatedly and healthy body ready to cope with a minor amount of the poison. Consequently, when normalized eating grains apples they will not bring harm but only good.

Now I understand why you can't eat the seeds from apples in large quantity. Uncontrolled intake of grains from the apples can cause the food or even chemical poisoning with possible fatal outcome.

The main symptoms of food poisoning with hydrocyanic acid are the symptoms:

  1. Problems with the respiratory tract, passing into suffocation.
  2. Sudden changes in blood pressure and heart rate.
  3. Copious vomiting.
  4. A strong flow of saliva.
  5. Unbearable pain of the head.
  6. Unconsciousness.

In this poisoning, you must call a medical team and immediately wash the stomach. Failure to provide timely qualified help can result in death.

You need to consider that the venom in the bones of apples breaks down during heat treatment, therefore, compotes, jams and other dishes which include the fruit seeds do not bear any danger to human health.

Remember that the liqueurs and cordials made at home from fruits with seeds without heat treatment, can lead to foodpoisoning.


Seeds from apples, though, and are a good source of iodine is contraindicated for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And there are objective reasons. Expectant mothers are very sensitive to all harmful and toxic substances, the influence which may cause deterioration of General health women, headache, and pronounced toxicity.

To maintain the iodine content in normal pregnant women, which is important for the expectant mother and the growing fetus, you must include in your diet fruits and foods with iodine and vitamin complexes written by an attending physician.

The kids with their usual developing immune system can't fight even with minimal volume of poisonous acid. Consequently, children generally need to be protected from consumption of fruit pits. Therefore, these grains cannot be taken in food and women during breastfeeding.