Pills and drugs for cleaning the blood vessels of the brain

Full circulation in the brain is the key to the normal regulation of the internal organs and systems. The man, whose brain receives adequate nutrition, has a high capacity for work, he always emotionally stable, coping well with stressful situations. Such people have good memory and concentration. With age, blood vessels become clogged with deposits of cholesterol, microscopic blood clots. To get rid of these entities and avoid the severe consequences, people at risk, prescribe drugs for cleaning the blood vessels of the brain.

Cholesterol deposits leads to the development of chronic disease is atherosclerosis. It is a vascular pathology in which the walls lose their elasticity, become fragile and vulnerable. Over time they deform, their gleam is narrowed, up to complete blockage. Therefore, in atherosclerosis, and to prevent prescribe means to prevent blockage of blood vessels.

Drugs that reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

To slow the process of plaque formation and halt the progression of destruction of the vascular wall, cleaning of vessels prescribed lipoproteins – complex proteins.

Fibrates normalize the metabolism of fats in the body, I'm taking it extra cholesterol, prevent blood clots.


  1. Have bezalip – promotes the physiological process of digestion of cholesterol, accelerates the process of decay, removes plaque in the blood vessels of the brain. Improves blood flow and prevents blood clots, reduces blood viscosity. Available in tablets of 200 mg. is Contraindicated in patients with diseases of the gall bladder and liver, chronic renal failure, pregnancy.
  2. Betanidin or its analogues – lipantil, Vitrum cardio omega-3", roxera. Drugs reduce the synthesis of "bad" cholesterol, reduce the amount of fat particles in the blood vessels of the brain. The use of these tools allows you to get rid of 25 to 35% of the cholesterol in the body. Contraindications the age of 18 years, kidney and liver failure.
  3. Gemfibrozil is highly effective to reduce the amount of fat in the blood. It is prescribed in severe cases when diet and other medical treatment has not given results. Available in tablets. Contraindications – children, pregnant women, pathology of the gallbladder.
  4. The fenofibrate – reduces the number of lipids in the blood and regulates vascular tone. Available in capsules. Side effects – dermatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, muscular weakness. With prolonged use there is a stagnation of bile.

Statins – drugs that lower the amount of lipids in the blood stream of the brain in atherosclerotic changes and metabolic disorders of cholesterol. They inhibit the enzyme that promotes the deposition of fat plaques in blood vessels. These products improve the condition of the epithelium of the circulatory system, reduce blood viscosity, prevent blood clots and their connection to atherosclerotic plaques. This vast complex influence allows to use statins to clean the vascular system of the brain.

Statin treatment reduces mortality by 40%. When you receive a medium level of cholesterol in the blood is reduced by more than 50%. Statins – tools of last generation, and this means that side effects and contraindications minimized.


  • Simvastatin;
  • Lovastatin;
  • Fluvastatin;
  • Pravastatin.

Tools that expand blood vessels

A marked vasodilatory effect of calcium antagonists. This group of drugs increases the lumen of the brain vessels, lowers blood pressure. Thus reducing the load on the walls of the bloodstream. This property is of particular importance for patients suffering from obesity and hypertension. The elasticity of the arteries of such people is disturbed, walls are depleted of cholesterol deposits and very vulnerable. Is created risk of heart attacks, brain hemorrhages, thrombotic events and strokes.

Calcium antagonists prevent vascular tone of the brain, expanding the lumen, and improve blood circulation. Means of correcting vascular disorders in the body.

Most effective medicine for cleaning the blood vessels of the brain – nimodipine and Cinnarizine. It is an indispensable drugs in atherosclerosis.

Nimodipine dilates the blood vessels of the brain, relieves spasm of smooth muscle, counteracts serotonin, which constricts blood vessels. The medication does not affect the performance in systemic arterial pressure. Available in tablets. With care it is prescribed to patients with brain edema and hemorrhage, the elderly, and people with severe kidney failure.

Cinnarizine has a positive effect on cerebral blood flow, reduces blood viscosity, relieves spasm of blood vessels. The blood pressure is not affected. The drug is prescribed to patients in whom the lumen of the vessel is severely narrowed due to atherosclerosis. Available in tablets and capsules. The tool is well tolerated by the body. In rare cases, it may be drowsiness, gastrointestinal disorders, dry mouth. Contraindications – pregnancy and lactation.

Antiplatelet agents

src="/poisoning/images/332-3.jpg">antiplatelet agents is a group of drugs that prevent the formation of blood clots. They thin the blood in the phase-out and prevent the agglutination of red blood cells. They are administered in the complex therapy as a means to clean the blood vessels of the brain.

The main groups of drugs:

  1. Derivatives of acetylsalicylic acid reduce the viscosity of the blood and widen blood vessels (aspirin cardio, aspirin, aspirin 1000, terapin, Epicor).
  2. Inhibitors of PDE (phosphodiesterase) – reduces the load on the walls of blood vessels, eliminates the viscosity of the blood (dipyridamole, triflusal).
  3. Blockers of ADP receptors or antiplatelet agents is indicated for the prevention of thrombosiscaused by atherosclerotic changes in vessels of the brain (tiklopidin, clopidogrel).
  4. Inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism – affect blood clotting (picotamide, indobufen).
  5. Blockers glycoprotein receptors – inhibit fibrinogen binding to the platelet receptor, which leads to the effect of exposure (tirofiban, lamifiban, abciximab).

"Ginkgo Biloba" to cleanse the blood vessels of the brain

The extract of this plant has a complex effect on the human brain. Medicines based on Ginkgo biloba improves circulation, relieve tension and tone blood vessels, improve microcirculation, prevents vascular permeability.

Other useful properties of the plant:

  • have an antioxidant effect, destroying free radicals;
  • strengthen blood vessels;
  • relieve swelling;
  • improve the metabolic processes in the nervous tissue.

The drugs, which clean the blood vessels of the brain:

  1. Tanakan is available in tablets. In rare cases, the medicines are easy allergic reactions, digestive disorders, headaches.
  2. Bilobil – improves brain nourishment glucose, increases supply of oxygen to the brain, increases the resistance of the vascular walls. The drug is manufactured in capsules for oral administration. Side effects happen in rare cases – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergic dermatitis. Bilobil not prescribed to children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
  3. Ginkor Fort increases the elasticity of the vascular wall, reducing its permeability. Form release capsules for oral use. No known negative side effects, in rare cases allergic skin reaction, discomfort in the epigastric region, nausea. Contraindications – individual intolerance graves disease.

Any medication cleansing of cerebral vessels should be performed on the background of the observance of a special diet that restricts the intake of fat and also regulates the consumption of omega-3 and omega-6.

Cleaning of cerebral vessels folk remedies

Herbs is a good alternative to drug medicines for the purification of vessels. They are used not only for therapeutic purposes. Folk remedies is prevention of plaque formation in the vascular system of the brain.

Recipe No. 1. Garlic and lemon

Garlic cleans the blood of cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure. Clean 3-5 heads of garlic and finely chop. Chop one lemon with peel.

The ingredients put them into a glass container and pour 2 liters of warm boiled water, allow to cool. Infuse in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Drink 3 times per day between meals for 100 g. Course of treatment – 30 days.

Recipe №2. Beet juice

Take beets of medium size, wash, and clean. Squeeze out the juice. Take 3 times a day on an empty stomach 1/3 Cup. Before each appointment you need to prepare fresh juice, as its healing properties are stored for 10 minutes. To taste the beet juice was nicer, you can add 1 tsp of honey.

Recipe No. 3. Herbal

Herbs also help cleanse the blood vessels of the brain. Recommended herbs and their proportions:

  • motherwort – 3;
  • fennel seed – 2;
  • thyme – 2;
  • mother and stepmother – 1;
  • St. John's wort – 1;
  • strawberries – 1;
  • Melissa – 1.

All components mix and minced, 1 tbsp. l. raw pour 500 ml of boiling water, bring to boil, remove from heat. Let stand 1-2 hours. Drink infusion during the day regardless of the meal.

Medicines and folk remedies for cleaning the blood vessels of the brain can be used only on physician's prescription. Self-administration is fraught with negative consequences for the body – disruption of arterial pressure, violation of the integrity of the vascular wall, bleeding in the brain, liver and kidneys.