Laser blood purification: contraindications and indications

Laser blood purification is a unique procedure that has no analogues. Of irradiation is based on the fact that blood cells have zvetovospriatie receptors. The optical device is inserted into the vein and emits a wave of the red or blue spectrum. A beam on the receptors stimulates the cells, speeding up the operation of all major systems of the human body.

The indications for the procedure

Laser cleaning of the blood is manipulation is used in a wide range of diseases.

The procedure is effective in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, digestive tract, violation of the liver and circulatory system, varicose veins, hepatitis, Raynaud's syndrome, arthritis. This treatment is indicated for gynecological problems, ligament injuries, stretching, pre - and postoperative period, infectious, psychological and physiological ailments, for total rejuvenation of the body. Irradiation is used in the combined treatment of delirium tremens, drug and alcohol dependence. The functioning of the body improves due to the natural cleansing of the blood, so there is no harmful effects from the procedure.

Before irradiation required to consult a doctor to rule out any contraindications. Laser irradiation of perfectly struggling with such skin diseases as psoriasis and dermatitis of all kinds, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, ailments of the urinary system pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. ILIB-therapy is used in prevention of viral infections and to enhance the process of milk secretion in lactating mothers.

In the field of cosmetic procedure used to rejuvenate the skin, normalize the functions of sebaceous glands and elimination of scarring. Laser irradiation increases the body's defenses, accelerates healing of wounds and increases efficiency. The treatment helps to enhance the susceptibility of a patient to antibiotics, contributing to reducing the dosage of the drug.

Frequent manipulation recommended for older people who have cell hematopoiesis became viscous and thick, increasing the risk of blood clots and clogged blood vessels.

Properties of the laser purification

Laser irradiation helps to cope with inflammatory processes in the body, normalizing the whole body. Procedure struggles with problems of the skin of a chronic nature, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, stimulates immunity and reduces the duration of recovery after suffering serious illnesses. Vlok has the properties:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • produces the anasthetic,
  • immunomodulatory
  • a detoxifying.

The beam stimulates the functions of adrenal, thyroid and ovaries, thereby normalizing hormonal balance. The laser promotes the resorption of adhesions and speed recovery of damaged tissues.

Intravenous laser blood purification improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the organs. Also increase the parameters of synthesis adenosintriphosphoric acid, it takes part in the energy exchange.

Anti-inflammatory effect by reducing the release of histamine and other neurotransmitters that cause inflammation. This decreases pain and swelling. Vlok activates macrophages, providing an antibacterial effect.


This procedure has limitations to its implementation, in which the list includes serious illness and destruction of the body's systems. Vlok cannot be used for:

  • serious disease of the cardiovascular system;
  • pathology of the circulatory system and clotting;
  • a strong depletion of the human body;
  • acute hypotension and intravascular disease;
  • migrated strokes and heart attacks;
  • increased production of thyroid acute stage;
  • the liver and kidneys;
  • excessive increase of glucose of blood of a patient suffering from diabetes;
  • malignancies;
  • liver and kidney failure;
  • increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays;
  • fever outstanding breed;
  • hypersensitive to ultraviolet rays;
  • severe mental illnesses;
  • actinomycosis of the lungs, anthrax, syphilis.

Before the therapy, we should listen to all indications and to avoid disrupting the vascular system, such as stroke hemorrhagic type resulting from a sharp increase in blood pressure, leading to hemorrhage. In this case, it is strictly prohibited to resort to laser cleaning. To avoid negative consequences, you want to consult a doctor for. proper treatment of a particular disease.

The mechanism of carrying out vlok

The purification procedure laser completely painless, apart from the needle puncture of the vein. First person lay down on the couch and free hand for the event, roll up sleeve clothing, if necessary. The skin at the puncture point is lubricated with an antiseptic drug, and then set a small device on your wrist. Superimposed on the hand harness and the catheter is inserted into a vein. At this stagethe training procedure ends. The apparatus is regulated at the desired time. A special device radiates waves of red or blue spectrum, so that they enter the bloodstream of the patient.

Laser cleaning procedure of the red spectrum should be applied at least half an hour to achieve the curative effect. When you use a blue exposure time of manipulations is reduced to 5-7 minutes, but this does not affect the efficiency. After the event the device turns off automatically. The course of therapy determined by the attending physician based on the condition and individual characteristics of the patient.

To achieve sustainable results, it is required to pass a minimum of five treatments of laser action, but mostly it is necessary to increase the number of procedures up to ten.

Side effects

Blood purification laser is a simple and safe procedure, due to which negative effects are minimized. They can manifest as transient increases in pressure during or after the session.

The benefits of ILIB

Cleansing the blood laser has advantages compared to activities such as hemosorbtion or plasmapheresis. The procedure is completely non-traumatic and painless. Exposure is quick with no anaesthetic, has a broad spectrum of action. Its main advantage is high efficiency. Manipulation absolutely safe, because are used only sterile disposable instruments.

The cost of the procedure

The only significant drawback vlok is possible to consider the price of cleansing the blood. One manipulation will cost about 500-600 rubles. Therapy be required to take a minimum of five procedures, so the full cost of the course can achieve a rather large amount. In order not to fall into the action of paying a large amount of procedures, it is recommended to consult a doctor uninterested in it. If you want to spend all 10 sessions, then you need to find out about potential discounts for full payment. Of course, laser cleaning of the vessels will not help against all diseases, but the efficiency of the impact device is high and proven. Costly cleaning of the blood by the laser affects the entire body, so the positive results this amount pays off.

The efficiency of blood purification by means of the laser appears to increase immune function, improve well-being and the cardiovascular system. Irradiation rejuvenates tissue and blood cells. The procedure is often used in the prevention of viral and psychological ailments. Result from radiation persists for several months.