Pills and drugs for the cleaning of vessels from cholesterol

Cleansing the arteries of excess cholesterol is carried out after a preliminary diagnosis of the organism. Cholesterol plaques often involve atherosclerosis, the deterioration of health in General and also extra strain on the heart and blood vessels. Medicinal products for cleaning vessels from cholesterol will help to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Causes clogging of blood vessels

There are many reasons for the formation in the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques. The most common are the following:

  1. A thrombosis. With increased cholesterol in some patients formed atherosclerotic plaque, which at any moment can burst. Blood clots form the blood clots that inhibit blood flow and lead to clogged arteries.
  2. Helminthic infestation. Multiply in the bloodstream, the parasites are grouped in heaps, which can interfere with normal circulation.
  3. The presence of fat embolism. Pathology appears when the injuries of the skeletal system, as well as after the amputation of the limbs.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle, overweight.

In addition, improperly placed injections may cause the appearance of air bubbles in the veins, which in turn will impact on vascular walls.

What are the medicines

The vessels are a kind of elastic tubes by which blood moves around the body, enriching the internal system with oxygen and nutrients.

Cleaning the arteries – a set of therapeutic procedures aimed at reducing the likelihood of developing heart disease and the prevention of blood clots, varicose veins and atherosclerosis. In some cases doctors advise to use products for cleansing vessels.

Required the purification method is selected based on the manifested symptoms and the individual characteristics of each patient.

Cleaning of the vessels of drugs is conducted under medical supervision: many of the tools have limitations and negative consequences.

All medicines are conventionally divided into the following groups:

  • statins and fibrates;
  • medications, cleansing of the vascular wall from cholesterol;
  • vitamins;
  • preparations to strengthen the walls of the arteries;
  • blood-thinning medicines;
  • biological active additives;
  • calcium antagonists.

These medications help restore lipid balance, preventing the formation of new deposits. Funds can be used as oral, and with the help of dropper. The choice of a specific purification method depends on the type of pathology and neglect case.

Clean vessels in the body drug is possible if the pathological process is at an early stage. Only the initial stages of atherosclerosis are amenable to medical treatment. Advanced cases require surgery, however, even in the presence of indications for surgery, specialists prescribe medicines.

Along with medicines in tablet doctor can be a dropper to clean the vessels, which are instantly absorbed by the body and have rapid impact. Intravenous and intramuscular administration of drugs does not affect the gastrointestinal tract and does not provoke allergies.

Often specialists prescribers Cavinton, ksantinola nicotinate, Mexidol. This method is usually to clean the blood vessels in the hospital.


Vitamin complexes stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the walls of arteries and capillaries, and also facilitate the flow of oxygen to all the internal systems:

  • Vitamin a helps normalize brain function, improves metabolism. Included in the contents of some foods: carrots, milk, pumpkins. Medical preparations containing vitamin a include retinol, with the only restriction idiosyncrasy.
  • Vitamin B has a positive effect on the tonus of the arteries, prevents muscle weakness, activates the blood flow. Included with legumes, fish, nuts, buckwheat. Alternative drug is pyridoxine, has no contraindications and side effects.
  • Ascorbic acid is included in the content of citrus fruits, berries. Vitamin C can be purchased in pills: the drug increases the permeability of the walls of the arteries, stimulates the immune system, activates the production of bile acids.
  • Vitamin E prevents the development of varicose veins, reduces capillary fragility. Contains in vegetable oil, liver, egg yolks. Alternative is pharmacy drug tocopherol preventing the formation of atherosclerosis.
  • Vitamin P is an analogue of the drug rutin. A positive effect on the capillaries, reduces blood pressure, stimulates the blood flow. Part of the apples, raspberries, rose hips, grapes. Most often used in combination with ascorbic acid.

The use of vitamin complexes is one of the most simple and harmless methods of clearing plugged venous.


The most effective drugs for cleansing from cholesterol deposits are statins. Most often they are used to reduce the level of cholesterol and also as an auxiliary method of treatment of diseases of the Central nervous system and heartpathologies.

The principle effects of statins is based on the inhibition of enzymes involved in the formation of cholesterol, which causes a decrease in deposits and resorption of plaques. Eating pills to cleanse the blood vessels from a group of statins, it is possible to strengthen the walls, to thin the blood to prevent blood clots.

  • Atorvastatin. Indications for the appointment of the drug are coronary heart disease, vascular brain disease, disorder of lipid metabolism, high cholesterol, dyslipidemia. Tablets are contraindicated for children up to age 10 years, serious infections, liver disease, hypersensitivity to lactose and atorvastatin. Dose and duration of use depends on the individual. Most often, the drug takes a long time.
  • Simvastatin is indicated for diabetes 2 type, coronary disease, cholesterol. Restrictions for use are liver disease, child age, degenerative pathologies of the muscles, sensitivity to lactose and other components in the medication.

Together with statins professionals often prescribe vitamin complexes.


The action of this group of medications is aimed at reducing bad cholesterol and preventing blood viscosity. Taking the means, it is possible to prevent the development of thrombosis of the brain:

  • Clofibrate is indicated for atherosclerosis, increased lipid levels in the blood, injury to the retina, diabetes. Restrictions for use are the diseases of liver and kidneys, child age, pregnancy and period of breastfeeding. Most often the course of treatment is 1 month, then you should take a break and repeat therapy.
  • LIPOSTABIL available in the form of ampoules for injection and capsules. It is used to treat atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes of the 2nd type, as well as in the prevention of blood clots. Limitation for use – hypersensitivity to the components. The capsules should be appointed experts and usually takes a long time – at least 3 months.

Drugs that strengthen the vascular wall

For the normal functioning of the veins their walls should have good permeability and to be in good shape. It drugs used for this purpose and which strengthen the walls:

  • Cavinton is a drug-antispasmodic, improves the blood flow in the brain. These tablets are for cleaning the vessels, stimulate the metabolism, dilate veins, lower blood pressure, activate blood circulation of brain. In addition, the tool has a positive effect on memory. The contents include magnesium stearate, talc, corn starch. Not suitable for use for stroke patients and those suffering mental disorders.
  • Dihydroquercetin – a medicine that promotes the normal blood circulation, positively affecting the amount of sugar and cholesterol in the body. Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiac ischemia, a beneficial effect on the skin, quickly heals wounds, as a source of collagen. Frequently prescribed for rheumatism, vegetative dystonia.

The blood thinners

A lack of enzymes often leads to blood clots and the deposition of harmful substances, which do not allow oxygen to penetrate into the inner system. Prolonged lack of oxygen leads to the formation of blood clots and heart disease – stroke and heart attack. Most often, to improve circulation use medicines:

  • Cardiomagnyl. Includes acetylsalicylic acid, the magnesium hydroxide. This medicine for cleaning the blood vessels from cholesterol positively established itself in reduced pressure, and blood thinners. In addition, the drug prevents platelets from sticking together, it is used to treat heart disease, prevention of angina and high blood pressure. Limitations to the use is exacerbation of chronic disease and hypersensitivity to the ingredients.
  • Thrombotic ass – analgesic, reduces fever. In the composition of the medication contains aspirin which prevents clotting of blood. Is assigned in order to prevent blood clots, before surgical operations on the vessels, in the treatment of diabetes of the 2nd type of angina. Not prescribed for women during pregnancy, when abnormalities of the Airways, intolerance of components.

Calcium antagonists

Drug cleaning remedies of this group will help to relax the walls of blood vessels, reduce the pressure. Supplementation has a positive effect on the heart, facilitates the flow of oxygen. Most often, the calcium channel blockers prescribed for cardiac arrhythmias, arrhythmias and after myocardial infarction:

  • Cinnarizine is a medicine that reduces the calcium in the cells. Promotes relaxation of the vascular walls, increases the arteries, stabilizes blood pressure, has a positive effect on cerebral blood flow. Limits are pregnancy, hypersensitivity to the active substance.

Nutritional supplements

Additives are used as additional means for cleaning the vascular walls. Having a softeffect Supplements cleanse veins and capillaries against harmful substances and heavy compounds have a favorable effect on blood flow. The most common include Antiox Plus, Vinex, BOS Balance. In addition to these, we can mention:

  • Capillary – a tool that assists in the absorption of vitamins A, C, E. composition contains natural ingredients: hawthorn, pollen, rosehips. Assigned patients to prevent atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Reduces the likelihood of thrombosis and the amount of cholesterol deposits, reduces the blood viscosity, as a kind of barrier to cell membranes, stimulates the functioning of the capillaries and their permeability.
  • Corbalan. The tool has the property to thin the blood, promotes the flow of nutrients to all systems of the body, activates the metabolism, making purified capillaries. Pills include grape seed, motherwort, Centella and are often prescribed for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, with virtually no restrictions.
  • Normallife drops – natural medication used to stabilize blood pressure, restore elasticity of the arterial walls. The tool has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular muscle, and also has a positive effect on health in General.

Dietary supplements are often used to prevent thrombosis, as well as for rehabilitation after strokes and heart attacks.

The cleansing procedure of the medicines is carried out after consultation with a specialist who will help you choose effective means, taking into account individual patient characteristics.