A mild laxative is a cheap and efficient

Problems with a chair can occur at any age. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation is a delicate problem that many people are embarrassed to go to the doctor, so pharmacies thoughtlessly bought laxatives, which help only for a time. What is a mild laxative quick actions can be used in a particular case, you need to understand.

What can be considered constipation

About constipation is when the time interval between bowel movements is more than two days. The person needs to strain to go to the toilet. And the more interval between bowel movements, the harder this happens. In this case the person feels the discomfort in the gut, which seems to him full. After defecation there is a feeling that the discharge of feces was incomplete. Bowel movements become dry and hard. All locks are divided into two groups:

  1. Acute – occurs suddenly, amid the General prosperity. Can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction, stroke, traumatic brain injury. This constipation occurs due to some medications and prolonged bed rest.
  2. Chronic – this form of constipation say if problems with the chair observed more than a month. Shortness of the bowel may occur when several endocrine diseases, goiter, hemorrhoids, injury of the intestine and if your diet is wrong.

Constipation is not necessarily a symptom of a disease. This unpleasant condition is observed during pregnancy, when strong nervous shocks, as well as when taking certain drugs.

Effects constipation

Problems with a chair to cause not only discomfort, they can lead to serious health problems. The stool that are in the intestine for more than two days begin to excrete toxins that intoxicating effect on the body. This can negatively affect organs and systems that lead to such problems:

  • Disrupted the heart, and chest pains occur frequently.
  • There is a strong headache.
  • There is pain in the anus.
  • Reduced working capacity.
  • Passes fatigue.

If there are problems with defecation, you can try a laxative. Although these drugs are sold without prescription, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.


Laxative agent improves the functioning of intestine and contribute to its soft emptying. Treatment of constipation with laxatives should not be regular. Even the most effective laxative can cause addiction and then to empty the bowel independently will be very problematic.

All laxatives can be divided by purpose:

  1. Drugs that are used in acute constipation.
  2. Drugs as used for chronic constipation.

List each group of laxatives there are many different drugs, so best option to choose easy. It is important before taking consult with your doctor.

Drugs for the treatment of acute constipation

If the bowel is hindered dramatically, against the background of complete well-being, the use of such funds:

  • saline laxative;
  • castor oil;
  • Bisacodyl;
  • but;
  • glycerin suppository.

All these medicines have worked well for a long time. They are inexpensive, but very effective for problems with defecation.

Saline laxatives

These include inorganic salts, the curative effect of which is proven. They provoke mechanical irritation of intestinal walls and contribute to the dilution of the content, which begins to inflate the wall. Due to this the nerve endings are irritated, peristalsis is greatly improved and the bowel is emptied easily.

These inexpensive laxatives start to operate after about 3 hours after ingestion. Therefore, it is necessary to take them in the morning, before eating. Such substances include laxative Glauber's salt, magnesium and various phosphates. These substances are used in persistent constipation and in cases of poisoning, to quickly remove toxins.

The lack of saline laxatives – they contribute to dehydration. When taking these laxatives possible pain in the abdomen. It is not recommended to appoint in intestinal obstruction and persistent constipation. Also do not prescribe these drugs to children.

When taking a laxative magnesia reduced pressure. Therefore, it is not prescribed if decreased blood pressure.

Castor oil

Cheapest laxative is castor oil. It is chemically irritating the lining of intestines and improves peristalsis, making bowel movements without undue stress.

In the small intestine oil splits and forms retinoeva acid that acts irritating receptors. Castor oil contributes to a single bowel movement within 3-5 hours after eating.

It is importantremember that pregnant women castor oil is strictly contraindicated. It increases uterine contractions, and may also be assigned to induction of labor.


Bisacodyl is available in the form of tablets and rectal suppositories. This chemical substance, but has a good stimulating property. Begins to act quite fast. If you are using the drug in the form of a suppository, then an hour later a noticeable effect. Prescribed medicine not only for acute but also for chronic constipation. Gives good results in the treatment of intestinal atony.

The drugs many analogues with the same active substance. Therefore, the pharmacist can offer the medication with a different name.


But (guttalaks) is a liquid laxative remedy, which is prescribed to patients with both acute and chronic constipation. Many people think these drops are the best remedy. In the instructions for use of the drug is recommended to take drops in the required dosage, evening. Wash down the medicine with a small amount of water.

Glycerin suppository

Cheap laxative remedy, which is an irritant locally. Suppositories almost have no contraindications, they are allowed to use, even young children with the problem with a chair. Candles with glycerol is often prescribed for pregnant women with difficulty of defecation.

Do not want to use glycerin suppository every day. There is a fast addictive, especially in children.

Drugs from chronic constipation

Pharmaceutical companies produce many different laxatives that will help in chronic forms of constipation without harm to health. These include the following drugs:

  • laminarin – based raw materials of seaweed;
  • forlax and its analogues;
  • mineral oil;
  • vegetable oil.

These medications can be taken for a long time each day. They contribute to the dilution of stool and easy passage.


Available in the form of granules, act starts in 8 hours. The granules swell in the intestines and irritate the intestinal wall, thereby emptying. Prescribed a teaspoon of laxative powder up to three times a day after meals. Washed down the drug with cool water.

To normalize bowel function and occasionally you can include in your diet salad with sea cabbage with vegetable oil.


Acts as laminaria swells in the intestine and has irritating effects on the intestinal mucosa, thereby emptying. To work medication begins only a day after the first dose. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach or during a meal. This laxative powder has a pleasant citrus taste and dissolves quickly in water.

This laxative remedy allowed for pregnant women, older patients, patients with diabetes and unstable blood pressure. It is possible to write for people with diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is a liquid laxative quick action. Even with severe constipation defecation will occur no later than 5 hours.

Oil allowed for the use by patients of all age groups, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream or stored in the body.

When you receive a paraffin oil, it evenly spreads on the walls of the intestine and forms a protective film that prevents the absorption of toxins from stool.

Vegetable oil

Often people use vegetable oil to ease defecation. Widespread fenhelevoe oil, olive and almond. These oils with great caution is used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because these vegetable fats absorbed by the body.

The use of medicinal herbs

As laxative of funds used medicinal plants containing antraglikozidy, and drugs based on them. Herbs and pills and tinctures from them, are very popular with customers of pharmacies who practice self-medication. Prolonged use of such drugs leads to the fact that the person cannot empty the bowel. That is why it is unacceptable to start taking medicines that contain anthranoid, without consulting a doctor.

Antraglikozidy in the body decompose with the release of a substance of emodin. It is absorbed into the bloodstream and passes into the large intestine, where it is irritating to the receptors. Due to this peristalsis is increased, and solid fecal waste. These drugs are quite potent and help even in severe cases. Effect after ingestion occurs within 8 hours.

All medications based on plant raw material are highly addictive. Therefore, chronic administration the effectiveness is weakened or disappears altogether.

As laxative of funds uses these herbs:

  • buckthorn bark;
  • Senna leaves;
  • rhubarb root;
  • fruits zhostera ions.

All plant material produced in a variety of forms – tablets, powder and dryextract. Buckthorn bark is available in syrup form, which is useful in the treatment of children.

What laxative can be used by pregnant

During pregnancy laxatives used with great caution and only on prescription. During pregnancy list of medicines for women are very limited, as there can be negative effects on the fetus. Many laxative drugs reduce not only the intestine, but also the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

Pregnant women are very prone to constipation because the uterus compresses the intestine. If the condition concerned future mom, then you first need to adjust the power. To use boiled beets, apples, prunes, yogurt and fresh brown bread. You can drink on an empty stomach a tablespoon of a quality vegetable oil.

If these methods do not produce the desired results, then resort to a mild laxative. When pregnancy is allowed to take these drugs:

  • duphalac (normalac);
  • fortrans;
  • microlax.

Deflect and fortrans are after 3-4 hours. But the effectiveness microlax very high. Action microclysters significantly after 10 minutes. Members of the drug components contribute to the dilution even dense fecal masses.

Microlax is allowed to use in the treatment of young children ranging from the neonatal period. The dosage in this case selects the pediatrician based on the weight and age of the baby.

How to choose a laxative

When you select laxatives always use a certain principle. Start with the weakest mixture and gradually come to the strongest. If the problem began recently, take a mild laxative with a good efficiency. When choosing a laxative means you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Correctly identify the cause of the disease, as this will depend on the form of the drug.
  2. If necessary, long-term treatment to choose the drugs that are not addictive.
  3. The choice you must stop those laxatives that are taken in the evening to empty the bowel in the morning or those who drink strictly on an empty stomach.
  4. Mineral oil is undesirable to drink a long time, as it can trigger the development of cancer.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can see a lot of laxatives in different price categories. But despite a fairly wide range, is still possible to do without these drugs. The reason is side effects. The intestinal wall quickly become accustomed to the stimulus, requiring a constant increase in dosage. Withdrawal from laxative drugs usually severe and requires medical supervision.