Flax flour with yogurt: the cleansing of the body and intestines

Over time our bodies accumulate toxins that prevent the coordinated work of all organs. Regular cleansing helps to improve health, rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system. To carry out such cleaning can at home using simple natural remedies. Among them, the most effective is recognized as the yogurt and flax. About the beneficial properties of these products and how you use flax flour with yogurt to cleanse the body, we'll talk further.

The benefits of flax

For the production of flour flax seed is first milled, and then squeeze the oil. Flax flour is fibre in combination with vegetable protein. The finished product is rich in antioxidants, b vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and calcium. With regular use in culinary and medicinal purposes flour from flax seed helps to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys. In addition, len has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that allows its use as concomitant therapy a whole list of diseases of the digestive and urinary systems.

But the main useful feature is the ability to clean the human body of toxins accumulated in the intestine. Flax flour is used to cleanse the bowel, both independently and in combination with other useful products. One of these is yogurt.

Cleansing the body flax meal is not recommended in cholelithiasis. But in the absence of comorbidities, the maximum allowable daily rate of the finished product should not exceed 3 tsp.

Useful properties of kefir

Yogurt is a versatile dairy beverage that is suitable for almost all people. It has no contraindications and is easily digested. Regular consumption of kefir helps to normalize the secretory function of the stomach and clean the intestines of toxins. In addition, kefir is source of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, essential for healthy immunity. With its help normalize the intestinal microflora, restoring the body after illness or antibiotic treatment.

Numerous diets and brushing often with the toxins removed from the body all the beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals. In the case of yogurt this effect can be avoided. After all, this fermented drink is in itself a source of magnesium, calcium, vitamins A and B. So the joint consumption of yogurt with flax meal allows you to refuse reception of biologically active additives and special drugs to restore the microflora.

Kefir and flax for cleansing the body

Drink Flaxseed and yogurt is one of the most effective means of bowel cleansing. Used flax flour with yogurt to cleanse the body is very simple. Enough for three weeks instead of Breakfast drink a glass of this healthy drink. To prevent possible side effects from Flaxseed meal this should be done according to the scheme:

  1. 150 ml low-fat yogurt, take 1 tsp. of flour of flax. The drink is prepared in such proportions, drink every morning for the first cleaning of the week.
  2. In the second week, increase the amount of flax. Now in 150 ml of kefir you will need 2 tsp. of flour.
  3. In the third week and possibly the use of maximum daily dose of flax. In parallel with this a little and increase the amount of yogurt. In the end, our proportion will look like this: 3 tsp of Flaxseed meal 200 ml of kefir.

Gradual increase in the dose of Flaxseed flour required, which will help to avoid serious complications.

Flour, flax and yogurt is a diet products. Low in calories, they give a good saturation of the body, replenishing nutrients and restoring the intestinal microflora. That is why soft colon cleanse Flaxseed flour and kefir gives excellent results in the fight against obesity.

How to use kefir and flax for purification

To obtain the desired effect of purification is a three-week course. In this period, the kefir drink should be consumed regularly in the morning. Ideally instead of a basic Breakfast. Another meal can be scheduled in an hour. This diet does not have to be permanent. And between the rates of purification be sure to take breaks for 4-5 weeks.

The process of purification of the body took place efficiently and safely, in addition to following the above scheme, it is necessary to take into account several important nuances:

  1. When ground flax seed at home, without subsequent spin cycle you will receive a completely different product. Flour will contain a high concentration of linseed oil, which, in turn, contains other active substances. So the expected result would be somewhat different.
  2. If the meal is still prepared in the home, it must be freshly ground. Period flour with flax oil small.
  3. Be careful when choosing a ready meal in the store. Very often on the shelves exhibited defective product, which contains all kinds of colors, harmful fragrances and other dangerous chemical components. All this greatly reducesefficiency of flax, and the cleaning effect is expressed more weakly.
  4. If the hand was not yogurt, it can be replaced by another natural fermented milk drink. Importantly, it contains dyes, sweeteners or any other additives.
  5. Drink water. Flour, as the sorbent collects from the walls of the intestines all the toxins, and yogurt helps to bring them parallel to the enveloping wall. But, in addition to the intestine, flax affects the kidneys. To prevent the formation of sand and stones in the body needs every day to drink 2-3 liters of water. Otherwise there is a high likelihood of complications.
  6. To body cleansing flax meal took place as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to change the whole diet and routine. Only a comprehensive approach will provide a lasting positive result.

In any case, you should understand that intestinal cleansing natural remedies will not give immediate results. And yogurt with flax meal are gently and gradually. A positive result can only be achieved with regular use of this drink.

When to drink yogurt with flax

How to make flax flour with yogurt, understood. But at what time of day is best to do? The Network information is on this score is very different: some experts suggest morning surgery, while others recommend drinking a glass of drink before bed. This difference in the time frame are very easy to explain. It all depends on the purposes for which used folk remedy.

If you have problems with digestion, regular constipation and bloating drinking kefir with flax meal is recommended in the morning, replacing a basic Breakfast. The fasting will achieve a cleansing effect and will reduce the negative impact on the intestinal wall from heavy meals.

If the purging is carried out with the purpose of weight loss more productive to consume the drink at night before bedtime or instead of dinner. One component in flour is gluten, which, when ingested into the stomach swells, blunting hunger. Forgoing an evening meal, we not only relieve yourself from the excess calories, but also allow the body to sleep more to process all the received food.


Some scholars argue that the purging flax meal and yogurt available to everyone. The only limitation is the pathological intolerance or Allergy to one of these products. In fact, this method, like any other intervention into the familiar body, has its contraindications.

Before treatment it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that flax has a strong diuretic and choleretic action.

So a colon cleanse with flax and yogurt is forbidden in such diseases:

  • stones in the gallbladder and kidneys;
  • inflammatory processes in the division of the large and small intestines;
  • benign tumors in the uterus (fibroid).

In addition, the use of Flaxseed meal is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. During these periods it is best to limit intake of only yogurt without adding flax.

Flax with yogurt is a proven method for bowel cleansing. But it is no panacea. If you do not revise your diet and nutrition, the result will be far from the desired effect. And be sure to consult with your doctor before you begin self-healing.