Enema at home: preparation and technique

Enema is a medical diagnostic procedure that is usually performed with the purpose of cleansing the intestines of toxins or stool. Be conducted the procedure in a hospital or at home. In this article, we reviewed how to hold an enema at home what are the indications and contraindications to this procedure, the situations in which it should be exercised by physicians, can it replace laxatives drugs.

Varieties enemas

Enema is a procedure in which the rectum is introduced a liquid or drugs. It can be performed with curative or diagnostic purpose. There are the following types of enemas:

  • Cleaning. Its purpose is to cleanse the intestines of toxins or stool.
  • Drug, in which the lumen of the rectum are introduced to medication. This type of entry of drugs called rectal.
  • Nutritious. Held at the inability of a man to eat a normal and natural way through the mouth. For instance, after gastric surgery or burns of the esophagus.
  • A siphon enema is a type of cleansing. With the intestine is washed before the advent of clean water.
  • Diagnostic, is used in the contrasting of the intestine by x-ray studies.

In this article, we will consider it a cleansing enema, so as soon as it can be carried out at home. All other types of this procedure can be performed in a hospital.

Indications for cleansing enema

Enema at home is to cleanse the lower intestine from the fecal mass, toxins.

Is it useful to do an enema? This procedure is carried out strictly on the evidence. The person who has no problems with the chair, do not need it. Frequent and unnecessary klishirovannyh can cause the development of dysbiosis and digestive disorders.


  • Constipation in which a person can not go for the big one for several days. Enema can cause the loose stools.
  • With the development of food poisoning. In this case, a cleansing enema can flush out the toxins and reduce the severity of intoxication syndrome.
  • Increased flatulence, flatulence. Thanks to klishirovannyh is a quick free release of intestinal gas.

Enema is not the main method of treatment of constipation, it can time to relieve the patient's condition. In case of chronic constipation should consult the doctor. It will help to adjust the chair. This may require a special diet and laxative medicines.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the popularity and simplicity of the procedure, a cleansing enema has a large number of contraindications and conditions that would not only not effective, but dangerous to the life of the patient.

When you can not do an enema:

  • For gastrointestinal bleeding. It can develop as a result of peptic ulcer disease, poisoning acids, alkalis, strong vomiting. The bleeding appears dark vomit, melinoe (the black chair). If the source of bleeding is located in the lower intestine, the stool is painted in red color. Also, the patient developed severe weakness, it fades, it reduces the blood pressure level, pulse quickens.
  • In the case of the development of peritonitis – acute inflammation in the peritoneum. It is noted a sharp pain in the abdomen, muscle tension anterior abdominal wall. The patient may increase temperature up to 39-40 degrees.
  • Inflammatory and purulent diseases of the rectum (proctitis, paraproctitis).
  • Intestinal obstruction. Symptoms of this condition can be different: strong abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, intestinal colic, constipation or discharge of watery feces, hyperthermia, General weakness, tenderness on palpation of the abdomen, progressive deterioration.
  • When rectal prolapse. This pathology is most common in the elderly.
  • In the terminal stage of cancer of the rectum in which there is a disintegration of the tumor. In this case, the enema may cause severe profuse bleeding.
  • After surgery on the digestive system, especially intestine. Treatment and removal of the constipation in this case is the doctor in charge, who selects the necessary medicines and assigns laxative diet.
  • For suspected acute appendicitis. In this case, an enema can lead to rupture of the Appendix and acute peritonitis.

Remember that if you suspect a patient has the above contraindications, enema prohibited. It can help to worsen the human condition.

What is needed for a enema

How to do an enema at home? The procedure is very simple, cope with it, maybe even people without medical education.

In order to do an enema at home, you'll need:

  1. Mug Esmarch (it can beglass or rubber), a volume of 1-2 liters. For children, use the syringe.
  2. A rubber tube with a tip.
  3. Baby cream or vaseline.
  4. Simple boiled water for enema at room temperature.

Setting cleansing enemas at home is carried out using normal water. All drugs or decoction of herbs can be entered only in the hospital. The mucous membrane of the rectum has a good blood supply, and all the substances that enter it from the outside, are rapidly absorbed and enter the body.

Remember that spending klishirovannyh based on warm or cold water is prohibited. Hot and warm liquid quickly absorbed, and will not lead to colon cleanse. Cold water may cause collapse of the vessels.

If no enema at home (cups douches or douche), you can try to do it with their hands. For this you will need a plastic bottle, a linen clothespin and a tube from a dropper. But as practice shows, a homemade enema out of the bottle difficult to manufacture may be faster to run to the pharmacy and buy a regular bowl Esmarch.

The technique of the procedure

How to do an enema at home? Once you have managed to find all the necessary components for this procedure, you need to prepare for the enema: prepare a sofa or bed where you will lie sick, oilcloth and sheets, close to place just in case the pelvis. Mug Esmarch should be well washed or boiled. Then it is necessary to pour water and pull some liquid through the hose (in order to release excess air). After venting, don't forget to tightly pull the hose.

The algorithm and the technique of cleansing enemas:

  1. Put the patient on the bed on your left side. His feet bend at the knees and tightly pressed against the stomach.
  2. Ask the patient to relax, and explain to him that the strain or worry during the procedure is not necessary. If it is a child, try to calm him down and convince painless procedure.
  3. Lubricate the anus and the enema tip baby cream or vaseline. You can damage and injure the rectal wall, if you insert the tip without the cream.
  4. His left hand spread the buttocks of the patient and start slowly and smoothly introduce the enema tip into the rectum 8-10 cm at First he is introduced in the direction of the navel, and then parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body. Such a conducting tip is considered the most physiological.
  5. After entering the enema tip to the desired depth raise the Cup Esmarch and open the valve. Water should slowly come out, don't need much and sharply squeeze the Cup. It is advisable to know how to use the enema, to inject fluid gradually, not inkjet.
  6. Do not enter all the water in the bowl to start with her remaining air. As soon as I saw that fluid there are very few, close the valve and withdraw the tip from the rectum to the slow rotational motion.
  7. Explain to the patient that he should try to be patient and not to run immediately to the toilet. "The right enema" is one in which a person is able to sustain 5-10 minutes. In order to curb the urge to the toilet, you need to lie on your back and breathe deeply.
  8. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure several times.

Can I do an enema myself

If you need to do a cleansing enema yourself yourself up, using the syringe, rubber bulb. The Cup Esmarch put you are not physically able, as the method of use involves lifting it up after opening the valve.

To make an enema bag to yourself, lie on your left side, bend your knees and insert the tip of the syringe into the rectum. Try to relax. Enter the water slowly, squeezing the bag.

The volume of the syringe is smaller than that of the bowl douches, so you may need several injections of fluid for the development of laxative effect.

Alternative enema

If you can not or do not want to do a cleansing enema, you can use special medicinal laxatives drugs that have similar action and effect.

For example, should be used instead of enemas you can cleansing the drug "Fortrans". He has to take it only after consultation with your doctor. Its action is directed to the quick and complete colon cleansing. "Fortrans" is often administered before surgical or diagnostic procedures on the intestine. The drug is more comfortable for the patient compared to the cleansing enema.

Dosage of "Fortrans" is calculated depending on the body mass. Over a period of time you need to drink the prepared solution. He begins to act within 1-2 hours after ingestion.

Before taking "Fortrans" or other potent laxatives need to consult with your doctor. Independently make these drugs dangerous.

Enema is a therapeutic procedure that is performed to cleanse the bowel from feces and toxins. In order to properly put an enema, adult or child, you need to carefullyread the rules and guidelines for this procedure. The method of its implementation is simple, but involves many nuances that you need to know. Also, you need to know about contraindications to klishirovannyh. There are conditions in which intestinal cleansing can lead to complications and deterioration of the patient. Remember that self-medicating is dangerous and risky. With the development of any disease you should not procrastinate and seek medical help.