Cleansing the body of toxins in the home

Many human diseases are associated with the blockage of the body of various toxic substances or harmful toxins. As a result, the life "loses its color." People notice fatigue, feeling unwell, becomes irritable. Your own body can't excrete toxins, and accumulate them inside. Therefore, it is important to know how to conduct cleansing the body of toxins in the home.

What are toxins and how they enter the body

Slag is a toxic substances which are deposited in the human body. They accumulate everywhere: in the blood, liver, mucous membranes. The unpleasant fact, that they are not displayed. Their accumulation contributes to a number of factors, but one of the most common reasons why appears the slags:

  • the polluted air that supplies the human body with toxic substances;
  • chemical hormonal drugs which increase the yield of the plants or fed the animals and birds on farms;
  • every minute in the body of the person dies a few hundred cells, some of which is not shown, and deposited on the walls of blood vessels, is carried by blood and lymph throughout the body;
  • human indifference to their health. The people themselves clog up your body with overeating, tobacco, narcotics, drugs, alcohol.

To get rid of toxins, is not enough use of vitamins, adherence of the day, walking in the fresh air. Need "serious cleaning" of all systems of the body, until you change your routine. If time does not take measures to clean, it has to 40-50 years the body can accumulate up to several kilograms of harmful substances, and it affects not only on health but also on the duration of life in General. So to think about this problem is already 25 years old.

How to find out if the body toxins

About the presence of toxins in the body can be easily recognized looking at myself in the mirror. If the skin had a grayish hue, faded blush appeared dim view, under eyes there are dark circles and her hair became unruly and lifeless is the first signal that the body is intoxicated. This should awaken the person to be proactive in cleansing.

Sometimes people don't understand why the constant rise in temperature, sores appear and inflammatory processes. These "problems" in the human body can say that toxins have accumulated a lot of and the body tries to metabolize toxic substances.

The toxins accumulate very slowly. So you need to listen to your body, which, when it is bad, sends signals in the form of changes in appearance and health.

What can happen if you do not do cleansing of the body

Toxins accumulate not only in a particular organ, and all organism as a whole:

  • Inside of the large intestine accumulate particles of feces and brown mucus in which the worms live.
  • The abdomen can detect the cluster of glassy mucus.
  • And the liver, one of the main organs, stuffed with stones, and contaminated by the dark mass.
  • The kidneys are clogged with sand and stones, lungs – mucus.
  • In tendons – salt deposits, which during the movement audible crunch.

Intoxicated liver can not adequately perform its primary function of cleansing the blood. As a result, our vessels will circulate poorly filtered blood with a huge number of toxins that poison every cell of the body. And after the cleaning man, on the contrary, begins to look fresher, improves his health and mood.

How to clean the body

Integrated cleaning the body of toxins includes a number of measures for the cleansing of all organs. Be sure to get rid of toxins is necessary during the period of various diseases. Thus, the treatment will flow faster and more successfully. After all, to fight the disease, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for her cure. However, before to clean the body, it is necessary to pass extensive training. Cleaning should be safe, it takes place within a favorable time for this. It is believed that the maximum effect of purification can be obtained in a full moon.

In addition, the purification of the body should be carried out in sequence. The fact that all organs are interconnected and influence each other. To begin cleaning you need with the colon, then clean the liver, stomach and kidneys. Only then can you clear the lungs, blood vessels and joints.

Preparations for cleaning of organism

If there is a question how to cleanse the body, the first thing you need to do to prepare for cleaning procedures. To pay attention to some nuances. Here are some tips that you should consider before clean up:

  • First and foremost is emotions. All the processes in the body are much faster if a person is happy and feels good. You can meditate to get rid of negative thoughts.
  • During purification it is necessary to refuse from tobacco, chemicals and alcoholic beverages.
  • It is important to believe in yourself, in your strength, and most importantly –imagine yourself with beautiful, happy person at the end of cleaning.
  • The food can be eaten only fresh vegetable products. Definitely refuse fastfude food – she did not must be in a person's life.

Healthy life has become a habit. You need to move more, more walk in the fresh air. And yet – sleep! It needs to last at least 7-8 hours.

Who feels good in the steam room can relax in the bath or sauna, and you can stay at the hot baths with herbs. Such procedures need to finish a cold shower or a douche. Treatment time is 10-12 days. All these activities help increase circulation and excretion of toxins through the skin. Because then you see a large amount of toxins.

Gradual clearing systems of the body

Perform a full body cleansing folk remedies you can, if you choose to do this, appropriate methods. Before using any medication, make sure that it is not allergic. Otherwise, you may receive a number of complications.

Colon cleanse

Intestine – the part of the body that is most susceptible to contamination. This happens due to the improper nutrition, constant stress, bad ecology. On the walls of the intestines gradually deposited fecal stones, build up remains undigested food. All these factors have a negative impact on his work and on the organism as a whole. Therefore it is necessary to start cleaning the body from the intestines.

The simple and effective method that you can apply at home is cleaning with water with salt. The basis of this method included the use of large amount of salted water and performing special movements. With the help of simple exercises, the water passes throughout the digestive tract to the anus. Salt water has a laxative effect and promotes the full cleansing of food residue.

Equipment cleaning is contraindicated for people with:

  • peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, pancreatitis;
  • diseases of the rectum;
  • menstruation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • with frequent diarrhea;
  • during colds.

This cleaning procedure is carried out as needed and as a preventive measure, not more than four times a year. If a person is observed at regular constipation, this method of cleaning will be beneficial effect on the uniformity of his work.

Technology bowel cleansing with salt water

You need 1 tablespoon of sea salt dissolved in 1 liter of warm water. Using one Cup of salt water, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. Stand up straight, feet should be shoulder width apart, arms raised up and closed to the castle. In this position are alternately tilts to the left or right. The exercise is repeated 8 times. This opens the sphincter, allowing the water to penetrate directly into the stomach.
  2. The position of the body remains the same. The right hand is brought forward, the left hand to try to reach the right clavicle. So are the turns. It is important that the right limb was as far as possible back. You must do these movements with the left hand. Through this exercise, the water flows into the small intestine.
  3. Lie on the belly with focus on elbows, feet shoulder width apart. Hold my breath and stood on his hands, turning to the right to see the left heel. The same moves need to be done in the opposite direction.
  4. Sitting on his haunches, the distance between feet should be about 30 cm, arms on his knees. Lower the left knee to the floor, using his hands to skew the right leg to the knee of the left limb. While the body leans slightly forward to the right leg to compress the abdomen. Exercise promotes the movement of water into the rectum.

After a complex procedure has been completed, in the near future will appear the urge to defecate. After the first evacuation, follow the water intake, and then again proceed to the gym, and then again to go to the toilet. These steps must be done before until during defecation will not withdraw water without particles of feces. Thereafter, the procedure can be stopped.

Fast and effective body cleansing the house with salt water can be carried out independently. In this case, the number of consumed glasses of water with salt varies from 10 to 14. When the result will completely satisfy, should be consumed three cups of boiled not salted water, then induce vomiting in order to bring the salt water. First, the bowel cleanse has beneficial effects on the whole body. It helps get rid of dirt that has accumulated there.

Liver cleansing

Curcumin, contained in turmeric, is a highly efficient and safe product for cleansing the liver. It is an excellent cholagogue, excellent addition to meat dishes which improves digestion. Turmeric – a natural preservative that prevents rapid multiplication of bacteria in the prepared food in the summer. This is a natural antibiotic, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

If you daily eat turmeric with yogurt or milk, the liver will always be healthy. This turmeric is ground in a meat grinder or blenderand pour the milk. Take both ingredients in same proportion so that the mass can be eaten at a time.

Safe product for cleaning the liver the black radish juice. The vegetable is thoroughly washed of all dirt, after which it pripuskayut through a meat grinder together with peel. From the resulting mass squeezed juice, which take 1 tsp after each meal. Every day increase the dose by 1 tsp., until it is equal to 0.5 cups a day. But in this case, body cleansing at home goes slowly and gradually. The procedure should be repeated for 60 days before seeing a positive result.

Cleaning the liver is carried out with the help of oats. Thus it is necessary to use cereals, namely, grain (1 Cup). They are washed, dried, and then pulverized in a coffee grinder. Take 1 tbsp of the obtained flour, add it to the thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water. After 12 hours the infusion is ready for use. Medication needs a glass of morning and evening before meals. The course of treatment – 2-3 months. After cleansing the liver people it hurts less, and reduces weight.

Cleaning of the stomach

Clean the stomach of toxins it helps the flushing. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent harmful substances are trapped in the intestines and absorbed into the bloodstream. For washing the stomach you can use warm boiled water, a solution of potassium permanganate or salt. In a liter of warm water dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate or 2 tbsp of water. The resulting solution drink up until the start of the gag reflex.

If vomiting has not appeared, it is necessary to stimulate the root of the tongue. It's better to do not with fingers but with spoon. In some cases, vomiting occurs when pressure is applied to the pancreas area.

Cleaning of vessels

Complex cleansing of the organism also includes the cleaning of blood vessels from accumulation of the walls of cholesterol. Due to this reduced the probability of atherosclerosis and hypertension in old age. The cause of accumulation of cholesterol is the wrong food. It is therefore important not only to cleanse the body, but also to adjust your diet. The substance is formed due to the abuse of animal fats – lard, butter, cream.

To cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol, you must prepare an infusion of garlic and lemons. For this clean 4 heads of garlic and ground him in a meat grinder. Lemons are washed, cut into several pieces, and then also pripuskayut them through a meat grinder together with peel. Put both ingredients in a glass jar and pour the boiled warm water. To insist the drug should be used within 3 days, after which it should be filtered. Store infusion in the refrigerator for no longer than 10 days. Around this time he is drunk.

To drink the infusion is required three times a day half a Cup. After they begin using drugs, it is recommended to prepare another jar of the infusion. To treatment enough to drink 4 cans of the drug. It is recommended to repeat treatments every year at the same time.

Clean joints from salts

Not everyone knows that there is a fairly simple way to clean the joints from salt deposits. This can be done using rice or Bay leaves. To prepare a cleansing remedies based on rice take 3 tbsp. of cereal and fill it with a liter of chilled boiled water. In the morning the water is drained and filled with new, and then the rice cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. Water again is drained, pour clean, cook rice for 5 minutes. The process is repeated 4 times, until the grains are soft. All the rice you need to eat in one setting, and then 3 hours nothing to eat. Repeat the procedure for 10 days.

Also, take 10 Laurel leaves and ground them in a coffee grinder. The resulting flour pour 300 ml of boiling water, after which the medium is prepared in a water bath for another 10 minutes. The cleansing composition is poured into a thermos, insist where approximately 4 hours. The course of treatment is 3 days. Repeat the procedure three times, but only once a month. The prepared mixture should drink per day. Every day should prepare a new decoction.

Cleansing the lungs

Light is one of the most important organs of the body, because through breathing the cells are saturated with oxygen, which is required to perform any reactions. When you exhale excreted carbon dioxide – the waste product of cells. Therefore, complete cleaning of the lungs is extremely important, as this determines the overall condition of the body. Techniques cleanse the lungs different, and each of them have their pros and cons:

  • The use of essential oils of coniferous trees. To do this in an enamel bowl filled with 500 ml of boiling water, to which is added a few drops of essential oil of pine. You should tilt your head over the vessel and inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes. The product has an expectorant action. Immediately after the first treatment, there should be a separation of mucus. The course of treatment – 2 weeks. The drawback of the procedure is that it needs to perform right before going to sleep, otherwise the effect will be less.
  • The use of herbal collection. Expectorant effect has plantain, primrose, licorice, lime. You can use all the herbs at the same time, combining them in a ratio of 1:1. For this herb are crushed with scissors, and then 2 tablespoons herb pour a glass of boiling water and insist 2 hours.The advantage of this means is that all the ingredients you can assemble yourself, and in drugstore, they are inexpensive. To drink tincture should definitely warm.

Such procedures are an excellent prevention of diseases of the lungs and colds. Their conduct and treatment of bronchitis or asthma.

Starvation – an effective technique of cleaning the body

Fasting is the most effective way to quickly and effectively cleanse the body of toxins. It stimulates the mind, sharpens the memory, purifies the human body physically, mentally and spiritually. Fasting has no side effects. If you wish to keep food benefits, you must learn to cook. Once a week should be 24-36 hour fasting. Three to four times per year is observed in 7-10-day fasting.

The best periods of fasting 7-10 days in early January, in early spring, in the second half of July – early August, late October – early November. Fasting does not mean complete refusal of food. Just in the cleansing days, you have to eat only certain foods and in small quantities. For example, in the morning are allowed to eat an Apple during the day to drink 3 cups of yogurt, and for dinner – green tea with rice bread.

Recommended diet after cleaning

Once cleaned your body, you need to let him rest. Eating is allowed after half an hour after the completion of the procedures. During the day, you need to refrain from fried, fatty and spicy foods. The best food in this period will be fresh boiled rice, cereal made with whole grain oats, macaroni and cheese. It is not advisable to consume dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, and should also limit the intake of alcohol.

Each certainly have their own techniques, secrets and recipes for cleaning the body, its healing and rejuvenation. Monitor your body. Because a healthy body is the key to our beauty and harmony.