Intestinal cleansing in the home quickly and efficiently

Soft intestinal cleansing at home is a fairly simple procedure that will help to rid the body of toxic toxins. There are several methods of its implementation. Everyone can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Why do we need colon cleanse

Soft cleaning the intestines of toxins helps to improve health, stimulate the regeneration of cells and improving digestion. Among other positive effects of the procedure note:

  1. After cleaning in a better way changing the composition of the blood. Him away toxic substances. The result is improved blood flow to all internal organs. Headaches, problems with bowel movement, normal blood pressure.
  2. Cleaning can improve your skin. It becomes soft and velvety and enhances its elasticity. The problem of acne.
  3. Improves mood. Such procedures allow to feel lightness and surge of energy. Self-confidence and desire to achieve new heights.
  4. Achieved the effect of rejuvenation.

Colon cleansing at home is a versatile therapeutic. After it you will feel younger, fitter and more energetic.

How to understand that the body is intoxicated

From excess toxins in the body affects all systems, including the immune. The person becomes susceptible to viral diseases. Therefore, it is important to recognize the problem and get rid of toxic substances. There are the following negative symptoms:

  1. Fatigue, lethargy.
  2. Irritability.
  3. Frequent headaches.
  4. Immediately after eating there is heaviness and bloating.
  5. Skin rashes.
  6. The hair is very whipped.
  7. Nails become brittle and often break.
  8. Frequent colds.
  9. Hemorrhoids.
  10. Manifest as different diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, gastritis or colitis.
  11. If the slags have reached its maximum limit, can form a malignant tumor.

Upon detection of such symptoms you can conduct the cleansing procedure.

Before you begin to colon cleanse, consult your doctor. You may have to undergo a medical examination.

In some cases, the procedure is contraindicated

Despite all the advantages for the body, the bowel cleanse has a number of contraindications. Among them are:

  1. Hepatitis.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Asthma.
  4. Pancreatitis.
  5. Cancer
  6. After the recent surgery.
  7. Renal failure.
  8. Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease.
  9. Serious violations in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  10. Pregnancy.
  11. At elevated body temperature.

In the presence of such contraindications self-purification from fecal stones in the intestine can lead to negative health effects. It is better to turn with this problem to the experts.

Basic guidelines and methods of purification

In an attempt to better cleanse the body, people often resort to all sorts of Badam. Most often they just do not have the desired effect. In some cases, the use of such drugs can harm your health.

The use of all drugs should take place only under the supervision of a physician. In this case, set dietary Supplements that are approved for sale in the territory of our country.

Complete cleansing of the bowel in a single session can not be hold. This is due to too great a length of the body. So get ready for a whole course of treatments.

In the period of cleansing the body try to stick to a diet regimen. Give up fatty, fried, overly salty food, smoked meats, baked goods, marinades and sweets. Eat more vegetables, fruits and berries. Do not mix carbohydrates and proteins in one dish. Drink plenty of pure water. It may be slightly acidified with lemon juice.

There are several basic techniques, how to clean the intestines from toxins:

  1. The use of enemas.
  2. The use of certain foods.
  3. The use of drugs.
  4. Folk recipes.

It is not necessary to use all of the methods listed. It is sufficient to choose those that are right for you and properly spend.

How to do a cleansing enema

The use of enemas allows you to conduct a colon cleanse at home in 1 day. It was in this method no. It is enough to observe a few basic rules:

  1. Cleaning solution can be prepared from half a liter of boiled water and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. In this case the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  2. Prepare a mug Esmarch. Volume of 0.5 liters would be sufficient. Fill it with the prepared solution and place on the level of your growth.
  3. Take a seat on the side and retighten the legs.
  4. Enema tip lubricate with a little oil. Gently insert it into the anus.
  5. Open the valve on the mug Esmarch. You should feel like waterflows into the intestines.
  6. As long as you can stay in this position. To strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure will help stroking of the abdomen clockwise.
  7. After you have an overwhelming desire to go to the toilet, do it.

If you stick to the simple guidelines, the procedure is completely safe and effective. The intestines will be cleansed of fecal material. Thorough purification can only be achieved after a few treatments. They can be done in a day, every three days or once a week. Everything will depend on the degree of slagging of the body.

Prepare the solution for enemas

To clean the intestines, you can not only water with lemon juice, but other products based on natural ingredients. Among the most effective recipes are:

  1. Take two handfuls of clean needles fir and separte half a liter of boiling water. Insist in a sealed container for about half an hour. You can use this thermos. To use such a solution should in the form of heat.
  2. Prepare a decoction of chamomile. To do this, pour two tablespoons of raw half a liter of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Before using the tool be sure to carefully filtered. This solution can be used for children.
  3. In 100 ml of water dissolve half a teaspoon of starch. Pour the powder slowly to avoid lumps. Pour the resulting solution into the boiling water and stir. After the solution has cooled, it can be used.
  4. Prepare an infusion of calendula. For this separte a half liters of boiling water two spoonfuls of raw materials. Leave for about half an hour. Before applying the filter.
  5. You can do an enema of milk. For this approach product with a fat content of not more than 3%. Before use, heat it to a temperature of 40 degrees. Women are not encouraged to pursue a enema immediately before and immediately after menstruation.

These effective tools help to effectively cleanse the bowel. When cooking observe the correct proportions of components.

Some foods will help to cleanse

The easiest and safest way to clean the intestines from toxins, use of certain foods. They not only get rid of fecal matter, but will improve peristalsis of the body.

Quickly and effectively helps to purify the fasting days. In front of them needs to significantly reduce the consumption of food. In the very same fasting day you can eat only one product of the following:

  1. Beet. Boiled it has a strong laxative effect. To complement a dish beet juice. Based on this component, you can cook popular salad brush. It consists of raw beets, carrots, cabbage and apples. This tool will help to clear the intestines without harm to the body.
  2. Apples. They contain a large amount of fiber, which helps to get rid of harmful substances accumulated in the digestive system. In fasting day apples can be eaten in unlimited quantities. They should drink plenty of clean drinking water.
  3. Greens. Throughout the day, eat dill, lettuce, parsley and green onions. They not only help detoxification, but also saturate the body with nutrients.
  4. To get rid of toxins, and using the citrus. For these purposes, suitable for oranges, lemons and grapefruits. To prepare an effective means to mix half a Cup of juice of each of these fruits and drink in equal portions in three steps.
  5. Figs contain a lot of fiber that helps get rid of free radicals. In addition, it has a positive impact on the health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  6. Prunes is a time – tested laxative.
  7. Yogurt. This milk product will help you not only clear fat and small intestine, but and restore its natural microflora. It can be drunk in any quantity throughout the day.
  8. Bran. You can eat them alone or drink kefir.
  9. Flax seeds. A good tool for cleaning the bowel. They are ground into flour and mixed with yogurt.
  10. Black radish. This product can not be used for people suffering from peptic ulcer disease. And for everyone else it will be a great tool for detoxification.

Arranging such fasting days regularly, it will be possible to completely clean the intoxicated stones the intestine.

The use of medications

Quickly bowel movements you can use of drugs. Before applying you should consult with your doctor, as such funds are contraindicated. Carefully read the user manual which is enclosed in each package.

The most effective means are:

  1. Polifepan. This medication should be taken before meals. It is dissolved in a small amount of clean water. The components of the drugs do not leave a negative impact and completely removed within one day.
  2. Fortrans. The tool ensures the cleaning of all sections of the intestine. The effect of it can be compared with several enemas. It contains components that can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Enterosgel. This tooleffectively rid the body of all harmful substances. In addition to the intestine, it is able to clean the liver and kidneys.
  4. POLYSORB. The drug allows enemas to rid the body of toxins, allergens, and toxins. It is often recommended for the treatment of diarrhoea and viral hepatitis.
  5. Duphalac. A mild laxative. It comes in powder form and syrups. To effectively cope with the colon cleanse. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach.

The better the preparation, the softer will be his action. Specific dosage should be determined only after consultation with your doctor. Overdose can lead to negative health effects.

Folk remedies

Modern, traditional medicine offers many ways to solve this problem. Purification can be carried out with herbs or other products based on natural ingredients. The most common recipes of the following:

  1. Prepare a collection of three tablespoons of Senna, tablespoons of chamomile, two tablespoons of plantain and four tablespoons of immortelle. Mix ingredients and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Boil for two minutes. The filtered broth consume throughout the day in equal portions.
  2. Mix a spoonful of sušice, plantain and chamomile. Zaparte Cup of boiling water and boil for about a minute. Then cover and let it brew. To make such a tool must before meals twice a day.
  3. Separte in a Cup of boiling water four tablespoons of the alder cones. Leave on for 15 minutes. Drink infusion a tablespoon three times a day.
  4. A decoction can be prepared from one Senna. To do this, a spoonful of raw pour a glass of water and boil for about five minutes. Will only push the vehicle for half an hour and filtered. It is taken once a day in the amount of one third of a Cup.
  5. Stir in a spoonful of mother and stepmother and hops. Enter a couple of tablespoons of calendula. Zaparte Cup boiling water and let steep for about half an hour. Drink in equal portions during the day.
  6. The easiest way is using clean water. For this day you must drink at least 10 glasses of pure water. It will help naturally rid the body of harmful substances. As for bowel cleansing use and salt water.
  7. Clean the body using soda. For this a teaspoon of powder dissolved in 50 ml of warm water. Stir until then, until the soda is completely dissolved. Drink this solution in the morning on an empty stomach.
  8. Quick cleansing can be carried out using a special jelly. For its preparation you need to pour in a saucepan two liters of water. To send the same half a kilogram of plums and 50 grams of buckthorn bark. Bring to the boil. Remove from heat and drain. In the cooled liquid to enter the bottle "Holosas". Mix thoroughly. This drink should drink before bedtime in the amount of half of the glass.
  9. Grind with a meat grinder, a handful of prunes, raisins and dried apricots. Add dried nettle leaves. In the finished composition, enter a little bit of honey and olive oil. Eat three tablespoons a tool before bedtime. The remaining mass is put into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

To clean the bowel folk remedies everyone can. But we must remember that some of them can provoke allergic reactions.

All methods of purification of the intoxicated intestine are equally effective. Select the appropriate for yourself and forget about health problems.