Mikroklizma for children and adults at home

Good health, vigor and health of any person directly depend on the timely purgation. But every year more and more people suffer from constipation. This is the consequence of sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, some medications and chronic diseases. From constipation periodically and affects not only adults but also children. They have steadfastly decreased appetite, marked lethargy and may even rise body temperature. Quickly get rid of constipation will help mikroklizma for children and adults. This drug acts locally, is available in a convenient form and affordable to people with any income.

Causes of intestine disorders

Normal people have to defecate 1-3 times a day. In this case the stool look a little dense or liquefied. When the passage of feces is delayed for more than three days, then we can talk about constipation. Constipation can occur for several reasons, the main of which are:

  • Unbalanced nutrition.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Some diseases of the digestive organs.
  • Treatment with medications that can have such side effect.

In addition, constipation can occur as a result of dysbiosis, when pathogenic microflora prevails over the beneficial bacteria. In any of these cases to gently get rid of constipation at home will help enema "Microlax".

This drug is approved for use in pediatric practice. Mikroklizma for infants can be used almost from the first days of life, but only on the testimony of a pediatrician.

The composition and the therapeutic effect of the drug

"Microlax" is a combined product that provides a local laxative effect due to the complex influence of its components. The composition of the enema consists of such substances:

  • sodium citrate – AIDS in the breakdown of fecal matter into individual components and the crowding out of residual liquid. Due to which solid waste becomes powdery, and liquid toxins are absorbed into the intestinal wall;
  • sodium laurilsulphate – the material is thinning feces and irritation of the intestinal walls, whereby the desires on the bottom;
  • water, sorbic acid and glycerin are supporting components of the drug. Sorbic acid acts as a preservative and prolongs the shelf life of the drug and the glycerol binds all incoming components into a single mass.

It may seem that the medication is plain water, but actually the formula is quite complicated.

When the showing appointment "Microlax"

Mikroklizma shown in a number of cases, and it is allowed to apply to both adults and newborns. The main indications for use are:

  • Persistent constipation, when stool no more than three days.
  • The medical study of the stomach and intestines.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and harmful substances.
  • Purgation in pregnant women before childbirth.

In addition, "Microlax" is actively used by some representatives of the weaker sex in order to lose weight.

Mikroklizma is considered more gentle and effective cleansing of the intestines than a conventional enema.


This drug only works locally in the intestinal canal, it is therefore considered absolutely safe. This drug is approved for newborns, children, pregnant and lactating women. It is possible to allocate only two contraindications:

  1. Strong sensitivity, if previous use of this enema felt itching or other unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Individual intolerance of some components, which are part of medication.

In all other cases, "Microlax" can be used safely, but not before you carefully study the instruction.

Elderly people often suffer from constipation, they mikroklizma will be the best option of getting rid of the problem.

Rules for the use of

To correctly do mikroklizmy at home, you must first carefully study the instructions for use. In addition, it is advisable to consult a doctor about the necessity of the application of such funds.

But don't everybody rush to the hospital with constipation. Most often, this problem is very confusing for people, so I try to cope on their own and become "Microlax" after watching commercials. Abstract a rather lurid detail all the stages of klishirovannyh that look like this:

  1. From the packaging pull out the so-called tape microclysters and carefully separate one tube.
  2. A few minutes pipette with a drug hold in my hand to warm it to body temperature. Usually enough to hold it in the palm of your hand for 5-10 minutes.
  3. The tip of the pipette comes off easy scrolling, no sharp objects for this purpose are not necessary. The opening of the pipette should be in an upright position to prevent leakage of fluid.
  4. After the tube is opened, you need to gently squeeze out a drop of fluid and lubricate the tip. This simple manipulation will allow you to enter an enema in the anus as quickly andeasy.
  5. Next, squat down and gently introduce the tip into the anus the entire length, only in this case, the medication will be effective.
  6. When you need to put an enema to the newborn or young child, the tip is introduced only half, "Microlance" there is a special level which adjusts the insertion depth.
  7. After the enema set, confident movement inject the contents of the tube, and then pull the tip out of the anus.

When liquid enters the intestines, it begins at once to act. The result is noticeable after only 5-15 minutes.

It must be remembered that for a one-time colon cleanse stool enough of 5 ml of medication. So much is contained in a pipette.

Microclysters advantages over other means

In the summary, which is necessarily enclosed in each package of medicine, lists the benefits of the drug:

  • The result is visible already after a short period of time.
  • It is completely safe for all groups of patients.
  • Has almost no contraindications.
  • Not addictive.
  • The medication is easy to use and very hygienic.

Visible advantages are the low price and local impact. This medicine can make people with chronic diseases.

The appointment of "Microleaks" during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's body works at high intensity and we are talking not only about women's health but about the health of the future baby. In this crucial period of life, women experience various health problems, due to the restructuring of all organs and systems, and improve hormonal levels. Most often you can hear complaints of pregnant women for constipation. There is a good reason, the growing uterus compresses the intestine, which prevents it from relaxing and emptying.

"Microlax" during pregnancy is shown in many cases when broken or difficult bowel movements. The effect of this medication is very gentle, so to make mikroklizmy can be at any stage of pregnancy without fear. The benefits of using this drug over other laxatives look like this:

  • The composition of the liquid there is no substances that can have a negative impact on the development of a fetus.
  • The medication enters the bloodstream and works locally only.
  • Not addictive, that is, after discontinuation of the drug defecation occurs independently.
  • Absolutely no effect on the tone of the uterus.
  • Does not cause negative emotions.

"Microlax" does no harm as the expectant mother and the growing fetus, therefore, is considered the safest drug for that.

Ordinary enema pregnant can be put only by the physician and under the supervision of a health care provider. Classic enema can cause uterine contractions and premature onset of labor, while "Microlax" this has no effect.

The use of "Microleaks" in children and infants

Problems with bowel movements in babies is a rather common phenomenon that is familiar to almost all parents. Immature intestines of the infant still does not cope with the digestion, so constipation quite often.

In the first days after birth the child comes out of the original cal meconium. Then the character of the stool depends on the food. The main causes of constipation in younger children are:

  • Lack of fluid in the body. This is possible if the mother not enough milk or if the child is on artificial feeding and additional dobivaetsya water.
  • Incomplete absorption of breast milk or formula.
  • Insufficient amount of mother's milk, which leads to rare bowel movements and as a consequence of the induration of feces.
  • Congenital defects of the bowel.

The safest tool that allows you to quickly restore normal stool the baby is considered "Microlax". Interestingly, to calculate the dose of this drug depending on the age or weight is not required. The volume, which contains one tube, which is 5 ml, suitable for babies, older children and adults.

Parents should pay attention to risk, which is at the tip of the tube. This allows you to control the insertion depth of the tip child.

Special instructions for use microclysters in children of any age no. Here it is important to follow basic hygiene rules.

  1. An adult who will carry out the procedure, carefully wash hands with soap and then warm water with soap good to clean the baby's bottom and obrushivaetsya soft diaper.
  2. The tip on the packaging is broken off easy scrolling.
  3. Squeeze the tube slightly and a drop of the drug lubricate the tip of the tube and the anus of the baby.
  4. The child is placed on the back or the flank, and presses the legs to the tummy. One hand gently spread the buttocks and insert the tip of the tube to the mark, then squeeze about half of the content for newborns and the full amount for children above 3 years.

The result is usually waiting for long, 5-10 minutes later, the baby will poop. To ease defecation, you can RUB her tummy crumbs in a clockwise direction.

Problemschair quite often bother people of all ages. Unpleasant heaviness in the abdomen, fatigue, persistent headache and a bad mood – it's a consequence of constipation. In order to quickly improve the well-being, use "Microlax".