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The harm of electronic cigarettes compared to regular: what is more harmful

Electronic cigarettes started to gain more and more popularity among fans to smoke. Many people believe that the danger from these devices is less than usual tobacco products, and no addiction. Therefore, more and more smokers are changing to electronic cigarette counterpart, especially when trying to abandon bad habits. Manufacturers assert that electronic cigarettes are healthy and very economical. What is more harmful electronic cigarette or conventional it's hard to say for sure, both types have their drawbacks.

What is included in the liquid.

The electronic cigarette was invented in the last century, and during this period she gained a lot of popularity among smokers. Still, many consider it harmless to health. In addition, given the strong increase in prices for tobacco products and a total ban on Smoking in public places, these products are a godsend. Buying an electronic device for Smoking, people do not think about the possible harm. Though if to consider, what made the e-liquid, you can see that the composition is a lot of toxic substances:

  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerin;
  • nicotine;
  • flavors.

Chemical compound propylene glycol and glycerin is used as solvent for flavours. These substances from the device attractive comes vapor that simulates smoke.

What does more damage

Some smokers still wonder sometimes, what harm more? To understand what is the harm of electronic cigarettes compared to normal, you need to understand what is a part of both. The conventional cigarette is not only nicotine but also tar, which are obtained in the combustion of the tobacco mixture and the paper shell. The composition of tobacco smoke discovered such harmful substances:

  1. Various aromatic hydrocarbons, the most harmful of them is benzopyrene.
  2. Nitrosamines and amines.
  3. Phenolic compounds, naphthalenes.
  5. Isoprene.
  6. The acetaldehyde.
  7. Ammonium.

In addition to these chemical compounds in the smoke from tobacco contains many other dangerous substances, among which the component discovered radioactive polonium.

Substances that enter the smoke coming from the classic cigarette, provoking the emergence of cancer.

All of these harmful elements do not exist in the Smoking liquid and in the outgoing pair. And though the electronic cigarette safer than usual, the harm from it is also noticeable. This can be understood if to consider thoroughly all substances that are in the Smoking liquid.

What is the danger components of electronic cigarettes

The nicotine in electronic cigarettes

As in the usual cigarettes, and electronic have nicotine. This item is considered a narcotic, with a pronounced neurotropic effect. Nicotine is quite hazardous to people, it is bad for the heart and vascular system. This harmful element is addictive, both psychological and physical. Joining him in the Smoking mixture, which is often used for the purpose of quitting Smoking, it is highly doubtful.

Some of the liquid refills contain too much nicotine. If heavily abused these cigarettes, there is nicotine intoxication, there will be consequences for health.

The lethal dose of nicotine is approximately 100 mg. for some people this figure can be more, and others less, it all depends on the characteristics of the organism and immunity.

With the constant intake of nicotine there are such States and diseases:

  • the increase in the level of glucose in the blood;
  • instability of blood pressure;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • an unstable heart;
  • heart failure;
  • myocardial infarction.

The harm of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional comparable. But he, too, is palpable due to the many different flavorings and additives. The composition of these components sometimes are carcinogens.

Dangerous glycerin

Bulk buyers of electronic cigarettes and attributes to him does not know that glycerin is harmful. This chemical has a pleasant sweetish taste often used in the food industry to impart a certain product viscosity. Glycerin is not considered toxic, like the fumes that are inhaled while using electronic cigarette. However, in exceptional cases, people who are prone to allergies, it can cause inflammation of the upper respiratory system and provoke coughing.

The dose of glycerin that is in quality liquids Smoking area, absolutely are not dangerous to humans.

Is there any harm from propylene glycol

Propylene glycol, which is contained in the Smoking fluid, also causes a lot of controversy. This chemical without color, fragrance used in industrial production, food industry and pharmacology. Propylene glycol is an excellent solvent, which explains its high prevalence. In food products it is added as a stabilizer, which for a long time maintains food quality. If the propylene glycol not to abuse, harm any will not be.

Propylene glycolused in liquids for dissolution of flavors. Besides, it irritating to respiratory system. In excessive doses the substance causes renal failure and strongly influences the nervous system.

The harm of electronic cigarettes to others

Smoke from classic tobacco products have a negative effect not only on the smoker but to people around him. Moreover, passive smokers, those who involuntarily inhale the smoke, suffer from this more. So, pregnant women who consistently breathe in tobacco smoke, at risk to give birth to a weak child, who will be diseases of the cardiovascular system or a weak immune system.

Not only conventional cigarettes are dangerous for human health, in some countries, the use of e-cigarettes at a complete ban in public places. So does the harm coming from cigarette vapor to others?

In such a pair has no carcinogenic components and carbon monoxide, but in a large amount of nicotine is present. The amount of the substance is not very different from what is in classic cigarettes. When electronic cigarette smoke in the room, the concentration of nicotine in the atmosphere exceeded, and all the people present in the room are forced to breathe poisoned air.

Buying an electronic cigarette, you need to remember that the dangers of nicotine from this invention, no less than from the usual tobacco products.

Whether to smoke electronic cigarette pregnant

Some lady, upon learning that they are expecting a baby, can not give up the habit. Sometimes pregnant women start to use electronic cigarettes instead of the usual, comforting themselves with the thought that the danger from them is less.

But let's not kid ourselves, these cigarettes are unsafe for women that is expecting a child. Consumption of nicotine, even in the most minimal doses, is not valid for pregnant. It may affect both the smoker and its still not born child.

During pregnancy and nursing it is advisable to completely abandon bad habits. Electronic cigarettes cannot be called a good alternative to Smoking them is not recommended.

What danger can still carry electronic cigarettes

Production of devices for vaping do not need to be certified, so the manufacturers at will often change the design of the device and the overall composition of Smoking liquids. When you purchase electronic cigarette or liquid it is necessary to be very careful. No need to save to buy name products for a reduced price. These goods are often poor quality and can considerably impair the health.

To buy electronic cigarettes preferably in large retail outlets and to take devices from manufacturers that are well established in the market. When choosing should carefully examine several options, good cigarette will be carefully picked and Packed.

Choosing the liquid Smoking, should carefully study the composition. The less there is of unknown additives, the less damage will be to the body.

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

Despite the dangers of Smoking in General, electronic cigarettes have several advantages over classic tobacco products. When Smoking fashioned cigarettes the person is not inhaling harmful smoke, which contains toxic substances. This has a positive effect on health:

  1. Decreases the characteristic cough of smokers.
  2. Improved sense of smell and taste perception.
  3. From the oral cavity peculiar smell disappears.
  4. Improving the condition of the teeth.
  5. The skin acquires a healthy color.

In addition, after a time the lungs cleared of plaque nicotine and functions better. That reduces the risk of oncological diseases of the respiratory tract.

Will electronic cigarette to stop Smoking

Based on numerous reviews of people who tried to stop Smoking with the help of such a device, it can be concluded that e-cigarettes helped to get rid of bad habits only to a small number of smokers. This is because the person is aware of less harmful like Smoking and usually begins to take a cigarette in hands. At the same time, the amount of nicotine in the cartridge is reduced and the body requires the usual dosage. Which in the end may cause overdose and strongest nicotine poisoning.

To get rid of bad habits you need to have a strong desire and will power. Even very expensive substitutes tobacco products will not give results if a person does not have a great desire to quit Smoking.

Say what you will but electronic cigarettes are less health risks, due to the absence of toxic tar and other dangerous components. But the nicotine in the liquid for filling is also present, so the health hazard is obvious. The only exception is beznikotinovye Smoking a liquid in which, in addition to the flavors, almost nothing. This fluid rarely causes hypersensitivity.