The effect of alcohol on the human body

Say, to distinguish the alcoholic from the person, do not yet have a alcohol addiction, it will help recognition – if the subject admits that there is a problem, so all is not lost. Conversely, the confidence that he is no alcoholic, and just a difficult period, his wife left with the work not going well – the list is endless – is troubling. Meanwhile, the effect of alcohol on the human body have been well studied and its devastating impact on the psyche and health, and also addictive no doubt.

Effects of alcohol on the brain

The toxic effect of alcohol on the human body have the comprehensive picture, first suffering body and physical health, then mental health problems and irreversible damage of the internal organs, primarily the brain.

To represent the extent of brain damage after the adoption of even small quantities of alcohol, you need to understand that getting into brain cells, alcohol permanently destroys them. The dead cells in charge of intelligence, received via the lymph into the blood and then into the kidneys and removed in the urine, like other outmoded waste products. So the joke is that an alcoholic washes your brain in the toilet – no joke.

Why is this happening? Toxic substances contained in alcohol beverages, which give the effect of short-term euphoria, into the brain most intensively, because this body more than any other perfused, and hence the process of accumulation of toxins in it is faster. After the accumulation is faster than the excretion of toxic substances.

Poisoned brain cells disrupts nerve endings, which looks like a narcotic. But in fact this effect is due to the fact that parts of the brain at this moment intensely die.

In the first place from such a strike affecting the higher functions of activity of the brain, which are responsible for the moral character, properties, memory, logical mindset, ability to criticality, that is, the degradation affect those brain centres that make of the human personality.

Thus, in the scientific world it is known that one hundred grams of vodka kills about 8000 neurons that provide the organ nerve impulses to the thinking process. These lesions do not go unnoticed – "scars" that occur at the site of mass damage, leading to wrinkling and literally dryness of brain and consequently, reduce its volume and mass.

Degradation of the individual, emerging from such exposure is inevitable. It is expressed in the loss of adequacy, decreased intelligence, memory impairment, attention, intelligence. Extinction of entire centers responsible for the moral character that leads to loss of morality, the General degradation and loss of the sense of shame and ability to self-criticism. In this state a person begins to produce inappropriate, antisocial acts, which often does not report. Broken occipital part of the brain that is also affected very quickly, leads to gait disorders, failure in coordination and motor functions in General. Vascular lesions of the brain lead to changes in the psyche, which is expressed begin to progress.

The effect of alcohol on blood vessels and heart

There is a view that a moderate amount of alcohol has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, reduction in blood pressure, vasodilation, leaving stress. However, this is wrong. Significantly, the scientists found that alcohol is toxic, a poison that can not help health. The mechanism of action of alcohol is based on the oppression of health, through what turns desired effect of intoxication.

Besides do not forget about the treachery of the drink and the overestimation of your own abilities and the body's defenses against addiction. A high percentage of people alcoholisation is obtained from those who underestimated the ability of alcohol to cause physiological and psychological addiction, then develops into dependence.

With regard to the expansion of blood vessels, this effect has a very short time, after which they were prejudiced. The result of this change will be a characteristic red pigment on the face, palpitations "in vain", and, as a consequence, wear on. According to statistics, the number of deaths and chronic diseases in the cardiovascular system most often found among alcohol abusers.

The mechanism of the effect of alcohol on blood vessels the following. The alcohol consists of ethanol, which has the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream through the stomach walls after a couple of minutes. The effect of receipt of this substance in the body is accompanied by increased blood flow and vasodilation, which leads to the smooth passage of blood. This leads to a decrease in pressure. However, the ventricles are not coping well with increased blood flow, and then the blood just passes through them unhindered. Coupled with low blood pressure blood does not reach the extremities, which in turn stops receiving oxygen and nutrients.

After a brief expansion vessels are sharply narrowed – that is a real shock to the body. This narrowing, which always accompanies drinking alcohol, especially if it regularly,leads to wear of the cardiovascular system and the deterioration of its functioning. Violation in the work leads to a deterioration of metabolic processes, as the cells cease to receive proper nutrition. This condition is particularly dangerous for people with hypertension – for them, the symptoms will be more pronounced.

The regular drinking of alcohol even to healthy vessels will become chronically high blood pressure, rapid pulse, increased heart, which supplies blood vessels excessive weight. Wear the heart muscle in such conditions is inevitable, moreover, produced by alcohol adrenaline only increases adverse effects.

The following adverse effect on the heart and blood vessels is the adhesion of erythrocytes (red blood cells) exposed to ethanol. They lose their shell and are partially destroyed, which leads to blockage of capillaries by clots of red blood cells. In the end, the systematic adoption of alcohol leads to oxygen starvation of the tissue cells and further thinning of the capillaries, which in drinkers and so very fragile. And fragile blood vessels, in turn, are overgrown by a layer of fat, which also complicates their work.

As a result of developing atherosclerosis, leading to heart attacks, strokes and coronary heart disease. And arterial hypertension on the background of chronically high blood pressure.

The effect of alcohol on the gastrointestinal tract

The poisoning effect of alcohol is also destructive to the stomach, through which absorbed the main part. Annealing the walls of the stomach and esophagus, alcohol injure these organs, which causes inflammation, frequent heartburn and the development of chronic diseases. The action of toxic substances, which is any alcohol, impaired production of gastric juice, hydrochloric acid, malfunctions in the production of enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Over time, atrophy of the glands that produce the necessary enzymes for normal digestion. Digestion because of this worsening, which in turn leads to failure in the process of hematopoiesis. Thus, we see that the harm alcohol does to the body, has a complex character.

In the pancreas there is no enzymes to break down alcohol, so the addict often suffers from chronic pancreatitis. But alcohol is not simply split this on and significantly harm him, clog the enzymes needed for digestion and failing in his work, may provoke inflammation and serious illness.

Overall , frequent alcohol consumption from the blood affects the development of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, which affects alcoholics and those who are themselves not for those. Lock glands under the action of ethanol, which is produced in the stomach insulin, leads to disruption of metabolism and can trigger diabetes. Blockage of enzymes in the pancreas, as well as abnormalities in the esophagus and changes in the properties of saliva, which loses its disinfecting properties under the influence of alcohol, can lead to cancer.

The effect of alcohol on the reproductive system

Cell death affects fertility for both women and men. In women, damaged cells do not regenerate, and remain in the system, presenting a risk to the fetus. In the case when fertilized that is damaged by alcohol cage, there is a risk that the child will have serious developmental disorders and genetic diseases. Gets a healthy cell or patient in this situation is a matter of chance, and the sad effects, no one is immune.

The male body is designed differently – its reproductive function may be updated. To completely eliminate the effects of alcohol on sperm quality should be about 3-6 months. During this period the sperm is completely renewed, and possible damage will not affect the progeny in the case if during this time alcohol was not used again.

After the quality of germ cells suffers and the whole reproductive system. The functioning of the organs is reduced, there is indifference and inhibited libido.

The effect of alcohol also leads to mutations of hormone, under the action of the toxin they "break down", starting to produce correctly. Over time, women have an excess of the male hormone testosterone, and male – female estrogen. This leads to a change in appearance, character, the mind is disturbed and there comes a impotence.

How to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body

If you avoid the intake of alcohol failed, and to lose control or feel overwhelmed the next day there is no desire, you can use the advice of people who on their own experience revealed rules that reduce the effects of alcohol on the body:

  • you can not "tone down". If you start after the vodka to drink wine or beer, it will lead to rapid intoxication and, possibly, loss of consciousness.
  • before intake of alcohol should take the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of body weight. The sorbent will absorb toxins and reduce their impact on the body.
  • take breaks in the feast, to go out into the fresh air, to be active in the conversation on the topics that cause many to think, these actions stimulate the brain and other organs, leading to acceleration of metabolismand accelerate the elimination of toxins.
  • do not take carbonated drinks, which increase the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  • to use a snack, which will also take care of the toxins.
  • drink plenty of water to quickly excrete the alcohol.
  • to keep the liver, not eating fatty foods.

Reviews fun lovers feast will be useful only in the case when a man knows the measure and is able to stop in time. Otherwise, the intake of alcohol is dangerous to life, and to downplay the potential damage from uncontrolled reception is impossible.


The detrimental effect of alcohol on our health is confirmed by numerous scientific experiments, data, pathologists and other documents, clearly showing the degree of organ damage from the use of this product. Alcohol destroys the brain, heart, blood system, esophagus, suffer irreparable organs, cleansing the blood, liver and kidneys. The nervous system is deprived of neurons responsible for the communication of cells among themselves, violates the moral character of the drinker. If the person does not stop in time, abandoning the pernicious habit, he loses his identity and turns into an antisocial creature, deprived of property, shame, health and honor.

However, all those daily observable factors and the degree of damage of this disease remain unconvincing for those who believe that since he this fall is not threatened. Such thoughts are a tricky trap. You never know which account the shot will be fatal for the body, after which he will cease to resist the effects of poison. The fact that the body is designed in such a way that he begins to convince the brain of the need of the next dose, if you know what you will get though this and temporary relief. Once in this trap, people will not be able to get out of it himself, as in this situation, he becomes a hostage of his body, programmed to self-destruct. To get out of this "bottle" you need to make a Titanic effort of will. Taking into account that I will atrophy already at the initial stage of alcoholism, it is impossible to do. Although there are the lucky ones, been able to pass this way.