Glycerin harm to the body when inhaled and Smoking

Smoking electronic cigarettes is a newfangled trend that has appeared recently, but has already gained wide popularity among many men and women. Today many fans of nicotine replace e cigarette, which consists of glycerin.

And this is not surprising because such devices make it easy to smoke in public places, and save money. Is there any harm to the body by inhalation of glycerin-or electronic cigarettes completely safe?

What is an electronic cigarette

Today Smoking electronic cigarettes is a massive passion that affects both men and women. In any public place you can see a man with newfangled device in his hands. Quite often you can hear that Smoking is email is not as harmful as ordinary cigarettes, it can help to reduce the harm to the lungs. Is it really harmful if glycerin in electronic cigarettes?

Electronic devices for Smoking was invented 10 years ago in Hong Kong. After a few years, the invention has received a fantastic popularity in all corners of the world. In fact, the electronic cigarette is a Smoking device, which is inserted into the cartridge with a so-called filling liquid. Operates on the principle of evaporation: in the process of Smoking the Smoking the evaporation of the liquid with a special chemical composition which has the flavor to create a distinctive odor that the smoker need to breathe. The composition of the Smoking liquid to cartridge as follows:

  • Propylene glycol is a food additive that acts as a solvent. As part of a Smoking fluid that helps nicotine to penetrate as deeply as possible into the human body.
  • Nicotine present in electronic cigarettes is exactly the same as usual. But electronic purified nicotine toxicity is much lower.
  • Vegetable glycerin – is a major part of the Smoking liquid, as this substance is directly "responsible" for the thickness of a Smoking composition, giving it a pleasant taste and smell.
  • Purified water.
  • Flavors.

The most harmful impact of nicotine. Of course, in electronic devices used thoroughly purified nicotine, which is less aggressive. But the harm from the nicotine is very noticeable – it can cause the development of cancer, various diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

That is why, despite the multilevel system of purification, even purified nicotine can cause serious harm to the body of the smoker. The only positive for this substance is that nicotine, purified by such system, does not cause nicotine addiction.

Prological is a thick substance that does not have a pronounced odor and color. It is used in some foods and is intended for longer storage of products. If we talk about the propylene glycol in the electronic cigarettes, this substance sometimes has an irritating effect on the mucous surface of the respiratory tract, which can lead to the development of serious allergic reactions.

Glycerin – a description of the substance

The effect of glycerin on the human body to date not fully understood. Being a part of the Smoking liquid, glycerin is vaporized and the resulting vapor is inhaled just human. Harmful fumes of glycerin and whether they cause harm to the human body?

Glycerin is a substance with a thick consistency, no color and smell. If the temperature is above 17 degrees centigrade, the glycerin is liquid. For many decades, the glycerin is widely used in various industries: in the manufacture of cosmetic products and toiletries – the various creams, lotions, masks, shampoos, Soaps. Also the substance used in the process of production of confectionery, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical drugs.

Some women believe that Smoking electronic cigarettes has no absolutely no impact on the female body. This is not so.

Food glycerin is in most cases well tolerated by the body, but in some cases the substance may cause the following side effects:

  • Various allergic reactions.
  • Pathology of the excretory system.
  • The deterioration of smell and loss of sensitivity of taste buds.
  • Irritation of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Various disorders of the vascular system.

To understand what would happen if Smoking glycerin via e-mail, numerous studies were conducted, which revealed that in most cases Smoking glycerin has no negative impact on the human body.

But this substance cannot be considered completely safe and harmless. The harm of glycerin for light cannot be denied. The inhalation of glycerin causes the substance deposited in the lungs, creating on the surface of a dense film that impedes their breathability and moisture. And sothe effect of glycerol on the lungs can be negative.

Properties of glycerin

Poisoning is possible if excessive glycerin Smoking electronic cigarettes. An overdose of glycerin is expressed in the form of nausea, heaviness in the chest, impaired breathing.

The benefits and harms of glycerol to different internal organs:

  1. Respiratory system – the active Smoking of electronic cigarettes, there is a rapid hydration of the upper respiratory tract. This means that moisture is lost and the tissue just Assosiate. The result of this drying out can lead to a sore throat; increased dryness of the nasopharynx. In addition, the damage from evaporation of glycerol may result in dehydration of the skin. If you constantly smoke glycerin, there is such unpleasant phenomenon, as the sore throat and swelling of the nasopharynx.
  2. What is the danger of glycerin to the cardiovascular system? Some experts believe that Smoking e-cigarettes leads to various problems with blood vessels and circulatory disorders. Overdose is fraught with a sharp spasm of blood vessels, which can cause spikes in blood pressure and malfunction of the heart muscle.
  3. What is the impact of glycerin with large amount of water and high temperatures? Overheating of glycerol leads to the production of a special substance called acrolein which is a potent carcinogen and irritates the mucosal surface of the nasopharynx.
  4. Enough to smoke one electronic cigarette for the violation of the water balance in the body, which can result in malfunction of the kidneys.
  5. The most careful when using electronic cigarettes should be men and women who have a tendency to allergic reactions. In such cases, the effect of glycerin vapor can cause skin rashes, swelling and even anaphylactic shock.

In medical practice it is possible to find evidence that systematic Smoking electronic cigarettes with glycerin has a direct impact on the blood sugar level and also provoke the development of hyperglycemic coma. For this reason, Smoking e-cigarettes is strictly not recommended for people with diabetes.

Glycerin Smoking can lead to serious problems like seizures, allergic asthma, diseases of the genitourinary system, the emergence of dystonia, loss of sensitivity of taste buds, noticeable irritation of the mucosal surface of the nasopharynx.

This is not a complete list of side effects, which is a substance that is present in the composition of electronic cigarettes. Glycerin is a substance which has a negative impact on the condition of the kidneys, of the skin.

The greatest danger fraught with excessive overheating of the glycerin – as a result of this process is the development of a carcinogenic substance called acrolein, having a negative impact on the respiratory system.

Do not think that the quality of electronic cigarette depends on the manufacturer of the device. Part of all electronic devices for Smoking included the same list of components consisting of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and various flavorings, and purified water. Regardless of manufacturer, composition of electronic cigarette remains unchallenged.

Unlike pharmaceutical glycerin

Many fans of electronic cigarettes decide to refill the cartridge yourself, with the help of normal glycerin, which is sold in any drugstore. It should be noted that such attempts will not succeed, as in the pharmacological network for sale drug called glycerol that consists of glycine and purified water. This solution has a liquid consistency, while the proportions of active ingredients – glycine 25-30%, distilled water of 30-35%.

For this reason, any attempt at self-refilling electronic cigarette with his own, with the help of pharmaceutical drug, are doomed to failure, it is best to use only specially designed Smoking drugs.

Harmful glycerin that is part of the electronic cigarettes? Doctors can't answer this question clearly, because the benefit or harm of glycerol has not been proven scientifically. What are the side effects is too often to smoke electronic cigarettes? In case of too frequent, uncontrolled Smoking electronic cigarettes, you may experience itching, burning, sore throat, excessive dry mouth. It should be noted that in most cases, a substance included in the Smoking mixture, are well tolerated by the human body.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is a harmful habit that can impact the most unexpected way for fans of electronic Smoking. Summarizing all the above we can say that glycerin is more often than not causes absolutely no effect on the human body. But in some cases cigarette Smoking with glycerin can cause various allergic reactions – rash, itching, redness.