Is Shisha bad for human health

The arguments on the subject – is Shisha bad for health, and have many versions. A large part of lovers of fragrant smoke claim that Smoking hookah is harmless when compared with cigarettes, the other part of the opinion that the harm from regular cigarettes and Shisha are approximately the same, the remaining part believes that sweet smoke from a hookah is more dangerous and harmful than cigarette smoke.

Today hookah is one of the most popular services entertainment, so find out the truth about his security and to debunk popular myths is necessary.

What is hookah

Hookah – a device for Smoking tobacco blend, in which the role of the filter performs a flask of water or any other liquid. For Smoking are used special mixtures with aromatic additives that are placed in a special bowl and covered with hot coals. The smoker draws air through a tube, with the resulting thrust smoke from the heated coals Shisha comes in a flask, and from there into the lungs of the smoker.

Due to the long path, which makes the smoke device in comparison with a cigarette, the smoke is perceived as a more chilled, thanks to water filtration – hydrated. Coupled with the beauty of the ritual the effect is to create safety for the human body. And the favorable impression is reinforced by the arguments, the veracity of which must be considered.

The development of dependence

The main argument put forward by the fans of the hookah, is the lack of an effect of habit, of addiction, which occurs when Smoking cigarettes.

In fact, this argument is an absolute rationalization. First, any addiction is formed not only through the chemical addiction of the brain to the substance, but also through mechanical action. Smoking hookah once a month, really hard to deal with addiction. But exactly the same can be said about cigarettes: smoked a couple of cigarettes once in 30 days will not instantly transform the man in a heavy smoker.

So a regular Shisha Smoking always leads to addiction, which by its force and nature are not different from any other bad habits.

As for the argument, consisting of arguments that the addiction to cigarettes is formed due to the nicotine and the Smoking mixture of nicotine not, then this myth should be dispelled.

On average, for refilling the device requires about 12-15 grams of tobacco. Standard packing of the mixture indicated that the nicotine content is around half a percent. By simple mathematical calculation you can see that one serving of a Smoking mixture contains more than 6 mg of nicotine, while a cigarette its less than 1 gram.

Smoking one Shisha serving, the human body gets the amount of nicotine contained in 8 cigarettes smoked with a small timescales.

If you use a hookah once a week, it will equal to Smoking half a pack of cigarettes a 7 days, which can already be considered an addiction.

In addition, people addicted to hookah, potentially ready the smoker: once the brain gets used to the regular flow of the dose of nicotine, it will require it. If the Eastern Smoking device is not at hand, it will be easier to buy a pack of cigarettes to satisfy nicotine cravings. In this way passed many people, and knowing the danger of nicotine addiction, we can safely make the argument the main issue: why can't smoke hookah.

Finally, we note that addicted to hookah is objectively much easier than the cigarette. The first experience of Smoking cigarettes most people complain about the unpleasant bitterness of smoke, sore throat, peculiar smell from the hands and breath.

At the first contact with the Shisha man is found with a sweet, fragrant thick smoke, Oriental flavor, beautiful and unusual refueling procedure that has nothing to do with when you swipe your lighter when you jump-start cigarettes.

Quite naturally, the experience of hookah Smoking in the vast majority of people will remain quite pleasant, and many will want to repeat the experience, citing the desire to try a different taste of tobacco or other filling of the flask (wine, milk).


Hookah fans often mention that the main advantage is the filtration system. That is, passing through the water in the flask, the smoke clears enough to cause significant harm.

It is worth noting that 99% of manufactured cigarettes have filters, and some also have carbon filters, which are the most effective. Water or any other liquid used to fill the bulb does not exceed the strength of the carbon filters.

Therefore, if we compare in percentage how many harmful substances holds a cigarette filter and some water in the flask, would be won not a hookah.


Another common argument in favor of the security of East device is the fact that tobacco cigarette and the mixture in the package for hookah at least look different, and therefore the harm may not be equivalent.

First, it is worth noting that quality control of Smoking mixtures is much lower than the quality of the cigarettes. Buying pipe tobacco from somemanufacturers, it is difficult to vouch for what is contained in the aromatic box. Some packages do not have any information besides the name "Smoking mixture" and brand of product.

Smoker, tucking the device tobacco a brand, do not know what has tobacco, where they grow the raw material for it, how it was stored, than processed.

Second, while Smoking a hookah uses coal, which is heated to a temperature above 600 degrees. At this temperature begins the formation of carcinogens, e.g. benzopyrene – one of the most dangerous carcinogens, and its main danger is its ability to accumulate in the body, causing changes in DNA.

In addition, the high temperature provokes the formation of carbon monoxide, about the danger of poisoning which, of course, everyone has heard of. Smoking hookah in specialized institutions where the hookah, you can see that they open the valve every quarter of an hour in order to bring the excess carbon monoxide from the device.

If you smoke Shisha at home or institution where the employee serving Smoking devices, not familiar with the rules ensuring maximum safety of hookah Smoking, you can face the problem of dizziness, tachycardia, weakness in the body. All consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning, hypoxia occurs, the increased load on the heart and toxic effects on brain cells.

Smoke temperature

As already mentioned, the tobacco in a special container is heated to an average temperature of 400-500 degrees. When a person draws in air through the mouthpiece of the device, the smoke enters his lungs after 1-2 seconds. For a time he did not have time to cool as much as possible, therefore, enters the respiratory tract, causing the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries.

Fortunately, the smoke from the hookah does not cause burns, but with regular Smoking lung tissues lose their necessary elasticity, which adversely affects the human body.

Hygiene process

Probably, the only thing that unequivocally can give the cigarette is the hygiene of the Smoking process. When Smoking a hookah very often violated rules of elementary hygiene: the mouthpiece is passed from hand to hand a large number of people, disposable nozzles are ignored because of the inconvenience of constant change, so the risk of transmission of diseases from herpes to hepatitis and tuberculosis is very high.

It does not matter the fact that the people in the circle which smokes a hookah, look completely healthy they can be carriers of the virus, to pass it on to someone with a weak immune system.

Passive Smoking

Hookah is usually smoked in the room, so the smoke from the hookah is the cause passive Smoking all people. The toxic effect occurs not only from the smoke discharged from the mouthpiece and the lungs of smokers, but also from Chad, originating from the interaction of moist tobacco and hot coals.

Therefore passive smokers receive a considerable dose of:

  • nicotine;
  • benzopyrene;
  • carbon monoxide – a gas that causes tissue hypoxia, ie oxygen starvation;
  • salts of heavy metals.

Many people after Smoking Shisha complain of headache, nausea, weakness, even if not involved in the process of Smoking, but just were forced to passively breathe the hookahs.

Beznikotinovye tobacco

To those who like to be in the thick aromatic smoke sometimes offer to smoke hookah without nicotine. This tobacco is really there, even in three forms:

  • minerals of volcanic rock, impregnated with syrup;
  • homogeneous cream which is applied on the bowl of tobacco, but according to reviews, gives less smoke;
  • organic fuel, in which instead of tobacco herbs and roots, mixed with glycerin and flavorings.

On the one hand, this option is certainly less harmful than classic. But on the other hand, consumers of such products in Russia while are not able to get guaranteed quality product, even a natural refill for Shisha dried beet may have the chemical flavor that, when heated, becomes a carcinogen.

And besides, don't forget about carbon monoxide, which is formed from a high temperature coal, the negative impact of a hot smoke on tissues of the respiratory system, about the risk of infectious diseases when the collective Smoking.

The advantages of Shisha

Having considered all the shortcomings of the hookah, it is impossible to ignore the fact that it has some merit. First, the identity of the Oriental treatments, the beauty of ritual and pleasant aroma, which certainly compares favorably even with flavored cigarette.

Second, while Smoking a Shisha is missing such an important moment, as the burning paper. It is worth Recalling that the paper of the cigarette, burning is a source of toxic substances harmful to the body.

Thirdly, the water in the flask loosely filters nicotine and benzopyrene, but effectively keeps substances such as:

  • acrolein;
  • the acetaldehyde.

These two substances depressing effect on the immune system, causing autoimmune diseases or, conversely,a weakened immune system.


The main conclusion that needs to be done to each individual who asks the question, is it possible to smoke hookah without fear for their health: the fundamental difference for the body when Smoking cigarettes and Shisha there.

Both ways of inhaling smoke is equally dangerous, and taking into account the low quality of the most part of traded tobacco for hookah, the latter may be much more harmful and dangerous.

Evidence of this found scientists from the United States, trying to answer the question, whether derived from residents of the Eastern countries Smoking device harmless alternative to cigarettes. Then the obtained data confirmed scientists from Germany, conducting research on the topic, is it dangerous Smoking tobacco through the flask.

Ban on Shisha Smoking today, no. Therefore, we can only recommend not to treat the device for fragrant Smoking as a harmless toy.

Smoking should be abandoned:

  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • persons under 18 years of age;
  • people with abnormalities of the respiratory system;
  • in all chronic diseases of the endocrine and immune systems.

Others can reserve the right to occasionally treat yourself to a hookah, observing all safety precautions and choosing only high quality and proven brand of tobacco, it is desirable which includes no nicotine.