Drotaverine and alcohol do Pepto hangover

No-Spa is one of the most popular drugs. Thanks to a wide range of use of the drug is actively used in various fields of medicine. The main active ingredient is the ingredient drotaverine. Some resort to the use of shpy during a severe hangover to get rid of spasms in the head. However, to understand whether it is possible to combine drotaverine and alcohol, you should be familiar with the instructions for use.

The description of the drug

Pepto – known antispasmodic used to eliminate the pain caused by contractions of the muscles of the internal organs – intestines, stomach, urinary organs, as well as headaches.

The medicine belongs to the group of painkillers. Known for its ability to eliminate pain of various origins, no-Spa relieves pain that occurs when stress, chronic fatigue, caused by muscle tension of the neck.

The medication is able to relieve the clenching pain during hangover. The active substance, is rapidly being absorbed in the intestines, stimulates blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, and within a few minutes relieves painful syndromes.

The active substance is drotaverine hydrochloride belongs to the myotropic antispasmodics. Testimony to the appointment of funds are pain and spasms that occur when the following pathologies of the internal organs:

  • gastritis;
  • colitis;
  • ulcerative lesions of the duodenum 12;
  • enteritis;
  • biliary tract disease;
  • pain when urinating;
  • painful menstruation;
  • headaches.

Often Nospanum used by gynecologists to eliminate the hypertonicity of the uterus and prevent miscarriage. Produce a tool in solid dosage form and ampoules for intramuscular and intravenous injections. It is believed that no-Spa is one of the safest means, but the drug has a number of limitations.


The drug is prohibited to use for people who are suffering from congenital lactose intolerance, allergic to one or more components of the medication, asthma and with hypersensitivity to sodium metabisulfite.

In addition, restrictions for use are:

  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • severe cardiac pathology;
  • hypersensitivity to ingredients;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • heart disease;
  • lactase deficiency.

With caution assign product in hypotension because of the risk of development of heart failure, as well as during pregnancy and in children up to 6 years.

No-Spa is able to eliminate intense pain symptoms, but will not cure the disease. Many diseases, for example, appendicitis or pancreatitis exacerbation, require no pain relief and emergency care.

That is why the remedy should not take a long time in large quantities. Prolonged pain can indicate a serious disease, and should be cause for seeking medical attention.

Negative consequences of reception

The tool is easily tolerated by patients and rarely leads to side effects. However, in special cases, the drug can provoke:

  • arrhythmia;
  • acceleration of heart rate;
  • dizziness;
  • the hypotension.

In addition, people who are prone to allergic reactions, noted the appearance of sweating, skin rash, skin reddening, itching, difficulty breathing, fever. In case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the medication may experience angioedema.

Does Pepto with alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks

Pepto, like any other drug, loses its effectiveness when interacting with ethanol. Drotaverine with ethanol have similar effect on the human body:

  • dilates blood vessels;
  • reduce muscle spasms;
  • relax the body.

Drinking medicine with a SIP of an alcoholic beverage, you can immediately eliminate spasms and to feel complete relaxation. However, in addition to getting rid of pain, can provoke negative consequences:

  • Sharp fall in blood pressure, which causes fatigue, weakness, headaches. Especially dangerous is this state for people with hypotension.
  • The need for frequent urination that occurs as the result of the relaxation of bladder muscles.
  • Bloating, uncontrolled discharge of gases.
  • Frequent urge to defecate.
  • Acceleration of heart rate.
  • Shortness of breath.

In some cases, a strong relaxation of the muscles triggers the deterioration of motor abilities, attacks of breathlessness, which can threaten human life.

Negative symptoms become pronounced when combining shpy with a strong alcohol drinks: vodka, cognac, and others.

In the interaction of drugs with alcohol relaxing effect is able to increase twice.

In addition, if the patient has a tendency to Allergy may experience immediate allergic reaction, strengthened the influence of ethanol, which leads to edema, dermatitis, rash, urticaria. The combination of the two substances leads toa sharp deterioration of the patient, especially if medication alcoholic drinks. In these cases, the patient may be in intensive care.

Many diseases, accompanied by spasms, mean abstinence from drinking alcohol, the combination of shpy with alcohol can provoke unpredictable consequences for the organism.

Many experts do not prohibit the use drotaverine with alcohol: the drug slows the dissolution of ethanol in the blood, preventing severe intoxication of the person. The combined use of shpy with ethanol affects the brain, which helps to eliminate the intense spasms and induces relaxation. That is why this method is used mainly by drug treatment in stationary conditions, during injection of an alcoholic of the binge.

Drotaverine during a hangover

One of the advantages of no-Spa is that it has a minimum of contraindications and negative effects. Often the tool is used for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome: comparison with other drugs the substance has a mild effect and easily digested.

No-Spa with a hangover – a great way to relieve unpleasant symptoms and feel better. Drotaverine belonging to the group of antispasmodics, successfully relaxes muscle and vascular spasms that often lead to headaches after the party. In addition, the drug reduces the negative impact of the metabolites of alcohol on the circulatory system, reducing the absorption of ethanol. The medicine has a relaxing effect on the whole body, which has a positive effect on the human condition, who moved to drink.

Allowed to take a pill shpy 2 hours before drinking alcohol and 2 hours after a meal.

You should not use the product for prevention with alcohol: drotaverine like to drink alcohol, affects the liver. The joint use of the load on the body increases doubly, which can lead to immediate reactions of the organism, decrease the therapeutic effects of medications, and rapid intoxication. Thus, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which manifests itself in full force the next morning, accompanied by peripheral edema caused by vasodilation. The use of pills right after alcohol contributes to these manifestations.

In addition, some diseases – gastritis, ulcers, cystitis, which is often taken Pepto, imply a complete rejection alkogolesoderzhaschie substances.

No-Spa is not able to excrete toxic substances formed in the decomposition process of ethyl alcohol. So often with hangover used complex treatment.

One of the most popular ways to eliminate the symptoms of hangover is the combination of drotaverine, aspirin and activated charcoal. The effectiveness of this treatment due to the fact that each of the ingredients of the composition acts in a certain way:

  • drotaverine lowers the burden on the liver, eliminates spasms of blood vessels;
  • activated carbon removes from the internal organs of toxins, binding them in the intestinal system;
  • aspirin has blood-thinning properties, lowers blood pressure, but also can enhance the effect of the shpy.

Many patients notice positive results from this combination of drugs in half an hour after consumption. However, it should be used with caution: some people can suffer from intolerance to substances drotaverin. In these cases, the patient may experience increased pain symptoms in the head, an attack of vomiting, and worsening hangover symptoms that occur usually in 15-20 minutes after drug administration.

Rules of combination

To avoid attenuation of therapeutic action of the drug and possible reactions from the body, you must observe the following rules:

  1. Do not drink alcohol medicines, including Nospanum.
  2. After drinking the tablets of drotaverine or implementation of an injection is to sustain the interval before drinking. The interval between doses of the two substances needs to be several hours, during which there will come the therapeutic effect of the medication. This measure will help reduce alcohol intoxication, and decrease the antidepressant effect of ethyl alcohol on human. The period of complete excretion of drotaverine from the body is 72 hours. So for your own safety it's wise to postpone the feast it was at this time.
  3. Take a pill can be no earlier than 2 hours after drinking alcohol.
  4. No-Spa hangover is accepted if the person is not hypersensitivity to the active substance, as well as some chronic diseases, excluding alcohol.

Less harm to the body will bring the use of antispasmodic before the planned alcoholic party than after penetration of alcohol into the circulatory system.

Modern medicine is not officially forbids to combine drotaverine with alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks, and in some cases a combination of two substances may be useful, for example, with hangover. However, it is important to understand that drotaverine is a synthetic substance that hassome contraindications and side effects that alcohol can only increase.