Harmful wipe without nicotine for human health

Harmful wipe? This question still nobody can give a concrete answer. Electronic cigarettes and VAP now on hearing, Smoking became fashionable and prestigious. Fans of a healthy lifestyle gradually refuse from regular cigarettes and choose electronic. Worldwide active discussions on this issue, researchers are investigating the compositions of liquids and vapours, try to give a precise answer about the dangers of vaping. So the topic of our article was vaping: the harm and the benefit. Possible negative consequences from it.

What is vaping

Wipe (Weipa, WAP) – translated to English means pairs. The device to Smoking, they electronic cigarettes produce no smoke, and steam. The man exhales a huge steam the tubers, which are considered less toxic than the products of cigarette burning. This steam creates an aesthetic pleasure for Smoking.

Popular vaping was not so long ago, although the electronic cigarette was invented in 2004 in Hong Kong. Widely to produce devices for vaping only started a few years ago.

Vapory, or vapers, are people who smoke electronic cigarette. Most of them believe that Smoking wipes safe for health. They do not see any danger in it and consider it a component of a healthy lifestyle.

Now on the market represented a large number of different devices for vaping. They're called evaporators. Some of them are disposable and some can be used many times, changing the liquid for Smoking. They work on removable batteries or accumulators.

Different evaporators and fluid Smoking area. There are cheap cigarettes and more elite, with capacitive battery. Refills for these cigarettes are available with different tastes and flavours such as Apple, chocolate, coffee, mint, etc.

Nowadays, vaping is not prohibited for use in public places and for children. In public places you can find "floating" and your remark about the inadmissibility of Smoking in enclosed and public places, he will answer about the legality of their actions, and will be absolutely right.

Dangerous vaping

Can I use a vaping harmful to Smoking and is Smoking them indoors? Itself vapor, which exhales people when Smoking electronic cigarettes, safe for humans and others. There are no products of combustion, carcinogens, toxins.

While Smoking regular cigarette is dangerous for human health, the combustion products in the inhaled and exhaled smoke. They irritate the mucous membrane, lead to the defeat of the respiratory system and can cause cancer. By itself, nicotine is a virulent poison in large doses it causes intoxication. Heavy smokers have problems with the cardiovascular system. So, when the market began to appear the electronic cigarettes, people, for a long time wishing to get rid of the addiction of Smoking, decided to switch to wipes.

Most often, electronic cigarettes do not help people quit Smoking. In most cases, they either return to the pernicious habit, or smoke constantly wipe on the mixture with high nicotine content.

Harmful and dangerous substances if you use a vaporizer are the flavors and chemicals that are included in the composition of liquids and mixtures for Smoking. According to some scientists, these substances can be significantly more harmful than tobacco smoke, they can cause cancer.

According to researches aimed to study the influence of steam on the lung tissue, doctors had made a horrific discovery. It turned out that the internal structure of the lungs react to couples almost the same as cigarette smoke. That is, when you switch to electronic cigarettes the risk of cancer is not reduced and remains at the same level. After publication of the results of this study, the research work has been criticized by supporters and fans of vaping. They have argued that the study was paid for by cigarette companies.

In fact, to talk about the dangers of electronic cigarettes earlier. It will take some time, during which the doctors will be able to explore the action of steam and additives on the human body. Yet the world has not been registered and confirmed cases of cancer of the vapers. But this fact does not speak about security vienta because of its novelty. Possible, serious consequences of its use will begin to show after a few years. Agree that smokers of conventional cigarettes become ill with cancer or cardiovascular disease not after the first puff, and 10-15 years of active Smoking. Only time will show, harmful or not to inhale and to blow off steam.

The advantages of vaping

Vaping has a number of advantages over ordinary cigarettes. Below we have listed the main ones:

  • No unpleasant tobacco smoke which can not tolerate a lot and do not like. This smoke is able to saturate the cigarette smell clothes, hair, and even space, furniture. When using evaporators, the problem of cigarette stench disappears.
  • In a few exhaled when vaping, no dangerous tars and carcinogens that are produced during the burning of tobacco. Since the damage of cigarettes is known to all, andthe danger of vaping is not proven by scientists, it is logical to give preference to evaporators.
  • A choice between mixtures with nicotine and without it. Previously a smoker with nicotine addiction, gradually reduce and control the dose from the ingestion of nicotine, thus try to get rid of nicotine addiction. At the same time, while choosing mixes without nicotine, you can protect yourself from this dangerous toxic substances.
  • Opportunity to smoke e-cigarettes in all public places where conventional is prohibited. Vapory actively exercise their right to soar where they want to.
  • Vapor has a pleasant smell and looks spectacular from the outside.
  • The lack of environmental pollution cigarette butts. It is believed that a cigarette butt hit the ground, decomposes more than 100 years. However, if you are concerned about the environment, don't forget to throw the batteries from the evaporators in special containers. They can carry great harm to the environment.
  • Efficiency. When buying vaporizers and liquids average price you save. Since the purchase of cigarettes more expensive in total. These calculations were made based on the number of puffs that can be made from one of a mixture of Smoking and packs of cigarettes.
  • Fashion accessory. Vaporizers are produced in various designs and have become trendy and modern accessory and an attribute of youth.

Caveats on the use of e-cigarettes

The use of e-cigarettes should be treated with the utmost seriousness. For safe application it is best to buy vaporizers and herbal Smoking blends only official and licensed points of sale. Should be wary of fakes as they can be dangerous.

Not long ago, the Internet spread a photo of a guy whose arms exploded the evaporator, leaving it without several teeth and with severe burns on her face. Such a case the explosion of electronic cigarettes until there was only one, but he scared many vapers, made them think about the danger of the habit of steaming. Indeed, vaporizer, unlike conventional cigarette is an electronic device. You need to use it only in accordance with the instruction manual.

A discussion of the issues is Smoking electronic cigarettes children. Many parents do not forbid their children-teenagers to do this, explaining that the absence of prohibition and age restrictions of vaping. At the same time, psychologists believe that formed in his youth a habit that any smoke can further to take root. People starting to smoke e-cigarettes, can easily go on a normal.

Vaping and pregnancy

Women who smoke difficult to give up the pernicious habit during the period of carrying a child. And they start to think about switching to electronic cigarettes. Doctors from all over the world shout about the dangers of vaping during pregnancy. You can't even use a mixture that does not contain nicotine.

"Harmless" couples could lead to terrible consequences during the gestation of the baby:

  1. Spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, disruption of pregnancy. Such a process can develop due to lesions of the fetus with the chemicals that is inhaled together with the steam.
  2. Acute hypoxia of the fetus. This is a condition in which the child loses through the blood of the mother the required amount of oxygen.
  3. When Smoking mixtures containing nicotine, the fetus develops all the vices and anomalies of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Suffer can internal organs.

Also we should not forget about the dangers of vaping for the parent body. Smoking, even mix without nicotine, makes large load on the lungs and heart, violates the trophism of the internal organs.

Doctors do not advise women to smoke regular or electronic cigarettes and while feeding the baby breast milk. Chemicals, nicotine, flavors can get into the body of the baby through the milk, to poison him, decrease immunity, cause severe allergic reaction.

Remember that if you want to bear and bring up a healthy baby, you should abandon the addiction of Smoking. Decide what has priority for you - to smoke or to maintain and ensure the health of the child.

Electronic cigarettes are a "dark horse" in the market of cigarettes. Despite their apparent safety, the doctors and scientists there are many doubts and fears. Unfortunately, to speak about their specific dangers only after some time that they will have time to affect the human body. Choosing between electronic and regular cigarettes, choose yourself and your health. Give up this habit, and spend the money saved on something more joyful and fun, something that brings positive emotions and at the same time does not put the body at risk of developing cancer.