Benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes on human health

Smoking in public places have been banned long ago, and in Vogue to promote a healthy lifestyle. The electronic cigarette is not only way to Smoking, where conventional cigarettes you to seem not worth it, and the ability to quit Smoking. Are electronic cigarettes bad for your health, learn from this article.

Electronic cigarette: what is it

Electronic vaporizer is a kind of "inhaler", in order to inhale the vapors of nicotine and flavors. Smoking vaporizers for the first time appeared in China 10 years ago, and since then, they gradually began to conquer new markets. The marketing was all new moves, in order to sell more "perfumed and harmless novelties", as you know, sellers rarely go into details whether the product is sold or not. And in the case of the device: before you begin the active promotion of the product, no one has studied the harm of electronic cigarettes with liquid.

Conventional cigarette was actively advertised in the 60-ies of the last century and in those days, was positioned as a healthy product. So, mindless marketing moves made to smoke more than half of the entire population of America.

The official name of electronic cigarette – ISDN, or, to decipher the abbreviation, the electronic system of nicotine delivery. The main purpose of the device is the delivery of nicotine in the human body, not getting rid of the harmful habit of Smoking.

In order to understand what is the harm of electronic cigarettes with liquid, you need to understand what is inside this product and what is the composition of liquid evaporation. Thus, the device of this device is determined by a basic principle: generation of steam. The device consists of two main parts: the atomizer and bossmode.

The very first models of electronic cigarettes contain an atomizer, which had two parts, namely the cartridge, which was liquid for electronic Smoking, vaporizer. A vaporizer is a mini device, in which there is a heating element that contributes to the formation of steam. In later models these two elements have been merged and I got a new cartomizer. Most often, the cartomizer has a clear body. Moreover, the cartomizer offers the following advantages over an atomizer:

  • it is more compact;
  • to fill the cartomizer is more convenient than the atomizer;
  • the cartomizers convert from Gigi for electronic cigarette better and more dense vapor.

Also the very first model, which was attended by atomizers, differ in the degree of participation in the filling of cigarettes by the user. Served in the evaporators in case of breakdown of the atomizer is possible to correct not only the purchase of a new basic item, but to try to fix itself, for example, to rewind the spiral of the heating element. Also there are vaporizers and maintenance free, and in case of failure of the atomizer must be completely changed. Moreover, be sure to know the model of electronic cigarette.

The second part of the electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery. So, the automatic electronic cigarette is equipped with a microprocessor that runs once a smoker makes the next breath. This mechanism approximates the action of the electronic cigarettes to their conventional counterparts. In addition to automatic, there is a mechanical electronic cigarette that are activated by a push of a button.

So, the main ingredients of the Smoking liquid are:

  • glycerin;
  • propylene glycol;
  • water.

The first and third components are needed to generate steam for the lungs, while the propylene glycol serves as a catalyst to dissolve the flavorings. Moreover, the propylene glycol irritates the throat, which also helps the smoker to feel the familiar sensations of Smoking cigarettes. Learn about the basic composition of e-cigarettes: harmful or not, what do you think?

Nicotine is also included in the composition of the liquid, but sometimes you can do without it. So, the strength of cigarettes is determined his share in the liquid. Those people who are trying to quit the harmful habit of Smoking, try to gradually lower the nicotine level in your daily dose and therefore are using electronic cigarettes, are gradually lowering their fortress. The level of the fortress they are:

  • very strong (the share of nicotine is 24 mg/ml);
  • strong (the share of nicotine is 18mg/ml);
  • medium strength (11 to 17 mg/ml);
  • light (11 mg/ml);
  • without nicotine content.

Liquid without nicotine is something that want to reach any person who is dependent because the other components of the same electronic cigarettes are considered virtually harmless to humans and has found its application in such fields as cosmetology, medicine and even the food industry.

Harmless are electronic cigarettes without nicotine

How harmful electronic cigarettes without nicotine? Many smokers believe that with their help you can easily quit Smoking, but also, in principle, to stop harm to your body. Actually using electronic cigarettes to quit Smoking is very difficult, because most of them contain nicotine, a method for gradual Smoking cessation with a decrease in the dose of nicotine does not always work. Moreover, the composition ofelectronic cigarette is very much different from the usual and can not replace the smoker the whole "composition" needed his agents.

The dangers of nicotine needs no introduction. Thus, nicotine affects almost every system in the body. Nicotine is the cause of such unpleasant things as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, diseases of the respiratory system, liver, stomach and so on. From nicotine poisoning can even die. The device, which in most cases carries a dose of nicotine, called harmless does not. The harm of electronic cigarettes has been proven dozens of times.

Smoking electronic cigarette without nicotine is also not useful . Though manufacturers of e-cigarettes and note that the composition of the liquid beznikotinovye devices contains only harmless components, this is not entirely true.

Numerous studies have proven that the composition of electronic cigarettes without nicotine in most cases differs from the composition specified on the packaging.

So, you think Russian scientists that electronic cigarettes should not be panacea in order to quit Smoking? Smokers no longer need to cause yourself damage. Only a test can show what is actually inhaled by the smoker.

The harm of electronic cigarettes

So we dismantled harmful or not electronic cigarette. Of course, in some ways they are better than traditional cigarettes. For example, they at least contain the harmful substances. So, electronic cigarettes do certainly not contain ammonia, cyanide and carbon monoxide. Moreover, studies about the potential harm of electronic cigarettes showed that most of them did not contain carcinogens, whereas in normal cigarette more than 50!

Prosperity not make your teeth more yellow, which also is an advantage in using them. Moreover, when Smoking pairs from the current e-cigarette smell flavor, but not tobacco. The illusion of Smoking that primarily provide such devices, and this is just what we need to smokers who have tobacco addiction is not only physical but also psychological.

Vipers safe for throat, because the steam temperature practically does not differ from the normal temperature of the human body, this means that injury of the respiratory tract with hot steam completely excluded.

So what harm does electronic device and is there any other damage besides the well-known effect of nicotine? The use of such a device can bring only a temporary psychological effect associated primarily with the illusion of quitting Smoking. Moreover, it is another dangerous illusion – fun. Electronic devices are fragrant and aesthetically pleasing look, and so use them often and would like to demonstrate a great number of people. The nicotine contained in this device, is also addictive, like nicotine in a normal cigarette, so it's silly to argue whether the harmful smoke from electronic cigarette.

Hovering cigarette that has no nicotine, is not good. According to popular belief, the remaining components of the steam cigarette with the liquid is harmless, but recent studies have shown that even propylene glycol, which is widely used in industry and medicine, can be dangerous. Propylene glycol is dangerous because it can cause allergies, nasal congestion, and skin rash.

How dangerous is glycerin? When applying glycerine to the skin can be observed moisturizing effect, but after contact with mucous membranes it acts completely different with the smoker has dry mouth and its blood vessels, which are already suffering from nicotine constricts even more. Especially dangerous is the substance for children's immature organisms, for example, for most teenagers and for all students. So, glycerin has a negative impact on the brain activity.

Flavors, besides having a delicious smell, are the catalyst for absorption of nicotine into the blood. Moreover, they affect the entire gastrointestinal tract.

How many harmful substances can be contained in an electronic device? Quite a lot, is, for example, to mention metals and even Nickel. What dangerous metals? They can cause acute poisoning of the body and, consequently, toxicity.

The dangers of soaring exist for the stomach, especially if you have gastritis (even in a very mild form). All harmful substances with the saliva into the stomach, where corrode the delicate walls of the stomach that can cause heartburn and even diarrhea. This gradual destruction leads to an exacerbation of the existing gastritis, and peptic ulcer disease. When exacerbations of the disease caused by electronic cigarettes as with nicotine, and without it, there is the possibility of diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication of the organism as a whole. The opinions of doctors about the benefit of devices a couple of years ago tended to use, but lately more and more experts advise people to renounce evaporation.

Of special note is the question of how harmful are electronic cigarette for those around the smoker of people, especially for young children. Damage device no less harm to people regular cigarette. The devices are harmless for the surrounding people of the smokerjust can not call. So, in the exhaled smoke contains large amounts of harmful to human body substances, and people with whom you smoke an electronic cigarette remains passive smokers.

Electronic cigarettes: how to protect yourself and others

If you do decide to smoke electronic cigarettes, to minimize harm, you should stick to the following tips:

  1. Carefully study the composition of cigarettes, as well as all possible certificates, including the who (world health organization). This certificate from the device confirms the fact that the device is made of high quality and that the composition of the original liquid really includes only glycerol, propylene glycol and water.
  2. Buy liquid for the device only checked the major outlets. Ideally, buy from foreign online stores. So the usual outlets sell fakes, which not only differ in quality, but also contain a lot of additives, adversely acting on the body of any person.
  3. Approach the question of choosing cigarettes responsibly. One should not entertain the illusion that what you're doing, is harmless for you and the people around you. Hovering or e-cigarette, you remain committed to his destructive habit that poison your body and the organisms of others, and contribute to the prosperity plague industry and beyond.