Yogurt poisoning: symptoms and first aid

Kefir is a beneficial fermented milk product that improves digestion and tones up the whole body. But under certain conditions it is possible to poison yogurt. In mild poisoning of a man concerned only some symptoms, and if the intoxication is strong, then the victim needed medical assistance.

What is the use of yogurt

Yogurt is prepared by fermentation of milk – skim or whole. The milk is added more than 20 are necessary for human microorganisms – dairy mushrooms, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. In the process of fermentation, these microorganisms are supplemented with vitamins, nuclides, proteins and eventually formed a stringy, tasty and healthy drink.

Advantages of yogurt:

  • helps to improve intestinal flora;
  • suspends the action of pathogenic microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • promotes the assimilation of nutrients from food;
  • facilitates smooth withdrawal from the intestines substances decay, which have toxins;
  • helps to quench your thirst.

Yogurt helps in the rehabilitation period for food poisoning. But dietitians recommend the use of yogurt with care and to comply with the measure.

Who should not use yogurt

Yogurt has a number of contraindications, which drink to drink is not desirable:

  1. In the acidity of the stomach, as well as people who have ulcers, gastritis or benign tumors.
  2. With allergic reactions to cow's milk protein.
  3. The younger children's age. The kids bad processed milk protein casein.

Can I drink kefir in each case, tell the attending physician after careful study of the tests and other laboratory tests.

When eating yogurt is required to comply with certain dosage. Don't have to drink over three glasses of the drink per day, this amount is sufficient to recover the intestinal flora.

The causes of poisoning yogurt

You can get poisoned even this wonderful drink, if the storage product was not observed. Kefir enough to stay warm for a few hours, and it is use can harm the body. Another reason that contributes to poisoning is the use of yogurt from the previous expiration date. The people common misconception that the longer the dairy beverage is stored, the more it becomes stronger and healthier. In fact, drinking expired yogurt absolutely not!

Expired yogurt, as well as in that where the sealing of the package, begin to multiply harmful bacteria – streptococci and staphylococci. Poisoning caused by these bacteria, occur especially hard.

Poisoning can be in the case if products are of poor quality. Some unscrupulous manufacturers manage to add to the yogurt preservatives, flavours and food additives. All this greatly increases the implementation period, but the benefit to buyers brings.

Poisoning of dairy products are particularly difficult to tolerate children. They quickly dehydration sets in, which can cause disturbances in organs and systems, and sometimes lead to death. Therefore, children should give only fresh dairy products, which are purchased in the official outlets.

Symptoms of poisoning with kefir

Symptoms of poisoning with kefir are similar to other types of toxicity and the first signs look like this:

  • starts severe diarrhea. Stool is watery, foamy and have a fetid smell;
  • man constantly plagued by retching;
  • noted bloating, everything inside is bustling;
  • can be paroxysmal stabbing pain in the abdomen;
  • the body temperature rises to very high marks, especially if the cause of poisoning in pathogenic microorganisms;
  • disrupted the cardiovascular system, which manifests as palpitations and irregular pressure;
  • in severe cases, possible convulsions, confusion and fainting.

Acute stomach pain is not recommended to give the victim painkillers or spasmolytic. These drugs can obscure an overall picture of the disease and can be skipped such dangerous condition like appendicitis or perforation of the stomach.

Emergency aid

At poisoning with kefir first aid need to start to show even before arrival of doctors. First you need to stop panicking. It is clear that any symptoms of intoxication make nervous even balanced people, but panic is nothing to fix. The sequence of actions looks like this:

  1. The victim trying to artificially induce vomiting. To do this, give 3-4 glasses of weak solution of potassium permanganate or a weak solution of salt and then press with your fingers on the tongue root. This procedure is repeated several times, which allows to achieve maximum purity of the stomach.
  2. The patient put a cleansing enema. You can use clean water at room temperature, and a decoction of chamomile or honey water.
  3. Give the victim any sorbents that have a home. You can use a conventional activated carbon in a standard dosage. Coal is undesirablemake dry, it must be crushed and diluted with a small amount of water.

If after receiving the sorbent appeared again, vomiting, the drug was repeated at the same dosage.

  1. The person after exposure to a fermented milk product all time give to drink in small portions. Enough to give 20 grams of drinking every 15 minutes. Give non-carbonated water, fruit drinks, herbal teas and wild rose. You cannot unsolder the victim after poisoning with concentrated fresh juices and soda!

To drink drugs to stop the vomiting and diarrhea is strictly prohibited! Because of these unpleasant processes from the body naturally removes toxins. Banned and self-administration of antibiotics. All medicines must appoint a physician!

Treatment in a hospital

In severe conditions hospitalityat the victim to the hospital and treated according to this Protocol:

  • intravenous saline and glucose solution;
  • prescribe antibiotic therapy based on the results of bacterial culture test;
  • in some instances, used forced diuresis.

In addition, symptomatic therapy, aimed at improving the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Very often in the hospital get young children, they immediately put droppers with different drugs. This is due to the fact that the weight of the child is very small and can become dehydrated much faster than adults.

The process of recovery after poisoning with kefir

When the patient's condition returned to normal, he has for several weeks shown diet. On the first day the victim is no food, and only carefully otpaivat. Then slowly introduced into the diet of conventional foods. For a start it's baked apples and ripe bananas, app cookies and crackers, viscous porridge. Next, add the other broth, chopped meat, vegetables and dairy products. Dairy products can be given only fresh, low-fat and pasteurized to avoid re-poisoning.

In the recovery period it is recommended to take probiotics to quickly repopulate the digestive tract with beneficial microorganisms.

How to prevent poisoning yogurt

To poison yogurt, is to buy products only in specialized points of sales, where there is refrigeration equipment. Before purchasing you must carefully examine the manufacturing date and implementation period. Young children are encouraged to give a special yogurt made on children's dairy kitchen or implemented through the trading network, but marked that it is for baby food.

Yogurt is very healthy and tasty fermented drink. Love to drink people of all ages, from infants. Yogurt can be poisoned only by accident, if it's expired or improperly stored. At the first symptoms of intoxication to seek the advice of a physician.