Headache in case of poisoning: causes, symptoms, help

Every person throughout the life met with the phenomenon of poisoning. No wonder it is considered one of the most common diseases in the world – every day the reception comes a few million patients receiving such a diagnosis. The symptoms are all too familiar. One of them is a headache for poisoning.

The concept of poisoning

To begin to understand what it is food poisoning. Often it will be replaced with the word "intoxication", although the essence does not change. If poisoning fails in the body due to the penetration into the body of the toxin or poison.

In medicine varies a lot of types of poisoning as well as several classifications, depending on the sign that they are trying to group. This files most often have to deal with the classification by type of toxic substances:

  • poisoning with acids and poisons;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • drugs;
  • pesticides and household cleaning products;
  • food;
  • alcohol.

Are divided into poisoning and other classifications: ingestion, inhalation, percutaneous , etc. (the type of hit of poison in the body), as well as light, medium and heavy (depending on intensity of symptoms).

Headache as a symptom of

Whatever the reason and nature of poisoning, the disease affects the entire body as a whole. However, depending on the strength and type of penetration to some authorities the impact gets stronger.

Take the food poisoning and alcohol. First and foremost harm the liver which is affected in General in any poisoning as well as stomach and kidneys. Toxins, which are secreted directly into the bloodstream, the result posted by other bodies, providing highly unpleasant symptoms.

Signs of poisoning are numerous. Often patients have to deal with vomiting and chills, fever and, of course, with a headache. Often due to some develop other.

As a result of poisoning, the patient begins to grow a liver that is due to the fact that in this body stagnates the blood. This leads to reduction of hemoglobin that causes dizziness. It causes poisoning when a person experiences a headache.

Another option is a stretching of the stomach walls, causing blood pressure begins to fall, slowing down the digestion process and are harmful for the body toxins. As a result – again, the dizziness followed by pain.

Together these two cause a third syndrome – a decrease in the efficiency of the pancreas. She begins to slow down the production of secretions and insulin. The victim begins to experience pain.

Causes of headache


Very often, the headache from poisoning associated with alcohol. It the patient's head is one of the most frequent companions of the hangover along with lack of appetite, nausea, chills, and stuff like that.

The main cause of headache in this case is oxygen starvation of the brain, which is responsible for the alcohol. Because of the suffering of the cortex, whose cells begin to break down. During and after prima alcoholic beverages is triggered by damage to red blood cells, which is the problem of the transfer of oxygen to the brain. As a result, begin to form clots stuck in the capillaries of the brain.

As soon as these clots will die, they naturally begin to decompose, releasing even more toxins. To protect the body releases a larger than usual amount of fluid, causing increased pressure inside the skull, the destruction of nerve endings and, as a consequence, headache in the morning.

It is important to note the following regularity: the more damage from the poisoning has been inflicted on the brain, the more fluid will provide the body and the stronger the headache in the morning. If a person does not remember in the morning, any fragments of the previous evening, then that hurt is the cells responsible for memory.

Food poisoning

Cause headaches if poisoning poor quality food becomes General intoxication. Cause harmful bacteria enter the body with food. This is not always possible to distinguish spoiled food from quality. The most common causative agents of food poisoning are the following micro-organisms: typhoid, Staphylococcus, botulism, Salmonella and streptococci.

The peak of poisoning by food occur during summer time. Most often people herbs products such as eggs, meats, salads, mince and pastry cream. All these products belong to the category of perishable. As a result, only a slight excess of the allowed shelf life is threatened by food poisoning. The product quickly develops pathogenic microflora, which subsequently has an unpleasant effect on the body.

Food poisoning is manifested not immediately, but after 2-3 hours after ingestion of poor quality food. The person feels malaise, indigestion, vomiting and nausea. Very often the temperature rises, there is pain in muscles, chills and headache.

Oftenfood poisoning can be handled at home. However, in cases when the symptoms very much, and also appear distinct disorders of the nervous system, including impaired speech or vision, is required to immediately call an ambulance.

An overdose of drugs

Often among the secondary properties of a drug can be found and headache. Most often it is associated with antibiotics, antidepressants and anticonvulsants.

However, if you take medications strictly according to doctor's prescription, the risk can be minimized. If, on the contrary, to exceed the dose, taking medications for too long or not to self-medicate, that is the chance of overdose. Poisoning medicines can cause very serious harm to health, to predict which is sometimes impossible, depending on funds.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Another frequent case of a headache as a result of poisoning is the intoxication with carbon monoxide. It occurs when burning a variety of fuels. The process has a carbon monoxide is a strong poison, which negatively acts on the heart, muscle tissue and blood.

A characteristic feature of this compound is that it is 200 times faster enters the lungs than oxygen. In the body, it reacts with hemoglobin, creating carboxyhemoglobin. Tissues begin to starve for lack of oxygen, followed by a turn of the brain and suffocation. Most often in a domestic environment with poisoning faced by the owners of fireplaces and home stoves.

Headache treatment in case of poisoning

Most often headache, as well as all the other, we have decided to treat such drugs as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen. However, in the case of headache due to poisoning, they are contraindicated. The reason lies in the fact that during the poisoning mechanisms of absorption in the stomach and intestines are interrupted, so that the medication simply does not fall into the blood and can't act.

What to do in case of poisoning? The first thing to do to a sick stomach pumped. This is done very simply – first, give the victim to drink large amount of water (plain or mineral without gas), up to several liters. Then you need to provoke vomiting by pressing on the tongue. The process is repeated several times until the water becomes almost clear.

Then it is recommended to take the sorbent. The most famous of them is activated carbon, but many have difficulty with the selection dosages. Remember that the victim needs to give 2 to 3 tablets, and 1 for every 10 pounds of weight. It is therefore important to have in a home first aid kit adequate supply of this tool. Among the other sorbents should be allocated to white coal, POLYSORB, and smectite enterosgel.

In the case of the microbial etiology of poisoning, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, which guzzle a course up to two weeks. Among these drugs are nitrofurans, penicillins and cephalosporins.

Even if after poisoning are headache, should be mandatory to go to the hospital. It is not excluded that from-for poisonings will subsequently develop complications, to cure which will be much harder. Also in any case should not self-medicate.