Grapes poisoning: symptoms, treatment

Summer in the village is the time, when there are plenty of fresh fruits and berries. And the grapes – one of the favorite treats not only adults but also kids. It is important to examine the question of whether the poisoned grapes or other fruits, because intoxication food often becomes a threat to human life.

The toxic effects of grapes

Grapes and raisins are safe for adults and children, if before eating them to wash up well. Found that home and purchased grapes have the same degree of toxicity. Moreover, has also values the variety of berries and place of their cultivation. Toxic dose of grapes is from 9 to 18 grams per kg. of raisins this dose is much lower – only about 3 grams per kg.

Despite the fact that the grapes are virtually non-toxic, poisoning them meet quite often. Indeed, during the cultivation and transportation on the surface fall into a variety of microorganisms harmful to health. This files most often lead to intoxication E. coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella. And if you don't rinse the grapes under running water, the bacteria enter the stomach, causing his disorder.

Stomach bacteria die, but even dead micro-organisms produce toxins, irritate the walls of the mucous membrane. Starts inflammation, impaired intestinal peristalsis. Toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, which most often occurs intoxication.

The main causes of poisoning from grapes

Poisoning grapes can only occur for several reasons. Next, let's consider them in more detail:

  • Infection by bacteria. Intoxication occurs as a result of eating a few unwashed berries. No less dangerous a spoiled or fermented grapes, which in any case can not eat. Better to throw berries with rot.
  • Botulism is a serious illness caused by intoxication with toxins of canned products. Therefore, it is not advisable to use grape jam or compote jars that sit in the cellar for over 3 years.
  • Individual intolerance to grapes. In some people, intoxication occurs due to the presence of allergies. You should not eat green grapes. Different varieties ripen at different times. Typically, the grapes are ripe in late August – early September.

If you observe some rules in the process of eating grapes, the poisoning can be avoided. So we need to carefully treat their health.

Signs of intoxication

Symptoms of poisoning can manifest differently in each person. One will have only one symptom, and others – all at once. After the use of dirty or damaged grapes, the signs of intoxication appear after about 30 minutes. Nausea, dizziness, pain in the stomach. The treatment should start immediately, because if time does not take action, then after a few hours there may be additional symptoms are:

  • severe headache. To resolve, you cannot take pills because the body is so weakened. Enough to moisten a cloth in cold water and put it on the forehead;
  • vomiting and diarrhea. To avoid dehydration you should drink plenty of boiled water, broth. It is not recommended to consume sweet or carbonated beverages;
  • the heartbeat quickens, the temperature rises and pressure. Possible bleeding from the nose, itching and burning in the anal area.

In case of occurrence of any of the above mentioned symptoms should immediately begin treatment. After all, if you start the process of intoxication can even be fatal.

First aid and treatment

If there was diarrhea after the grapes or other signs of intoxication, it is necessary to start urgent first aid. Moreover, it should be correct and completed in such sequence:

  1. You must first wash out the stomach of the patient. For this, he drank a liter of boiled warm water or half a liter of solution of potassium permanganate, which should be slightly pinkish. The patient then washes his hands well and puts two fingers in his mouth, pushing the tongue root. This will start vomiting. Repeat the process several times until, until vomiting is clear, without any particles of food.
  2. Then you need to drink activated charcoal or another adsorbent agent. These drugs absorb toxic substances, thereby stop further intoxication.
  3. You should drink plenty of liquids: bottled water, non-carbonated mineral water, unsweetened green tea. It is advisable to accept a glucose-saline solution regidron or pedicel. Such a solution can be prepared at home by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda and salt with 4 tbsp of sugar. The powder is poured half a liter of warm water. The solution should be sipped with a periodicity of 15-20 minutes. Any liquid should be warm to better utilized by the body.

The patient must eat light foods in small portions, to gain strength. You should not spend all time in bed. Active movement contribute to the formation of sweat, which are excreted toxic substances. Important step in the treatment of poisoning is the restoration of microflora. Therefore, you must correctlyto pick up the probiotic.

Moreover, while intoxication should adhere to a special diet that will promote fast recovery. All meals should be light, boiled or steamed. Is completely contraindicated fried, smoked and fatty foods. You cannot drink alcoholic beverages.

To prevent various complications should remember, what not to do. If the patient will be pain in the stomach, he should not give painkillers. If you artificially remove the pain, after referral to a specialist he will not be able to establish the correct diagnosis.

In addition, you cannot heat or cool the stomach. This can lead to the development of pancreatitis. If the poisoning occurred in a child, you can't give him drugs for adults. To treat mild poisoning can at home using the absorbent of drugs, but with the deterioration of the patient's condition should immediately contact the medical facility for help.

When the self is not recommended

Poisoning is not always quick and easy. Often patients have complications and side effects from the foods you eat. You can't treat at home children, the elderly and pregnant women. Their immune system is weakened, so that complications can occur very quickly. Send them to the hospital immediately after the manipulation in first aid.

If vomiting and diarrhea do not improve within two days, urgent medical examination. Call the doctor at home makes sense when the temperature falls below 38 degrees during the day. In cases where at least one of the signs of poisoning is not longer than a week, you need to go to the hospital.

Preventive measures

To avoid food poisoning, you must follow some preventive measures. Before the use of grape must to wash hands with soap and water and rinse the grapes under running water. You can't taste the berries in the market at the time of purchase. If you do not want to buy a pig in a poke, you have to at least strip off the skin and then eat only the pulp. The purchased fruits should be stored in the refrigerator, where it will not develop bacteria.

Thus, even though the grapes are virtually harmless, it can also cause food poisoning. So you need to follow the rules of its use. Self treatment is possible only in mild cases of intoxication. Otherwise, you must immediately contact the medical facility.