An overdose of honey: symptoms, consequences

Honey is a very valuable product that is used by man for many diseases. Sometimes fans of a bee product I am interested, but is it possible to poison honey? It is possible that there have been health workers in different parts of the world. Product properties are determined by the plants from which the bees collected the nectar, but the plant can be poisonous. In this case, toxins along with treat enter the body, which contributes to the development of persistent intoxications.

The causes of poisoning of honey

The main cause of poisoning of honey is the use of poisonous or as it is popularly called – drunk honey. Symptoms of intoxication this type of honey is very similar to alcohol intoxication strong stage. For poisoning, it is sufficient to use from 20 to 100 grams of poisonous honey. Danger products with the area where these grow poisonous plants:

  1. Dope.
  2. Daphne mezereum.
  3. Aconite.
  4. Rhododendron.
  5. Rosemary marsh.
  6. Mountain Laurel.
  7. Heather.
  8. Hellebore.
  9. Wolf bark.
  10. Barvinok.

This product contains Andro-micotoxin, which does not dissolve in the total honey mass, and causes severe condition.

If the person has eaten over 100 grams of honey, which was collected from poisonous plants, the deadly outcome is possible.

Poisoning can be caused by good and honey bee. It happens in the case if the person is prone to allergic reactions. Eating sweet treats allergic leading to severe intoxication of the organism.

Intoxication may occur if the sweetness is used as the basis for recipes of folk medicine. Very often in this recipe are poisonous plants that interact with honey increase the toxicity.

If bee product several times heated – it can also lead to poisoning. When heated above 50 degrees it is formed in gidroksimetilfurfural, which is a poison. Some unscrupulous beekeepers trying to produce from the nectar fresh product, so it is heated and in liquid form poured into the banks. He becomes presentable, but the health of the customers, this product is definitely not add.

Sometimes victims of poisoning are children who find tasty treats and plenty of food. A jar of honey it is advisable to keep in a prominent place.

The main symptoms of poisoning by honey

To recognize poisoning nectar may on such specific characteristics:

  • the body temperature rises, sometimes mark just rolls;
  • the man sweats profusely while the skin takes on a reddish shade;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizzy;
  • muscle and joint pain is felt;
  • a migraine develops, which is accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the skull;
  • there is a General weakness, which often leads to unconscious States;
  • you may notice that the pupils are significantly dilated.

An overdose of honey is when one ate more than 150 grams of products. In this case, the patient suffers confusion and lack of coordination. Occasionally, these poisonings result in death.

When the first signs of honey poisoning should seek the advice of your doctor! Only the doctor will determine the exact cause of the disease and prescribe the right treatment.

Emergency assistance in cases of poisoning by honey

The algorithm of emergency care in case of honey poisoning is:

  1. The victim thoroughly washed stomach. In the water you can add a little salt or soda. The procedure is carried out to the full of clean wash water.
  2. Give a laxative.
  3. Wash out the bowel with an enema. As solutions used honey water, chamomile tea or a solution of pharmacy regidrona.
  4. Give adsorbents like activated carbon.
  5. Any give an antihistamine – suprastin, loratadine, diazolin.
  6. Put the victim to bed, covered.
  7. Otpaivat the victim of strong sweet tea or coffee. Use soda and concentrated juices to replenish fluid not!

It is important to remember that to help the victim very quickly – this will prevent the absorption of toxins in the blood.

After normalization of the General condition it is advisable to eat salty food, for example, a piece of fish and sweet and sour apples.

Consequences after poisoning with honey

If people used a little honey drunk, the consequences can not be afraid. The victim a few days will be indigestion and General weakness, but for symptomatic treatment of these States are normalized quickly.

But if a person ate a lot of treats, which is gathered by bees in the fields with poisonous herbs, after treatment, the victim will experience unpleasant symptoms. Can develop pancreatitis, which is a constant reminder of his pain in the pancreas. In the absence of proper treatment, this condition can result in diabetes. Also will be allergic reaction is notonly bee products, but also to other allergens.

If a person have overeaten bee products, then you need to wash out his stomach and give a pill for allergies – this will significantly reduce the risk of consequences.

How you can find out the poisonous honey

Drunk honey can be distinguished by some circumstantial evidence, though he outwardly does not differ from bee high quality product. Should alert the following items:

  1. Treat emits a fragrant aroma, but if you sniff, you can catch hints of burnt sugar.
  2. Taste may be atypical for the sort of what it is called.

If you are already home, it was discovered that honey is drunk, it is not necessary to throw out. Toxicity can be greatly reduced if stored at room temperature for a long period of time until crystallization.

Allergic reaction to honey

Allergic to any bee products may also cause severe intoxication. Man enough to eat a couple of teaspoons of the product, and he displays these unpleasant symptoms:

  • itching;
  • rhinitis;
  • severe headache.

If the person is allergic and after eating the treats he was feeling worse, you need to give a pill anti-allergic medicines and call a doctor.

That can happen from a surplus of honey

Sometimes people wonder what happens if you eat a lot of honey? Even if it is fresh and of good quality, overeating will lead to problems in the body. If the amount eaten at a time of nectar will be about 100 grams, the person is likely to be the torment of nausea, and there is General disorder of the digestive system. In addition, excessive consumption of sweets can contribute to the development of allergies, even the man who won this disease do not suffer.

How to prevent poisoning honey

To bring only benefits, you should follow some useful tips listed below:

  • To purchase bee products from reputable points of sale. You can't buy food with it, in the non-trading areas.
  • If honey is used for treatment, not add questionable ingredients.
  • To use bee products with caution in the tendency to allergic reactions.
  • Explain to the children that the sweetness can't eat in large quantities.
  • Not to use expired products of dubious quality.
  • Do not heat the product.
  • Buying honey in the store, watch the expiration date and condition of the product. So, if Linden honey poured in winter, it has definitely been pre-heated.

Honey is good for colds, and in rehabilitation period after a serious illness, it allows you to quickly restore the body. But even this useful product can cause poisoning if it is assembled in the fields with poisonous herbs. In order to be sure as honey, to buy this product better trusted beekeepers, certainly among friends or acquaintances there are such people.